Bengals expect Marvin Jones to return in October


The Bengals are expecting injured wide receiver Marvin Jones to miss the first three games of the regular season.

Jones, who broke a bone in his foot on Saturday, is expected to miss the Bengals’ three September games and then return when Cincinnati comes back from its bye week at New England on October 5, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The 24-year-old Jones emerged as the Bengals’ No. 2 wide receiver last season, catching 51 passes for 712 yards and 10 touchdowns. While he’s out, the Bengals will count on Mohamed Sanu and Dane Sanzenbacher to pick up the slack.

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  1. I think the Bengals are the silliest of all possible feline-theme team names, but none of that matters when it comes to injuries. So much of injuries is just pure dumb luck. Every year every team has at least one position that got crushed by injuries, and it’s how well you overcome those injuries that plays a major part in how far your team goes.

    The “Bengals” do not have the depth among their collective receiving corps to have too many injuries and not suffer some for it. I’m a charter member of the overrated Andy club but a lot of his turnovers are related to their predictable passing attack. You can only chuck it up for A.J. so often before someone figures you out.

  2. … & #2-A WR Sanu & a renewed commitment to pound the rock from a brand new OC who’s tweaking Gruden’s scheme more to his own liking (which may be a feint of a misdirection itself). It’s also not like the 2nd rd rookie RB isn’t supposed to be able to also catch the ball too.

    The ‘new’ OC’s new adjustments won’t be on film for opposing Ds to anticipate either. Somehow I get the feeling clash here don’t really know jack …

  3. This is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Now we have no excuse to cram it down the throats of the Ratbirds, Clowns & Blue Flames. This is why we own the powerful AFC North. Get ready for a full dose of Giovani. & Tyler Eifert. As i said when the news broke….. Be careful what you wish for trolls were going to stomp all over you again.

  4. Jones, Lewis… How many Marvins do the Bengals have?

    Better question is: how many Marvin Lewises do the Bengals have?

    Answer: Two. Marvin Lewis and Marvin Lewis Jones. Yes, that’s his full name.

  5. The Bengals don’t have depth at receiver? You must not have taken a look at the depth chart. The Bengals big problem at wide receiver, minus Brandon Tate, is that they were going to have to release a quality receiver in a month. Now they have some extra time. The Bengals receivers may be young but from top to bottom there are only a couple of teams that have better receivers on their rosters.

  6. The last time Gresham, Eifert, and Bernard laced em up against the Steelers, they were down 4 scores going into the 4th quarter.

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