Jets, desperate for corners, sign LeQuan Lewis

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The Jets have been scrambling to find cornerbacks to practice, so they decided to just sign another one.

The team announced they signed LeQuan Lewis, and waived linebacker Tim Fugger.

Lewis was with the Jets in 2012, and has spent time with the Titans, Raiders, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Bears, Patriots and Cardinals.

That’s a temporary fix for a team that’s been beset with injuries at the position.

With Dexter McDougle lost for the season to a torn ACL, and others nursing shorter-term problems, the Jets had to move safety Antonio Allen to cornerback earlier this week.

16 responses to “Jets, desperate for corners, sign LeQuan Lewis

  1. Idzik had 20 Mill left to spend and he couldn’t get a decent CB this off season while being outbid by every other team for that position. Idzik has not given Rex Ryan the weapons he needs to compete in the division and will probably cost Rex his job at the end of the season.

    If Jim Caldwell can get a HC job after that debacle in Indy, Rex Ryan will be a HC in the NFL.

  2. Camp Body Y was signed by Team Alpha. Alpha fans are saying, “I cannot believe they signed this guy he is a stiff”

    If he is still on the team after the cut to 75, you can begin to worry. If he is still on the team after the cut to 53, then you can start you whining.

  3. Rex doesn’t need corner backs because his d-line is that good.

    Jets are going 2-9 up until their bye week.

    I hope Rex does not get fired.

    The NFL needs Rex.

    Patriot fans need Rex.

    Rex is a pats fan’s dream and a dental hygienist’s nightmare

  4. There will be plenty of CB’s available after cut downs. Not to worry. Thats why Jets are saving some cap space. There may be other injuries in camp and they will need that money come last week of pre-season.

  5. So the plan is to wait until other teams make cuts? Yeah that’s gonna yield some real studs. Can’t wait to watch these bums try to cover the Bills WRs.

  6. Jets fans are now waiting to teams final cuts to fill out their roster ?

    Sounds like another successful season for Gang Green. Jets will be holding a celebration at 4:15PM on 12/27/2014 and lighting the 46 candles on the cake.

  7. EJ Manuel actually has to be on the field in order to throw to said receivers. Even if he is, it’s not like there are 31 defenses shaking in fear. Get over yourselves Bills fans. Try making the playoffs sometime this century.

  8. The best this version of Tom Brady can do lately is lose super bowls. Is it 10 years running now ? Patriots have a clock also!!

    Let me remind you that the NY Jets remain undefeated in Super Bowl play and thanks for your attention.

  9. I believe if the Pats lose one more they’ll be the losingest team in SB history, with only a few asterisks on the plus side

    Funny how the pats fans who beg everyone to stop hating on their team show up in droves for every Jets, Colts, Broncos, Steelers, Ravens thread they can

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