Buccaneers won’t be going Incognito this season

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The Buccaneers might have no idea who their starting guards are going to be, but it’s extremely clear they’re not looking at Richie Incognito.

According to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, Bucs coach Lovie Smith suggested that if they had been interested, he’d have already been there.

“All players that are available, we look to see if they would fit in our program,’’ Smith said. “All players. And I will just kind of leave it at that. If we are really interested in someone, we will bring them in.’’

Incognito said recently he’s “had some nibbles” about an NFL comeback after the Dolphins let him walk following last year’s bullying scandal.

And considering the mess their offensive line was in the opener, the fact the Bucs aren’t biting should tell you all you need to know.

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  1. I would be shocked if it happened, but doesnt this guy seem like the Belichick type? He is mean and nasty on the field, like a Logan Mankins type. He recently played for a division rival. He is borderline toxic which means you can get him for way less than his skill level would otherwise warrant. Not saying I would want him on the Patriots, but the run game would be pretty nasty…

  2. Top 5 Greatest Buccaneers:

    1. Warren Sapp
    2. Ronde Barber
    3. Brad Johnson
    4. John Lynch
    5. Antonio Bryant

  3. Yeah wait until Oneil Cousins has played say like 5 snaps of regular season ball and Richie will be on the first jet to Tampa. Both guard spots for the Bucs are abysmal.

  4. Lovie is an awful coach, runs the outdated, failure of a Tampa-2 scheme which was been statistically the worst scheme to run in the NFL over the last five years(Caldwell Colts, Kiffin Cowboys, Frasier Vikings, Jauron Bills, Morris Bucs), refuses to add a talented guard who would be their best starter immediately, and throws a young QB with pro-bowl potential on the bench for a 32 year old journeyman who played 6 good games.

  5. Lovie Smith has no interest in dealing with clowns like Incognito. He did put up with Ritchie Lite — a.k.a. Olin Kreutz — for several years, but Olin was a multiple Pro Bowl performer. With Ritchie, the talent doesn’t outweigh the baggage.

  6. How in the world can you bring Incognito into your locker room after all his gutter-talk racial slurs?

  7. .
    A plethora of question marks on both sides of the ball. Things will only get worse once the injuries hit.

  8. Well it doesn’t tell me all I need to know…maybe someone could elaborate a bit for me.

    What I see is a guy who was mean to another player while in the workforce…I also see Ray Rice beat his wife and get supported by team and league…Aldon Smith threaten to blow up an airport and supported by team and league….I see Pouncey and the other aggressor still in the league….Greg Hardy throwing DDT’s onto piles of guns…

    And I see a 31 y/o former pro bowl guard that was playing at a high level before his scandle not being worth touching. Not Tebow or Ocho Cinco who were worthless to the league, but a OG that would walk in the door and be the best OG on the team for about 8-10 teams…he’s played and started in 55 of a possible 56 games over the 3 1/2 seasons with the Dolphins before he got in trouble.

    Donte Stalworth ran over and killed a man…and got a second chance…Leonard Little anyone?

    This league makes so little sense sometimes that it makes my brain hurt.

  9. It would be very smart to offer Richie a 1-year, “one strike and you’re out” deal for the veteran minimum. Of course, the American Society for the Perpetually Outraged would have a field day, so I doubt it happens.

  10. I’m not advocating for the Bucs to sign Incognito (and I don’t condone his behavior in Miami), but considering how so many people came out in favor of Michael Vick getting a “second chance”, shouldn’t Incognito get one too? He was a pretty decent O-lineman at one time and if he can still play, maybe he deserves a shot?

  11. Jerry Jones, Incognito and his Ferrari are available. Get ya cell phone cameras ready

  12. People have such short memories. Incognito was cut from the rams after multiple unsportsmanlike penalties and the league threatened to suspend him. These include being verbally abusive to officials. Awarded to buffalo after being waved he was a penalty machine there too and the bills made no effort to resign him. That year he was voted the leagues dirtiest player. His time in Miami was pretty good, if you don’t count the 2012 drunken harassment of a female volunteer of a golf tournament.
    The teams remember all of this and talk to each other they know who this guy is. He is a cancer and a team would have to be desperate to even consider this guy. Not to mention the bad PR he would generate.

  13. Murder dogs(Vick), kill other humans(Lewis & Stalworth) , stomp opposing players (Suh) and beat up your wife (Rice) no biggie.Crack jokes on/with the new guy your black balled. It makes no sense at all.

  14. Bullying scandal aside, look at film on him from last season. He wasn’t very good. If he was someone would have signed him.

  15. Fascinating comments.

    Either all 10 of Richie Incognito’s fans have dropped by or his daddy is back online spreading Richie Incognito propaganda.

  16. A story just came out about Shaq FORCING players and coaches to wrestle him while he was naked. Everyone thought that was hilarious and just Shaq being Shaq.

    If a story like that came out about Richie Incognito, he’d be in jail.

  17. I guess Tampa have some wimps on there O line and the coach don’t want Richie to bully them, go figure. Bill

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