PFT on NBCSN looks at Bucs, Lions, quarterback controversies

Due to the Tony Stewart situation, NASCAR America has expanded to 60 minutes on Monday.  Which means we’ll be packing an hour’s worth of content into half of that of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

Which means we’ll be talking fast.

Topics for the 30-minute drill include the Lions’ training camp, the Buccaneers’ training camp, and a look at the three major quarterback controversies involving first-round rookies.

So join Hines Ward and Dave Briggs in Connecticut and me in West Virginia at 6:00 p.m. ET.  We’ll return to our regular 60-minute window on Tuesday.

12 responses to “PFT on NBCSN looks at Bucs, Lions, quarterback controversies

  1. In Minnesota, it’s more a catastrophe than a controversy. With 3 3rd-string QBs to choose from, Bridgewater, Cassel, and Ponder will engage in a rock/paper/scissors competition to see who will lead this year’s squad to a 3-13 record. Due to Bridgewater’s baby hands, they’ll change it to pebble/post-it-note/tweezers.

  2. You come up with yourself there coachkilla? Pretty clever… (rolls eyes).

    Whatever makes you feel better!

  3. It’s three separate topics with a dangling finish that beckons you to tune in and hear the thoughts completed, but the Lions still have some interesting QB decisions that would be worth breaking down anyhow. They have to decide if they are keeping 3 QBs or 2 to preserve more depth at another positional group that they aren’t sure about, and then they have to decide who would be that 2. Kellen Moore put in a strong performance in the first game, plus he was a calm and cool customer in his post-game interview. So far he knows how to look and sound the part!

  4. What’s the contoversy in Detroit? Kellen Moore should be the #2. In Cleveland or Minnesota, he’d be the #1!

  5. Mid August and the same names sitting in the basement hitting refresh to find Viking articles to post on. I jump on a couple times a day to read some football stuff but not you guys. 24/7 on here.

    What will you guys do when God forbid your Mom upstairs passes away and you might actually have to work for a living not to mention go out of the basement every so often.

    This site used to be great. Not so much anymore with the same trolls posting the same stuff over and over and over again.

    PFT, please go to the facebook style of posting. At least then we can block the trolls.

  6. Please Lions…if you don’t want Kellen Moore as your #2, release him now so he can work on being a #1 somewhere else. The guy is a winner!

  7. Arguing about who should start for the Vikings is like arguing about who gets to sit at the Captain’s table on the Titanic.

    Hardly matters if the ship is going down.

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