Fan swings helmet at Cowboys’ Webb during practice fight; Webb swings back


According to multiple published reports, a spectator swung a helmet at Cowboys cornerback B.W. Webb during Tuesday’s joint practice between Dallas and Oakland in Oxnard, California.

The incident occurred as Cowboys and Raiders players brawled near fans. According to The Associated Press and Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the helmet missed Webb. The AP reports Webb then took his own “swing” at the spectator, with the Star-Telegram reporting Webb twice tried to get after the fan before coaches intervened.

“It’s definitely a dangerous situation. I don’t know why fans would want to jump on this side of the fence. I don’t think they’d like it too much on this side,” Webb said of the incident, according to the Star-Telegram. “I wasn’t expecting that, but whoever jumped on my back, I had to get them off.”

The helmet-swinging incident came after Dallas cornerback Morris Claiborne tackled Oakland tight end Mychal Rivera, which sparked a conflict involving multiple players, including Oakland wide receiver Greg Little.

This was the first of two joint practices between the Raiders and Cowboys, with one more slated for Wednesday.

UPDATE 11:25 p.m. ET: Via, here is video of the incident. After Claiborne tackled Rivera, the defender stepped over the fallen offensive player. Little took umbrage, leading to an altercation near spectators, who were separated from the field by a fence.

Later, the video shows Webb at the fence near fans, at least one of whom had put his hand over the fence and onto the field. As Webb, whose right arm was near the fence, looked to his left, the helmet was pushed his way. Webb responded by twice striking over the fence into the crowd with his right arm before heading back toward the field.