Bill Belichick declines to share his opinion of Cary Williams


Eagles cornerback Cary Williams made no secret that he didn’t look forward to working with the Patriots in joint practices this week, saying that the Patriots are “cheaters.” Given the opportunity to respond, Patriots coach Bill Belichick declined to take the bait.

Asked if he has any opinion of Williams, Belichick quickly brushed off the question.

You should talk to him about it,” Belichick said.

But Belichick did say that he views the opportunity for his team to practice with the Eagles as a positive. The two teams practiced together last year as well, and Belichick said he and Eagles coach Chip Kelly both felt good about what they got out of it.

“[This] week will be a good opportunity for our team to play against the Eagles and the offense and defense and schemes that they run and players they have. It’ll be a good opportunity, but we need two good days here. We had one yesterday, so hopefully we can string a couple together,” Belichick said. “I don’t want to speak for Chip, but I think that we both felt that it was productive last year, and we’ve decided not to make many changes.”

So Belichick expects a good week of work with another team, even if one player on that other team doesn’t respect the way the Patriots work.

78 responses to “Bill Belichick declines to share his opinion of Cary Williams

  1. Report via twitter from Foxboro is Brady to Edelman/Amendola lighting it up, the Eagles DB’s can’t stop.

    Carey Williams is getting embarrassed during 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills courtesy on Tom Brady.

  2. He doesn’t deserve an opinion from the best coach in the league.

    And mind you this is a ravens fan saying that but honestly look at that roster and tell me they had any business being in the AFC championship game last season.

  3. The real story here is that the media folks waited 10 days before asking him about it.

    Perhaps they thought that if they waited, Belichick would give them something better than the standard “shut up, next question” answer.

  4. He should have been a man and said “he’s right and we know it” then again, it’s Belicheat, the slimeball of the NFL. Cheat to win. He’d be working Pop Warner football if he didn’t luck into Brady. He can’t draft all either, that’s why they load up on 10 picks. Bust after bust after bust.

    Superbowl Champions*** LOL!

  5. This is why I absolutely love Coach Belichick. He’s completely focused on coaching and getting better. Period.

  6. Even if they haven’t won a super bowl they’ve still been to two and been in the playoffs every year since.

  7. Not even an a Pats fan, this “cheater” stuff is so old. Last time I checked the Pats are still pretty good and not doing what everyone else in the league was doing too anymore.

  8. Pats got caught and penalized for cheating so Cary Williams is merely reciting the official NFL line.

    What does the cheating coach need to respond to? He did his penance, lost his draft pick and life goes on.

  9. .
    Bill Belichick is going to the Hall of Fame. Williams will be a first ballot inductee into the Hall of Idiots.

  10. It is fun to watch any Belichick/Pats thread for the trolls who come out to whine about “cheating”.
    They are probably Bears or Bills fans who haven’t won anything in so long they have to find something else to cheer about.

  11. Belichick doesn’t have the time or patience to bother with an insignificant player on another team.He has his own team to run and that’s what he’s focused on.

  12. 2 Things come to mind here:

    Boston fans never forget…To this day, Bill Laimbeer cannot go into a restaurant in Boston without getting crap….never mind walk downtown.

    Welcome to Gillette Cary, am sure the fans will have a nice serenade planned for you…and do not forget, Brady is a vindictive SOB. He will find as many ways to humiliate you as he can..and am sure that has started today @ practice.

  13. irishlad19 says:
    Aug 12, 2014 4:33 PM
    It is fun to watch any Belichick/Pats thread for the trolls who come out to whine about “cheating”.
    They are probably Bears or Bills fans who haven’t won anything in so long they have to find something else to cheer about.

    Bears have won “something “…but the bitterness comes from jet, Dolphin and Bills fans. Going to head into the 5th decade of none of above winning very soon.

    At least Dolphins and Bills have some division titles and SB appearances in last 40 years…jet fans have 2 division titles…nothing else…ZERO

  14. Chip Kelly and the Eagles saw Desean Jackson explode last year, having the best season of his career, but Desean was released outright by the team because of an accumulation of off-the-field issues and problems.

    My point: Cary Williams didn’t even play particularly well last season, too many mistakes and penalties for a guy who considers himself an upper-echelon CB. If Desean can be dropped after playing as well as he did, than Cary Williams could easily see the same fate if he doesn’t wise up and simply play smarter. How does Cary or the Eagles benefit in any way by him calling the Patriots out on an incident that occurred some 7+ years ago? His focus is entirely misplaced, and he actually thinks that because he said something that is 100% true(the Pats did cheat) that this makes the statement completely warranted. This is a guy that loses control of himself on a consistent basis, someone who is far too simple-minded to consider whether his words or actions may have a negative effect on the team.

    Especially with the addition of Nolan Carroll at CB, I guarantee that Cary Williams will be the next guy on Chip’s chopping block. Chip Kelly has made it very clear that he intends to change the culture of the team, and Cary Williams seems to be the antithesis of what Chip is looking for in a player. As an Eagles fan I would be perfectly OK moving forward without the likes of Cary Williams on this team.

  15. @ravenswhat says:
    Aug 12, 2014 5:18 PM
    Ask Cary about how fun it was to own the Patriots in Foxboro on his way to a SB win.

    that game was about ed reed and ray lewis
    in 2013 41-7 was a record beating in ravens franchise history officially kicked you out of playoffs last year hahaha felt nice too

  16. It’s amazing how many people support “their” cheaters but when someone else cheats they bash them. Bill is a good coach. He’s not great because great coaches don’t cheat.

  17. jchipwood says: Aug 12, 2014 4:28 PM

    If billichick cant handle the rib’n he shouldnt do it.

    Uh, pretty sure his response was the antithesis of “rib’n”.

  18. jackn2482 says: Aug 12, 2014 4:24 PM

    Not even an a Pats fan, this “cheater” stuff is so old. Last time I checked the Pats are still pretty good and not doing what everyone else in the league was doing too anymore.

    Right is right even if nobody is doing it and wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it.

  19. In retirement Brady will spend his days on TV and his nights with his supermodel wife in a mansion made of diamonds, while Cary Williams will spend his getting hosed out of bus stop shelters.

  20. You got Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly running a joint practise and the instead of focusing on how these two very smart coaches are working together and individually at the same time to improve their repsective teams, PFT and co. rather post nonsense by Cary Williams.

    Williams will not be an Eagle past this year, his cap hit becomes outrageous after this year.

  21. lanman11 says:
    Aug 12, 2014 4:14 PM
    Cary Williams just got schooled in class.

    Really? The Patriots won 3 Rings in 4 years…all B4 Spygate. Since he was exposed..the great coach is 0-2 in SuperBowls. Both times the Patriots were favored in..Both times they lost. Seems pretty obvious to me..Without Cheating The great Bill won’t win another ring. I will add though that Tom brady is the best QB in NFL history. he has done more with less then Peyton Manning. Up until last year i always said Peyton was the best QB of all time..seeing what Brady has done over his vote goes to brady as best ever..with brees coming in a head of Peyton as well..So all the Patriot fans can ask this question…W/O Tom..what would Bill have done? answer..not nearly as much !!

  22. If someone steals the answers to all of the test questions and scores 100 on every test does that make the person a genius? No, it makes him a cheater. Williams is right, they haven’t won since they got caught which leads me to believe they only won because they cheated.

  23. I feel bad for reporters assigned to cover the NE Patriots. I understand you don’t want to reveal any information about your team but this guy is simply as boring as a person can get. You could talk a little without answering any questions.

  24. .
    Followers of winning organizations talk about the upcoming season. Those who follow teams whose season has already ended, talk about the past.

    Patriots win totals since 2001 : 11, 9, 14, 14, 10, 12, 16, 11, 10, 14, 13, 12, 12. . They average over 12 wins per season and are the winningest team of the century.

  25. I just want to acknowledge the class that some non-Pats fans are showing here. It’s much appreciated, and I hope your teams have great seasons.
    Some people are still clinging to the long-dispelled notion that the Pats were doing things that other teams weren’t. That talk is for losers who would rather find any excuse other than their team wasn’t as good. Guess what? It’s 2014 and chances are the Pats are STILL better than your team. What’s your excuse now?

  26. dontbugmeonsundays says:
    Aug 12, 2014 6:21 PM
    I’ll take my Bills 4 superbowl losses any day over being called a team that cheated to get theirs.

    The only people who say that are jealous fans of other teams. So it really doesn’t matter.

    Ever wonder why when you watch ESPN , Fox or CBS or any other sports outlet they never mention “spygate”?

    Or why other coaches have gone out of ther way to defend BB.

  27. You’ll yake the 4 losses cause you have to…
    & being happy about that reflects the Bills team… Happy losers

  28. Memo went out in 2006, Belichick ignored it. championships happened in 01, 03, 04. Exactly what did “spygate” have to do with the championships?

    Nothing. Sorry haters, call him what you want post spygate, but the championships are for real…as in real shiny trophys

  29. What Moron/Cary knows about rules in the NFL,could fit on the head of a pin…Taping is legal, STILL, just not from certain areas, and where coaches can see any tape during game. Pats crossed the line, or the taping guy didand got caught…If he was 10 steps away, what would this moron be babbling about now?

  30. As a fan of the team that was supposedly victimized the most (the Rams…yeah I believe it cost us a Super Bowl). even I have to admit it is long past time to move on. They still win and make the playoffs every year. Even the yr Brady was injured

  31. @ phillysports1

    “He can’t comment because it’s TRUE. They cheated .. End of story”.

    What is actually the end of the story is that the Filthadelphia Eagles have 0 SB wins in their entire history, and the Patriots have 3 SB wins and 5 SB appearances since 2001.

    Hate much?

  32. Why is there always so much negativity still, after all these years. Every post becomes a battleground of those defending and those hating the Pats. Why can’t most of the comments be about the article. Granted this one makes sense and was made to bring all of it up again, but still.

    No one even knows who this guy is he’s talking trash and releasing ignorance to get noticed. Move on. Classy move by BB and the Pats to not even acknowledge this guy.

  33. Big “coincidence” that this fool didn’t practice the day after his comments about NE.

    Perhaps Belichick decided on a non-comment regarding the incident since the player has no significance. I remember with humor the last eagle’s player that shot his mouth off a few years ago….NE ate him alive.

  34. Cary Williams’ name is now synonymous (that means “the same” Cary) with “idiot”

    All he proved is that he knows nothing about Spygate

    Anyone else want to step up to the plate and suggest that violating a 2006 rule in 2007 invalidates Super Bowls from 2001-2004?

    I’d love to see Cary try to explain that one myself. Hopefully the media WILL ask him!

  35. I guess it’s necessary to be reminded every once in a while how dumb some Anti-Pats posters can be. Amazing!

  36. Commissioner Goodell should fine and suspend Cary for his lack of respect to New England and specifically, Bill Belichick.
    BB is too classy to dignify this, but the Commissioner should take action. It is Roger’s responsibility to “Protect the Shield”.

  37. Exactly what rule or rules did BB break when the Patriots won their 3 SB’s politicallyimpotent ?

  38. Bellichek gave the same response when asked about his cheating….Ask the league about the videotaping.

    Why both asking Bellichek anything? He is no fun.

  39. Bill B. didn’t cheat and doesn’t need to cheat to win games. He is the greatest coach the NFL has seen since Vince Lombardi. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan and have seen most of the old time coaches of the early NFL(’67 – to the present)and only 2 coaches come to mind that I would put in Bellicheck’s league, that would be Tom Landry and Chuck Knoll. Don Shula, Tommy Prothro, and a few others are a notch below. Bill will be regarded as the greatest NFL coach when he is retired. They should rename the AFC championship trophy after him in my honest opinion. Cary Williams? He has great potential to be a NY Jet with his childish rant about Coach B. He fits right in with the rest of those crybabies. Are you sure its Eagle green and not Jet green that his guy is wearing?

  40. Belichick is an exceptional coach because he has exceptional teaching skills and has shown a considerable ability, at times, to put together some great defensive schemes. Sure, he has his faults and shortcomings like anyone else but many are dumping on him soley because of their own inadequacies. Taking a shot at him because of their own frustrations are merely signs they need to grow as individuals.
    Everyone on the planet has cheated at something in their life. The details are what are important not the volatile word “cheater”, which these jealous complainers know, and do anyway..
    Specifically what is Belichick guilty of doing?
    Taping the opposing teams is not what he is guilty of. Taping was legal then and still is today. Bill’s crime was taping from outside the location that was predesignated by the NFL, but the investigation also showed that every other NFL Team was also taping outside the predesignated area, thus everyone was guilty of a “technicality” but since only the Pats were mentioned in Mangini’s complaint, the Commissioner acted only against the Pats. To have acted against every team would have endangered the newly appointed commissioner’s job.
    Secondly, the rule was created in 2006, and was disregarded in 2007, by everyone. So tell me this, how is a 2006 rule disregarded in 2007 impacting Super Bowls played in 2001-2004? Unless you can find a time machine in Foxboro you are missing the “smoking gun”. Which makes us all wonder just what are you smoking?
    As a Commanding General friend of mine likes to say “life is tough, tougher when you are stupid”.
    Lastly, all these individuals who end their comments with phrases like “enough said”, “he was fined so that proves it”, or “nothing you can say will change my mind”, are limited in their thinking ability for one reason or another. Let’s treat them with the class that they so often fail to demonstrate towards the rest of us. How else will they learn?

  41. Who cares what Cary Williams’ opinion is? BB has forgotten more about football than Williams hopes to know in his entire lifetime. Same goes for the haters. Time to get another hobby.

  42. I cant believe the Eagles didnt go CB in the first 2 rounds. Way to create holes you didnt have with Jackson.

    Im still behind Chip, but the entire secondary should have been addressed. All they did was bring in Jenkins, who was so good he was replaced by the team that just beat us in the playoffs, bring back a subpar Nate Allen, and add a few ST CBs.

    You need to bring it heavier than that. I wasnt clamoring for the big name safety, but the draft was stocked. Should have gone secondary instead of Marcus Smith, and taken Marcus Smith in the second round instead

  43. hmmm did the pats win a super bowl since spy gate. . Does that answer the question if they cheated or not…..? Did the nfl quickly destroy the tapes yes… Does that answer the question if they cheated or not……??? I believe even Pat fans can answer these questions .. oh yeah their division has sucked for the last decade or more….

  44. Most of the Patriot haters that talk about “SPYGATE” on a regular basis have NO IDEA what it was about, or the time table in question. It’s funny to me that they think it was cheating, or in anyway,
    negates the Pats 3 rings… Here is a history lesson for you so the next time you want to talk about “SPYGATE”, you actually know what happened!

    “SPYGATE” is in the reference to the illegal taping of defensive signals from the sidelines, for viewing AFTER THE GAME, which was deemed against the rules back in 2006.

    This new rule was established in a memo from Roger Goodell’s office and sent to ALL teams in the NFL. Not just the Pats… Let me repeat… This memo was sent to ALL TEAMS IN THE NFL…

    The reason being is because “SPYGATE” had likely been done by several teams in the NFL for DECADES, and NO WHERE IN THE RULE BOOK did it say it couldn’t be done.

    The rules clearly stated that you couldn’t tape from the sidelines t use that information for assistance DURING the game. It said NOTHING ABOUT TAPING FROM THE SIDELINES TO REVIEW THAT INFORMATION AFTER THE GAME. Which is EXACTLY what we are talking about!

    With that being said, the actual “SPYGATE” controversy is about the Patriots continuing to tape these signals from the date the memo was sent out in 2006, to their 2007 season opener against the Jets on 9/9/2007.

    Anytime, before this memo in 2006, including their 3 Super Bowl titles, IS NOT WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    What is in question is the 2007 preseason and the 2007 season opener against the Jets. THAT IS ALL,, So if you want to call the Pats cheaters during that 1 year time frame, but all means. They were CHEATERS. Too bad for your hater narrative, all of the Pats 3 rings were won before 2006. So what they were doing at that time WAS NOT CHEATING!

    Could someone intelligent please explain to me how a rule that came out in 07, and a reminder memo that came out in preseason 07, and the pats were caught in game one of 07, had a dam thing to do with any of there three sb championships that they won years prior. Just sayin’

    Fox NFL Sunday, September 16, 2007.

    Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson said, “This is exactly how I was told to do it 18 years ago by a Kansas City Chiefs scout. I tried it, but I didn’t think it helped us.” Johnson also said, “Bill Belichick was wrong because he videotaped signals after a memo was sent out to all of the teams saying not to do it. But what irritates me is hearing some reactions from players and coaches. These players don’t know what their coaches are doing. And some of the coaches have selective amnesia because I know for a fact there were various teams doing this. That’s why the memo was sent to everybody.”

    Oh also, as for the AFC East being a cake walk, do some real research before ya’ll spout off looking and sounding totally clueless, and a mere make believe football fan

    Winning percentage per division since 2002:

    AFC East: .525
    NFC East: .518
    NFC South: .515
    AFC South: .512
    AFC North: .509
    AFC West: .488
    NFC North: .480
    NFC West: .453

    So deal with it, most successful NFL franchise in over a decade. The funny thing with these blogs are the ones that complain the most have never even been in sniffing distance of a championship.
    PS. I am not a Pats fan, just a fan of football period….

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