Amphetamines, not “Molly,” ensnared Scandrick

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When it comes to the substance for which Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick tested positive, the report from ESPN’s Ed Werder is in the proverbial right church, but the wrong pew.

Werder reports that Scandrick tested positive tested positive for MDMA, otherwise known as Ecstasy or, more recently, Molly.

But MDMA isn’t a banned substance under the PED policy.  MDMA falls under the substance-abuse policy, and a positive test doesn’t compel a suspension for a first offense.  (In Scandrick’s case,the PED test wasn’t even checking for MDMA or other recreational drugs.)

The problem for Scandrick and, apparently, other NFL players who have tested positive for PEDs this offseason is that the MDMA they have taken on a recreational basis wasn’t pure, and it contained amphetamines.  Amphetamines remain a banned substance under the PED policy.

If/when the NFL and NFLPA finally reach an agreement on HGH testing, amphetamines could join MDMA and other recreational drugs under the substance-abuse policy.  While amphetamines consumed on game day can enhance performance, amphetamines taken on vacation in the offseason won’t do anything to help a football player artificially inflate his overall abilities.

But the potential improvements to the drug policies remain trapped under the inability of the NFL and NFLPA to hammer out the last major hurdle regarding HGH testing — whether discipline arising from something other than a positive test will be subject to third-party arbitration.  The refusal of either side to blink on a fairly meaningless sticking point has resulted in plenty of suspensions, and plenty of lost dollars.

For Scandrick, the cost will amount to more than $1 million in lost salary.

57 responses to “Amphetamines, not “Molly,” ensnared Scandrick

  1. So amphetamine is a performance enhancing drug.

    Scandrick allowed it into his body.

    He should be suspended in line with the CBA.

    I don’t really care how it got there.

  2. So he issues a statement (his agent anyway) making it sound like he’s “above reproach”, squeeky clean and this was all some innocent mistake, and then we find out he took ecstasy. Hmmmm.

  3. I think that’s enough back and forth. Time to lock all parties in the Death Cage. Whoever comes out alive, that’s the story we believe.

  4. He probably got it from Jurrah.. I heard he is known for partying with stripper and boozing it up…

    Also explains Jurrahs draft and player choices.. He was trippin on Molly…

  5. Man, oh, man…the regular season can’t get here soon enough! The Dallas “D” is terrible anyway, so I don’t think they’ll miss “Scam”drick.

    As an aside, while I know he’s a troll and can’t be that stupid, you’ve got to hand it to that Steeler Nation guy. He’s pretty funny. “tears of our opponents”- classic.

  6. Ecstasy,while containing mdma is not Molly.

    Molly is Pure mdma on its own.

    Ecstasy is a pill cut with different drugs and usually contains mdma.

    Big difference!!

  7. Molly isn’t a new term for ecstasy. Yes their both mdma but ecstasy is the pill form where as Molly is just the loose powder. Scandrick claims the ex girlfriend he was vacationing with persuaded him to add it to his drink and at least it’s a little more reasonable to understand him doing it by mistake that way than if he had done ecstacy and popped a pill not knowing what it was.

  8. Molly or MDMA is methylenedioxymethamphetamine. The “MA” stands for methamphetamine. Therefore, stating that the molly wasn’t “pure, and it contained amphetamines” is ignorant at best.

  9. I see people are still using lame excuses for why the Seahawks are better than their team. Those outdated PED jokes must really help you sleep at night…or at least just mask the fact that your team still sucks regardless how much you degrade another.

  10. Week 1 is going to be a straight massacre. Good thing everyone in a 50 mile radius of me are die hard 49er fans.

  11. Take Adderall, which doctors regularly prescribe to teenagers, you get a four-game ban.

    Do a few lines of blow or drop acid and get caught, it’s just a warning the first time.

    Yeah, that makes sense….

  12. if you think most molly is pure anything, you got no clue or you have the greatest connection in the world. everythings stepped on.

  13. take some Adderall. and you tell me that’s not a ped! as far as performance enhancing, its way worse than coke imo. coupel 30mg.. id be tackling dudes left and right

  14. how about don’t take illegal recreational drugs while you play in the NFL. That’s an easy way to avoid having banned substances enter your body. Is it that much of a commitment in exchange for millions of dollars?

  15. The circus continues. Even though the Dallas Cowboys have become irrelevant as an actual ‘football team’ due to their play on the field, Jerry Jones has successfully turned the Cowboy franchise into the top rated soap opera/drama in professional sports. Bad team that will be lucky to win more than 5 games this year.

    Unfortunately the Browns have jumped into the fray w/ the number two slot b/c they seemingly fire their HC’s & GM’s every year & then added gasoline to the fire by drafting Manziel. Good luck with that draft pick. BTW–Since they’re still the Browns that means they won’t ever make the playoffs.

    And rounding out the top three would be the Redskins. A new HC who has to tip toe around everything he says about his QB???? That’s insane & I’ve seen this movie before. Even w/ a healthy RG3 they’ll be lucky to win 8 games.

    Does anyone see a pattern w/ these three owners???

  16. So subtract from the league’s worst DEF their best DL, best LB, and now arguably their best player in the Secondary for 4 games. Drew Brees might throw for 700 yds on these bums HAHA

  17. Nobody going to believe he didn’t know what he was taking anyway. At least he’s not gropeing under age girls like a guy I no in Steelers Nation. So sit the 4 games out, then get back to work. If they did a surprise drug test the last few days before opening day. We wouldn’t have enough players left in the league to even have a NFL season

  18. The NFL policy is brilliant…they don’t care how it got there. You are responsible for surrounding yourself with people who know and respect your career and understand the consequences of choices they may make…like spiking a drink with MDMA. Weird how guys like Brady, Manning, Montana, Rodgers, etc. never seem to have this stuff show up in their systems…it seems certain positions are better suited to taking stupid risks and are more frequently guilty of these types of offenses. I haven’t heard of too many OL popping molly on their weekends in cancun. Seems to be 90+% defensive guys…not exactly known for their intelligence.

  19. Again I say–if he punches his GF in the face, knocking her out cold–can he get a reduction to just two games suspended? Can someone call Roger “I know nothing about the game of football, but still ruining it for the lifelong fans” Goodell and get me an answer on this???

  20. Dallas just went from having to score 45 points a game to win, to over 50…..sigh

  21. “Molly” is ecstasy or MDMA (MethylenedioxymethAMPHETAMINE.) It can show up on a drug test as Amphetamines. Ecstasy sort of fell out of favor with the drug using crowd, so they started calling it “molly” and claiming that its a “pure form of MDMA.” In all reality its often cut with straight Amphetamine (Adderall) and/or Methamphetamine. Sometimes, thats all it is. So it could be true to say that Molly and Amphetamine were both the cause of the positive test.

  22. But but but, his agent wrote a statement said Scandrick merely didn’t check the ingredients and was squeaky clean! How are you going to check the ingredients on a recreational drug from unknown sources?

  23. While amphetamines consumed on game day can enhance performance, amphetamines taken on vacation in the offseason won’t do anything to help a football player artificially inflate his overall abilities.

    You don’t think PEDs can help a player train harder and / or longer???


    By the way can I interest you in this bridge in Brooklyn I have for sale?

  24. MDMA not a banned substance? Come on, the base of it is Anphetamines. ….MethyleneDioxyMethAmphetamine. This would be like saying, I have THC in system, but I ate it not smoked it. Either way you have it in your system. Second it is humorous that people try ti separate Ecstasy and Molly. In Techno and House scene, we called the pill Ecstasy and the powder “pure” Molly. This went on for years until Madonna at Ultra and the Hip Hop artists made “Molly” popular. So no there is no real difference. I bet some of you would argue that Tina is not Coke. No matter how they categorize it, dude deserves time off.

  25. “Molly” can be a lot of things. MDMA, MDA, methalone are all called “Molly”. All are similar in chemical make-up but all will test positive for amphetamines on a urine analysis.

  26. I doubt there is any drug he could take that would make his on the field performance equal the money he is being paid. That’s one of the reasons the Cowboys are in decline we are paying too much and getting to little in return. It’s a pattern and the responsible party owns the team. Unfortunately there is no end in sight for this situation.

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