Browns sign Rex Grossman


While all the quarterback talk in Cleveland focuses on Johnny Manziel trying to win the job away from Brian Hoyer, a veteran passer has been added to the mix.

Rex Grossman, the 11-year veteran who had been a free agent, has signed with the Browns. The signing will reunite Grossman with Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan; the two worked together for the last five years, four in Washington and one in Houston.

“Rex is excited to work with Kyle Shanahan again. This is a great fit for him,” agent Drew Rosenhaus said.

The arrival of Grossman gives Cleveland a veteran who knows Shanahan’s offense well, which should benefit both Manziel and Hoyer. Veteran backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen is being released to make room for Grossman on the roster.

133 responses to “Browns sign Rex Grossman

  1. LOL.
    It just never get’s simple in Cleveland.
    Ask McNabb or Griffin if Kyle bringing in Grossman is gonna benefit Manziel or Hoyer.

  2. wtfchiefs says:
    Aug 12, 2014 9:41 AM
    How in the world does he keep getting signed?


    Think hard: who is the Offensive Coordinator in Cleveland?

  3. Great, wonder what false expectations Browns fans will have for him.

    After a game against Detroit they praised Hoyer for completing less than 50% of his passes and Manziel for completing a bunch of dump-offs and one nice run against guys who will be in the CFL in a few weeks. Gotta love Browns fans.


  4. Grossman and Brady Quinn signed on consecutive days? What a joke.

    If more teams in the NFL were better at identifying and developing QB talent out of college, signings like these would not be necessary.

  5. Why is anyone surprised at this? I’m shocked it took this long. Sexy Rexy and Kyle are BFFs, Rex will have a job as long as Kyle does.

    If Rex ever retires, he’ll just be Kyle’s QB coach or an assistant of some kind. It’s good to have friends.

  6. Rex has never been a good qb EVER? I don’t think “never” and “ever” mean what you think they mean.

    NFL Bums like Weurfel and Grossman can certainly be characterized as bad NFL qb’s . But both were EXCELLENT college Qbs. (Grossman had a mike vick 2010-like awesome streak for some of the bears NFCChamp year in 06 also) Those times did exist, therefore they are in the “ever to have happened” category, and not the “never ever” category.

    Sorry, gotta keep some of y’all loudmouths at bay,

    Guy who hates Rex Grossman, but has seen him play well before.

  7. Why is everyone making a big deal about this?? He’s gonna be a 3rd string, emergency QB, if he even makes the final roster. It’s not like he’s not coming in to challenge for the starting job.

  8. Rex is a 3rd string veteran on his 5th team. If he makes it to the regular season, he’s going to hold a clipboard, teach Johnny Football a thing or two (hopefully not about throwing critical interceptions at the worst possible time) and cash a paycheck.

    He’s not the missing piece for the Browns to get to the super bowl. He never was for the Bears or Redskins or Texans. He’s a stopgap measure.

    And apparently, Rex has blackmail material on Kyle Shanahan. Or something.

  9. When this conversation takes place, and you know it did, your franchise is in trouble………

    Pettine: Man, we’ve done everything we can. These guys just aren’t getting it.

    Shanahan: Actually, we haven’t done “everything”. I know just the man that can help us.

    Pettine: Who? Your Dad? Brian Sipe? Kosar?

    Shanahan: No. Grossman. Rex Grossman.

  10. Hoyer, Manziel, Thygpen,Shaw and Grossman.

    Would like to see Shaw run the offense

    We are eventually going to use 32 different QB’s before it is done and over with.

  11. Not a Brown’s fan whatsoever…and just really curious as to the hate shown for this signing???? He is a 3rd stringer at best, right? Know’s the system? Can possibly answer a few questions to help the young ins, right?

    Or would you all rather have Thigpen?

    Really, what does it even matter?????????

  12. Hey, good for Rex. He’s been a punchline his whole career but he’s had a nice 11 year career and made good money doing it. Obviously he’s now in “advisor to young QB” territory but both Hoyer and Manziel are very young with little experience so I can see the logic.

  13. Rex was great in college. Got hurt early in NFL. Lost mobility but kept his gunslinger talents. Chicago had a bad oline. Rex never complained. Same line problems hurt cutler early. Rex is a good QB plain and simple. No QB has succeeded in the places he’s been. Bears were lucky to have him. Played way better than McNabb.

  14. He is there to coach and mentor, not to play. The only odd thing is why this wasn’t done months ago. My guess is Grossman was hoping for a team to sign him where he may actually have a chance to play.

    Go Browns!

  15. For all you bashing this signing I ask you this one question- As a third string qb would you rather have a veteran with Super Bowl experience or Tyler Thigpen?

  16. Camp Body Y was signed by Team Alpha. Alpha fans are saying, “I cannot believe they signed this guy he is a stiff”

    If he is still on the team after the cut to 75, you can begin to worry. If he is still on the team after the cut to 53, then you can start your whining.

    He is a player coach at this point.

  17. ^^ U act like grossman had anything to do with that SB run.

    it boggles my mind how some people are making money still.

    kerry rhodes, still not on a a team,, but a concrete BUM can still get signed??

    way to go Cleveland.

  18. Excellent pickup, he will make an excellent QB coach, he’s smart, he’s….. wait, what? … Not a coach? A player? Really? Seriously?

  19. schmitty2 says: Aug 12, 2014 10:40 AM

    For all you bashing this signing I ask you this one question- As a third string qb would you rather have a veteran with Super Bowl experience or Tyler Thigpen?


    Tyler Thigpen. If ever there is a question like “Would you rather have Rex Grossman or someone else?” the answer is always someone else.

  20. This move has been discussed fsince the day after Browns hired Shannihan. It is no surprise to anyone that’s been paying close attention to the Browns pre-Johnny draft. He gives great depth at Qb, probably more than over half the league (yea, looking at you cinci, half & pitts!)

  21. Why do the Browns always sign weak armed QB’s when they play on a lake in one of the most miserable winter cities in the country?

    There’s a reason they always lose, look at other QB’s in the division, big guys with strong arms.

  22. Super Bowl! NOT!!!

    Surprised they released Thigpen for Grossman. However, I will be even more surprised if they keep Grossman instead of Connor Shaw.

  23. Never understood the hatred for Grossman, even from Gator fans. He’s had a great NFL career, took Lovie Smith to a Super Bowl and is 10x the player Tim Tebow is.

    He’s had a far superior career to McCown and should be the guy in Tampa mentoring Glennon. Glad to see him back in the league but sad to see Rexy end up in the Factory of Sadness.

  24. If you’re down to your 3rd string you’re screwed anyway. I’ll take him over Pigpen for what it’s worth. At least he knows the offense. He’s another guy in the film room who can help break things down for guys who have never known Shanny’s scheme and that’s all. If he’s taking snaps in a real game the season’s a wash anyway with Johnny and Hoyer injured.

  25. The biggest problem with Rex in Chicago was inconsistency. He is/was one of the streakiest QBs I have ever seen. There were games (or parts of games) where he looked like a Hall of Famer and then other games where you wondered how he even got a college scholarship.

    He also had a pretty serious problem with hanging on to the ball. If anyone as much as sneezed on him, it was a fumble. In the end his good plays didn’t outweigh his bad, but apparently he has made just enough good plays in his career to keep getting a job.

  26. Rex Grossman is the smartest man in football.
    He could be a quarterbacks coach making thousands of dollars.
    Instead he is going to be the quarterbacks coach making a million dollars.

    Don’t let the uniform fool you because he will not suite up on Sunday. He will just get paid a different way for teaching the young players.

  27. My take is the Hoyer Manziel battle is getting heated and bringing in Grossman allows the Browns to cut Hoyer (who is not the future) and go with Manziel. Grossman being familiar with the O can help Manziel grow. Good move.

  28. Has your teams 3rd string QB started in a Super Bowl? So, if I signed Terry Bradshaw, that would be a good signing? Has your 3rd string started in a bunch of Super Bowls?

  29. Browns are the hottest topic in the NFL now. Sign a third string QB? Better batten down the internet!

  30. Rex Grossman; the only NFL QB to have TWO games in one season with a 0.0 QB rating. Perfect fit for the Browns.

  31. cuda1234 says:
    Aug 12, 2014 11:14 AM
    Never understood the hatred for Grossman, even from Gator fans. He’s had a great NFL career, took Lovie Smith to a Super Bowl and is 10x the player Tim Tebow is.


    The Bears Defense took Lovie to the Superbowl. Grossman was just along for the ride…

  32. Grossman has made a nice living being just good enough to be a journeyman backup QB. Nice gig if you can get it.

  33. You all act as if he was us going to be the starter. Did you see the guy, who’s spot Grossman is filling. Thigpen looked Aweful, and Grossman knows Shanahan’s system.

  34. Yeah, I know Rex is a Super Bowl tested QB, but let’s get real here.

    The 2006 Chicago Bears went to the Super Bowl because an opportunistic defense that created turnovers and scored several TDs, and the return skills of Devin Hester.

  35. I have always liked Rex Grossman, at least he is a productive Quarterback and when he starts the team scores points averaged 24 to 30 points a game.

    Why are there so many Haters of players like Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel and Rex Grossman?

    Players come in to the league wanting to succeed, but only 15% of college players make NFL rosters and only 5% are high quality NFL players who have long careers 6 years or longer…

    Think about it….it’s a tough business…trying to succeed as an NFL Starting Quarterback…

  36. My first reaction was that Thigpen wouldn’t be unemployed long. Miami? SF? Dallas? Detroit? When he got a chance to play, he put up competitive numbers, 18 TDs, 12 picks, a QB rating of 77. But that was 2008, six years ago. Since then he has attempted 83 passes. He is 30 years old. CLE did him no favors by waiting until now to pair journeyman OC Shanahan with his drinking buddy journeyman clipboard holder. I still think Thigpen will be picked up within the week, but it will be harder for him to stick with the timing of the release.

  37. Was just saying this very weekend that Rex Grossman will probably find a job before the season starts.

  38. Think people are overly dismissive of Grossman. Granted, he’s not a great quarterback, but there are worse – in the NFL. He has a decent arm. His biggest problem is that he, like Eli Manning, is a chucker. Under pressure he just throws the ball in the direction of a receiver and hopes they can make a play. Unfortunately, some of Eli’s inane passes have been famously caught and most of Rex’s dumb plays have resulted in turnovers, otherwise they’re interchangeable cogs.

  39. BJ Daniels is a qb in Seattle and Zac Dysert in Denver. I don’t think Wilson or Manning is worried about their jobs and I don’t believe that the teams are worried about their teams making the playoffs again. Perhaps if Grossman was named a starter, this might even be newsworthy, but it is just an article about a clipboard holder.

  40. By the way, the Bears OL during the Grossman era was actually pretty good. They didn’t go in the crapper till after he was gone.

  41. Does this set up a potential trade? If the Browns decide to go with Manziel then why not trade Hoyer for what you can get, bring in Grossman in case of emergency?

  42. Rex is a quality #3 QB. Maybe soon he’ll be caught “Taking
    the browns to the Super Bowl!”

  43. hey. haters. SUPER BOWL BERTH

    yeah. I don’t really get it either, but will always remember the redskins claiming he was the best QB they had when everyone knew it was a total farce.

  44. the funny thing to me is that I still don’t get why Thigpen can’t stick but a guy like Rex can. I mean Thigpen had arguably a better season than rex has ever had and he did it with nothing. he was throwing and catching from mark Bradley. sure he had a low comp percentage, but it wasn’t a lot lower than mark sanchez’s career numbers. 18-12. too bad he can’t keep that third job. may be time to retire for Thiggy.

  45. Considering Josh Gordon hasn’t practiced in 2 days, I’m guessing he’s gone for the year. And as someone said above, perhaps a Hoyer to the Texans for Andre Johnson trade.
    O’Brien was OC in New England. Hoyer was a backup in New england. Belichick Guys always
    Follow other Belichick guys i.e. O’Brien hiring
    romeo crenell as DC.

    I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  46. And the NFL loves story lines. It happens alot where one guy leaves one team and goes to another, or one coach leaves one team to go to another, a lot of times those players or coaches always seem to play their former team the next season.

    I.e. Pettine coached will the Bills, hmm, the Browns play the Bills again this year. Love Smith used to coach the Bears, hmmm, the Bucs play the Bears, Eric decker used to play for the Broncos, hmmm, the Jets play the Broncos this year, treat Richardson used to play for the Browns, hmmm, the Browns play the Colts this year, Steve Smith used to play for the Panthers, hmmm, the Ravens play the Panthers this year.

    Coincidentally if the Browns trade Hoyer to the Texans, the Browns play the Texans later this year.

    Just saying.

  47. Most of you don’t know anything about football. All of you that are LOL’ing at this, this is a good signing for the Browns. They want a veteran who has been around the block, and who Manziel can learn from. Rex has been to a Super Bowl, and if any of you had watched any of the games he played with the Skins a few years back, you would know that he’s not nearly as bad as you think. He can sling it

  48. Hoyer to the Texans for Andre Johnson is an intriguing scenario… but highly improbably unless the Browns sweeten the pot with a couple of quality draft picks to boot.

  49. Miami Dolphins castoff. These castoffs are being signed while Tim Tebow continues to be ignored. Go figure?

  50. This was a knee jerk reaction to Tyler Thigpins national TV tryout for the Lions while wearing a Browns jersey on Saturday. Either that or ESPN paid the Browns off so that the second half of Mondays game will have a cast off crappy QB’s vs the teams that dumped them storyline between former Redskins QB Grossman and the guy who replaced him there and former Browns QB Colt McCoy.

    Wait….. Now that I think about it that’s flippin brilliant. That game is going to be awesome. Take that NFL Network!!!

  51. ROFLMAO!!! And some Browns fans didn’t like it when I told them taking in Mikie’s boy was a BAD move!!! Well, on the plus side; the Cowboys can definitely unload Hainie NOW and either slip Vaughn onto the practice squad OR pick up Hoyer when these fools cut him!

  52. OK Browns, you got a Super Bowl QB on the roster now along with Johnny Football. No excuses.

  53. Why would they pick Rex Grossman? There’s Kyle Orton and Josh Freeman, it simply makes no sense when they were available. Orton or Freeman would both have a chance to start, but obviously Rex wouldn’t start. Actually, since this browns gm is making such terrible decisions, it wouldn’t surprise me if they announced their kicker as the season starter, then release Joe Thomas. I would be a better GM, and I would be pretty bad. Drafting Manziel was a mistake, signing Hammie Man Miles Austin was a mistake since he’ll just pull his hamstring in week 1 if BRIAN HOYER has the arm to throw two and a half yards on a screen pass to him.

  54. Grossman signs with Cleveland….and i’m not shocked. Shanahan has it in his contract that he has to work with Grossman.

  55. Rex Daniel Grossman III (bet you didn’t know that) is still playing in the NFL (Not For Long)?? Hard to believe the Browns signed him. Saw him on the sidelines in yesterday’s game vs. the ‘Skins. At least he didn’t give the one-fingered salute. Oh, that’s right, he wasn’t on the field.

    I remember Grossman when he played for the Bears probably 6-8 years ago. He had a pretty good season that first year if I recall but was another QB who got worse every year until finally he flamed out. I remember one announcer who came up with the famous quote about Grossman: “it depends on which Rex shows up today — good Rex or bad Rex”. I think that says it all.

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