Are Jaguars serious about keeping Bortles on bench?

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The Jaguars seem to be committed to keeping rookie quarterback Blake Bortles on the bench.  But will they actually do it when Week One comes along?

It’s a topic we explored on PFT Live with Mike Dempsey of 1010XL’s Jaguars Today.

In short, yes, they’re serious about keeping Bortles on the bench.  But, no, it’s not a done deal that he’ll spend all or even part of 2014 as a backup.

The real story on this one could be that G.M. Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley already enjoy a degree of job security that allows them to be patient with Bortles.  Other coaches and General Managers could feel compelled to use the rookie or lose the chance to.  Caldwell and Bradley seem to be confident that, come 2015, they’ll still be on the job in Jacksonville.

Dempsey is also confident that Bortles will be the starter come 2015, at the latest.  The soonest remains to be seen.

What can be seen far more immediately is everything Dempsey had to say about the Jaguars in a segment that started with a clip of Dempsey giving a report from EverBank Field on Friday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN while a guy in a Mark Brunell jersey mugged for the camera.

20 responses to “Are Jaguars serious about keeping Bortles on bench?

  1. Interested to see how he does vs. the Bears Thursday night. The Bears D is nothing special, but they have enough talent to give him some challenges.

  2. The biggest difference between Henne & Bortles is Henne throws sideways & Bortles throws downfield. BB will start by Oct at the latest.

  3. Good grief. When I hear about Bortles on this site, it’s always couched in the same terms–whether or not the Jags are serious about sitting him. They are. They will. Henne will be given a chance to win. Next question!

  4. It would be good to see a team actually follow their plan and bring a QB along slowly. Let Henne take the abuse for a year while Bortles learns the NFL game.

  5. I think they should bring him along slowly , maybe bring him in at the start of the second half against an average to below average team that they’re playing at home. Get his confidence going , then let him start games against good teams in hostile stadiums a few weeks down the line. The kid has looked good so far , a lot better than that Gabbert guy.

  6. So you drafted a QB with your #1 pick….to sit him? The kid can play. You guys haven’t had a QB since Mark Brunell. Henne’s a backup QB in this league…time to put up or shut up!

  7. Remember when the Seahawks were committed to keeping rookie Russell Wilson on the bench? That situation was a no-brainer entering the pre-season–given Flynn’s salary, the kid didn’t have shot at starting early his first year, barring an injury or an early season meltdown by Flynn.

    Then guess what? The kid created major separation. Only a coach submitting to a GM or owner wouldn’t have started Wilson like Pete C. did. And this situation? Something tells me the Seahawks were more committed to Flynn than the Jags are to Henne.

  8. Lets keep one thing in mind Russell Wilson has a much better team and line around him. You can’t compare the two because they are in diffent setting. Stay with your plan and let the kid sit and learn, remember he was playing with the two’s not the starter.

  9. Buyers beware. Example, Brandon Weeden’s preseason stats last year. Jags are going to destroy Bortles if they put him in to start regular season. Preseason is crap. It tells a little but that’s definitely not how the guy is going to perform in regular season games.

  10. @Tennesseeoilers

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I want the best for the jags just because of the Seahawk connection. I admittedly lack knowledge of their roster because we get very little coverage of them out here on the left coast. Personally, unless the O line is so bad they think they’ll get him killed then don’t you have to Stuart him when Henne is your only other option? I may not be familiar with the jags bit I’m very familiar with Henne. He was a good college qb bit at the NFL level, let’s not mince words, he sucks.

  11. I don’t know about that. During the Weeden era, I could tell that the O-line was a sieve during the preseason games.

    Unlike the Browns, the Jags have a pretty good line. The reason why preseason is crap is that teams don’t call all of the plays they would call in a regular season game.

    I’m taking the over on 5 wins. There’s a reason why Vegas has the over on the 5-game season win total on that at -135, whereas the under is +105.

  12. Why, why, WHY is this the only story you can troll up on Jacksonville? The real story is the defensive line. So improved. Center woes, linebacker depth, injured receivers, so much to talk about. But Bortles AGAIN after 2 series?????? Wow, on that note let’s trade for that 3rd string feller in Cincinnati, after all, he pukes and throws 2 touchdowns more than Bortles.

  13. What they need is to have a starting QB go down in week one and have him step in ala Roethlisberger in 2004. No pressure and have him roll a 13-1 record.

    Hmm probably not gonna happen.

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