Steve Smith picks up some extra change by not picking a fight


Attention John Harbaugh: Here comes a positive story about fights in your joint practices with your brother’s team.

There weren’t any, so new Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith picked up a little extra cash.

Via Jamison Hensley of, Smith said he won the office pool on the over-under on fights he’d get into with the 49ers.

I had zero, so I got all the cash,” Smith said.

Clearly, the message the Harbaughs sent while scolding the media got through to their players, as there were no scuffles during the sessions.

But it’s easy to see why Smith became the barometer, as he jaws with opponents during practices and has been known to scrap, even with his own teammates.

The only thing he likes more than that kind of competitiveness is money, so the smart money was still on the longtime Panthers wideout.

27 responses to “Steve Smith picks up some extra change by not picking a fight

  1. What a D-bag!!
    Another dirt ball on a team full of scum.

    Wait till JUMP BALL JOE puts one of those punts he throws up out of reach, little Steven will be swinging.

  2. And this sort of betting is okay with the league? Or will they be denying there was actually any money involved tomorrow?

  3. So here’s the problem I have. This little quote from Smith was maybe 5% of an article about the joint Niners/Ravens practices. Hensley wrote a nice article about how valuable both teams thought these practices where and how the Ravens worked hard to make the Niners fell welcome and at home. Yet we pull out that 5% about fighting, slap that title on it and roll it back out because that is what the “audiences really want”. Maybe the audiences would like you to go a step further and given its success hint at other teams who might consider doing the same thing in the future. That’s a positive interesting spin.

  4. great point. sorta like a bathroom and a birthday party. gosh what a joke this guy is

    0 0
    Report comment. It will always be the accused versus the convicted or plea dealer. A fan base that applauds a wife beater is a very sick fan base. The joke is on on you and Baltimore and the entire country is laughing at you. Enjoy!

  5. Garbage organization from top to bottom… Rice for beating his wife, Ozzie Gruesome for keeping his butt on the roster and not cutting him the minute he was indicted, the fans for giving him several standing o’s and for actually thinking that Rice’s wife tripped on something herself in the elevator, knocking herself out, thus the laughable two game suspension, the owner for not firing any of them, the coach stating that Rice is a great guy, on and on. Are there schools, or any kinds of educational plans in the Baltimore area that teach right and wrong? You can still love and support your team without applauding a player who clearly did the wrong thing by knocking his wife out. Local fan voices should have been raised against this behavior, instead of applauding it.

  6. “A fan base that applauds a wife beater is a very sick fan base. The joke is on on you and Baltimore and the entire country is laughing at you. Enjoy!”

    I’d say its a fan base that has seen what Rice has done for the community for six years. He then screws up big time but the fan base who has seen his other work for years wants to support the people involved without condoning the action in the same way a friend wouldn’t turn their back on a friend when they screw up. The only people laughing are people like you who are blinded by their hate and run on fewer than normal brain cells. Enjoy!

  7. Dude, an entire fan base is hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children. To label them all as “very sick” is bombastic.

  8. New Orleans Saints are betting on Steve Smith betting that he won’t get into any fights this year. To the winner (?) goes a years suspension for getting extra rewards.

    Roger Goddell
    Master of the Footbal Universe

  9. Anyone who bashes on other people for ANY reason is either trying to pull people’s chains or just a lonely person in need of attention.

    I have been a proud Ravens fan since 1996. I don’t always like what the players do on and off the field, but the overall product is WAY better than most of the teams in the NFL.


  10. How great that this chronic loudmouth winds up with a sad end to his career on a weak team like this.

    Can’t wait for the first sideline tirade where he’s barking at Jumpball Joe for not getting it done.

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