Steelers working on contract extension for Marcus Gilbert

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Marcus Gilbert has settled in as the Steelers’ right tackle, and now they want to keep him around long-term.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the team is working on an extension for the former second-rounder, and it could be finalized as soon as this week.

Gilbert has bounced back and forth, and they tried him at left tackle earlier this offseason before moving him back to the right side this week.

Gilbert’s entering the final year of his rookie deal.

The Steelers have used some high draft picks on linemen, and bringing in former Titans head coach Mike Munchak to coach them this season should bring out the best in those players, at least if they figure out which position they want them to play.

26 responses to “Steelers working on contract extension for Marcus Gilbert

  1. Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone.. But Pittsburgh has a young very talented O-Line to match the rest of their young and talented team… They are fixing for another 10+ year playoff run!

  2. Gilbert has shown the most improvement of all the Stiller’s linemen and should be extended. He’s waaayyyy better now than his first 8 to 10 games in the league.

  3. Who is this guy? Never heard of him. Now Gilbert Godfrey I have heard of and he is funny! As funny as the Steelers being Tebowed out of the playoffs years ago and 0 winning seasons and o playoff appearances since.

  4. Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone.. But Pittsburgh has a young very talented O-Line to match the rest of their young and talented team… They are fixing for another 10+ year playoff run!

    I’d keep that thought to yourself too, if that gets out everyone’s going to think you’re nuts!!!

  5. Pretty sure Beachum has been entrenched as the starting LT since he turned in a solid performance last season. Maybe its last offseason you are referring to when you say they tried him at LT?

  6. It says a lot about the fear these trolls are harboring when they account for half the posts on Steeler articles. The funniest part is that our lowest point over the last couple of decades, as you clowns so astutely point out, is a couple 8-8 seasons. Your pathetic teams should have taken more advantage while you could but now it is too late for you.

  7. Roesthlisberger must look at this in a pretty interesting way … they are clearly pushing to lock up the O-Line … hard for Ben to argue with that priority.

  8. so 3 years. And in that time the Ravens have won a super bowl and the Bengals have won the division while the Steelers have had back to back non playoff non winning seasons.

  9. scoobies05, but where did the Ravens finish last year? Plus between the Ravens SBs the Steelers went to 3 and won. Things can always be spun to look better or worse than they actually are.

  10. I see the steelers and bengals fighting it out the last few weeks of the season with the steelers taking the division. The ravens will rinse and repeat (8-8) what the steelers had to do the last two years. While the Browns will still be…well the browns. On another note, Glad to see the steelers intend on signing Gilbert. With Decastro, Pounce and Gilbert the right side should be solidified for some years.

  11. Gilbert played pretty well last year, starting all 16 games even while dinged up a bit at times. Mike Munchak is already doing good things for the Steelers offensive line. In another nice move, Jeff Hartings has been a coaching intern at Steelers training camp. Hartings made the pro bowl in the nfc at guard and with the Steelers at center. The first team line looked awfully good in their first preseason game.

    Apparently we need to remind certain people of their place again. Read it and weep, kids. GO STEELERS!

    Regular season? PIT: 53-34
    Postseason? PIT: 1-0

    Regular season? PIT: 65-57
    Postseason? PIT: 2-0

    Regular season? PIT: 23–16
    Postseason? PIT: 3-0

  12. its looking up for the steelers. red romo and joe flukko were resigned. plus marvin o playoff wins lewis. 2 guys on offense over 30 ben, who will be around for another 6 or 7 years and heath who has a few good years left. young on d , troy and swaggin on way out. division champs this year, its over balt and cinn.

  13. clash, I’m pretty sure Steelers also had a 3-0 playoff record against Houston, giving them an undefeated 9-0 playoff record against division opponents. Your stats, and my tidbit, says it all.

  14. At the right price I am ok with the Gilbert extension. He isn’t a dominant tackle and he has missed a number of games due to injury, but he has improved substantially since his first two years and an offensive line needs cohesion. Will be interesting to see how his deal compares to Pouncey’s since tackle is the more highly valued position.

  15. They should have done what the Browns just did….signed a veteran QB should Ben go down! Cause i gotta tell ya, those other two we have dont impress me even a little bit!!!!!

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