Jimmy Clausen may be moving closer to Bears backup job


Jimmy Clausen went from one of the highest-profile college gigs to witness protection in Carolina.

But not only is he back on an NFL roster, he may be about to win the Bears backup job.

Via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune, Bears coach Marc Trestman said Clausen would follow starter Jay Cutler Thursday, leapfrogging Jordan Palmer.

Clausen was sharp in Friday’s preseason debut, completing 7-of-13 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

That’s quite a comeback for a guy who hadn’t taken a regular season snap since 2010, when the Panthers threw the second-rounder to the wolves for a team that would go 2-14.

When Cam Newton was drafted first overall the following year, Clausen grabbed a clipboard, which he held firmly for two seasons before spending last year on IR with a shoulder injury.

But he’s impressed in his short time with the Bears, and if he keeps it up, he might go down as Trestman’s best reclamation project yet.

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  1. Not a Bears fan, but I’ve been really impressed with Trestman when it comes to QB’s. He seems to be transform them. How’d this guy get turned down so many times for NFL coaching jobs?

  2. I never thought I’d say this, but Clausen looked really good against the Eagles. What really jumped out at me was his confidence… he looked like he knew what he was doing, and the players seemed to follow his lead. Neither of which was the case with Palmer in there. In fact, the TD bomb to Chris Williams was an audible out of a run play that he called at the line because he saw a blitz on. That’s veteran stuff right there.

    Considering how brutal he was in Carolina, the transformation was startling. Maybe Trestman really is the QB Whisperer after all.

  3. Anyone has to be better than Jordan Palmer. Look what Trestman did with McCown, who was coaching HS football before he got him.

  4. “But he’s impressed in his short time with the Bears, and if he keeps it up, he might go down as Trestman’s best reclamation project yet.”

    Did you quickly forget Josh McCown’s career before last year? He was essentially an older version of Jimmy Clausen. Which is harder to change the ways of a tenured veteran as opposed to a younger Clausen.

  5. Wow, if this is true, the headline should continue with “…and the Bears move closer to the cellar of the NFCN.”

  6. Clausen needed time to develop in the NFL. He was not going to be a day 1 starter. It doesn’t help that Trestman is helping him out.

  7. Clausen got a really bum deal in Carolina — Fox threw him under the bus during his dreadful last year as head coach and Jerry “Big Burger Eating Cat” Richardson walked around calling him “Doughboy” and Steve Smith ragging him endlessly.

    Coming back from that kind of abuse and confidence destroying treatment is a testament to his desire to be an NFL quarterback.

  8. Even more impressive, Clausen is doing this wearing Rex Grossman’s old number (8). If Trestman and Clausen can reverse the bad juju of the Wrecks Grossman era, that’s some powerful stuff.

  9. Jay Cutler has been taking him under his wing. Interesting — and something the Cutler haters won’t want to believe — but fact.

  10. Trestman has been doing for a long time in college and the pros, well before the CFL. He is time-tested and proven, unlike some of these so-called gurus, who make claims and never show results.

    His HC duties may subtract from working directly with QBs, but if he can save Jimmy, he has earned top billing as the QB guy.

  11. Before last Friday night: 95% of NFL fans saying, “Why did they sign that guy?”

    Since then: 95% of NFL fans saying, “Why didn’t WE sign that guy?”

  12. I can see Trestman turning the Bears backup position into a QB refurbishing plant.

    Bears sign a horrible QB
    Trestman does his thing
    Wins backup job
    Cutler gets hurt
    Horrible QB is actually really good now
    Fans ponder whether or not he is better than Cutler
    Free Agency
    Signs deal with new team to become starter

    Rinse and repeat.

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