McNabb believes Jets should avoid “garbage” Wildcat

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Five years ago, the Eagles tiptoed around the question of whether then-starting quarterback Donovan McNabb didn’t like the insertion of Mike Vick into the game as a Wildcat option.

Now, with Vick potentially becoming a Wildcat option for the Jets, McNabb pulled no punches about the alternative offensive system.

“The Jets tried this whole garbage with Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez and it got them nowhere,” McNabb told the New York Daily News.  “In the situation now, I think it takes away from what Geno Smith can do. It’s a maturity process for him to try to develop into an NFL quarterback. Now you’re taking him off the field or splitting him wide to bring in a 34-year-old quarterback?  To do what?  I understand the ‘wow’ effect, but it’s not a good thing for either quarterback.”

But it can be a good thing for both quarterbacks, if it dilutes a defense’s ability to prepare for either of them, unless the starter is the kind of franchise quarterback that a team would never slide away from the center.  Which could be why McNabb hates it so much; Philly’s introduction of the Wildcat was the first tangible piece of evidence that McNabb no longer was a franchise quarterback.

“I didn’t agree with the whole deal,” McNabb said of the Eagles’ use of the Wildcat.  “I think it messes up the flow of any offense. . . . I thought most of the trick plays that we ran, we could have done in our normal base offense.  Of course, I wanted Mike to have an opportunity to get out on the field . . . [but] when you have an established quarterback [like me] . . . no one would have asked Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to do that.”

And there it is.  Teams that use the Wildcat necessarily admit that they lack a true franchise quarterback.

For the 2012 Jets, the problem wasn’t the Wildcat as much as it was former offensive coordinator Tony Sparano’s complete lack of faith in Tebow as a player.  Sparano had sufficient disbelief in starter Mark Sanchez to take the ball out of his hands, but Sparano lacked an alternative option that gave him real confidence in a successful outcome.

The Jets currently have a high degree of confidence in Vick.  By using both Vick and Geno Smith, the Jets may eventually decide that they have so much confidence in Vick that he’ll become the kind of starting quarterback who, unlike McNabb five years ago, would never be forced to tolerate the Wildcat.

147 responses to “McNabb believes Jets should avoid “garbage” Wildcat

  1. Shhhh don’tell anyone but there’s the secret to wildcat.

    It’s a run 99.99% of the time.

    Don’t tell anyone guys.

  2. Someone’s an angry, bitter has-been.

    I bet if he was offered the starting QB job or if the Jets hired him as a QB coach, or in any capacity for that matter, he would be praising the Jets for using the Wildcat.

  3. this is getting out of hand

    McNabb is pure garbage.. for a lazy, unprofessional, dumb, bitter, excuse making, puking, shoelace throwing, jerk like him to talk in public is flat insulting and not something that should occur

  4. McNabb is 100% right. Using Vick in a Wildcat package does both him and Geno a disservice.
    He’s doubly right about how they would never ask Brady or Manning to do that, and say what you will McNabb was a helluva capable FRANCHISE QB in Philly for many many years and has all of the METRICS to back up the franchise QB title.

  5. Man, the last 4 or 5 years of McNabb’s life have really been a fall from grace. When he says vague trolling stuff like like this I end up rolling my eyes vs. remembering that he was really a great QB for the Eagles for a full decade.

    For context – I’m a huge Skins fan and embraced McNabb when we traded for him, just hoping that maybe he had that spark that could catapult him into some sort of Favre Career 2.0 thing. I figured at the very least, he was a good guy who had diminishing skills, but would be a nice leader in the twilight of his career.

    It just all went downhill from there.

  6. That wildcat would have come in handy when you puked in the Super Bowl and showed no sense of urgency. Can’t believe he’s going to do color for Fox sundays.

  7. The only place McNabbs comments belong is down here with the rest of us peanut-gallery guys.

  8. McNabb; hmm. I’ll have to second guess this whole thing now. It appears that there is great reason to believe Rex may have the right idea after all.

  9. The funny part is, he’s kinda right.. the wildcat has pretty much fizzled out in the last 3 years and you really don’t see anyone use it anymore.. but since he’s McNabb this is going to come off as him still upset over it years ago

  10. mcanabb leaves out one important fact:

    The Geno Smith Product was a creation of Tavon Austin/Stedman Bailey’s ability against lesser opponents

    No offense to Geno Smith… but… Geno Smith = Akili Quinn.

  11. The Jets rarely ran any wildcat with Tim Tebow. No creative option plays. If you run an offense like Denver did with Tebow, I think he can have success.

  12. I dont often agree with McNabb, but this time I see his point. As an Eagles fan the QB switching seemed to really disrupt the rhythm he was trying to achieve, and then Vick came in, and it never really affected the outcome of the game in a positive way. Maybe G. Smith can adapt better with it, but it seemed more gimicky than anything else in Philly..

  13. I’m not a fan of McNabb but the Wildcat pretty much is garbage. It had its time — briefly — but as with all gimmicks it has been solved and the advantage is back to offenses with real QBs who can actually throw the ball.

  14. The two QB system has never worked in the NFL. The whole idea that it dilutes the amount of time defenses have to prepare is a joke. Putting in Vick would be a gimmick. Either start him or let him be the backup.

  15. Who is the Jets 3rd string QB? That’s probably who will be playing by the end of the season. Unless Geno can ignore any of Vick’s advice and stay in the pocket more.

  16. “Established Quarterback like me”? Maybe in the early 2000’s but the last few years of your career Donovan you were near the bottom in qbr rating and your WRs might of well been short stops with all the ground balls you threw them.

  17. Wow, I can’t believe I actually completely agree with McNabb. I remember it with the Eagles and I thought it threw the offense out of rhythm far more often than it actually resulted in anything productive.

  18. The only time I was ever impressed with McNabb was when he broke his femur and played lights out. On that day, he put on one of the greatest performances in the history of the game. But it was only on that day.

  19. The Jets should be ashamed of themselves for their child-like obsession with the freaking Wildcat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I know no one likes McNabb, but he has a point. Please don’t use the “prostitute in the courtroom” argument to discredit what he’s saying. Sometimes the prostitute is actually telling the truth.

    Your like or dislike of McNabb does not refute the fact that the wildcat is garbage. It is.

  21. Dear Donovan, While you are much better than Vick, you are no where there the ilk of a Manning or Brady. That’s why they don’t ask them to run the gimmick.

  22. I think the entire point of having Vick as the QB in the wildcat, is that you don’t have to put the other QB on the outside, he would come out of the game, since 99% of the time in the wildcat, you can completely ignore the QB so it’s 11 on 10

    But I do agree that the wildcat is garbage

  23. Look, McScabb, the night before the Super Bowl, you got loaded, and you were hungover and throwing up during the game. You know it. That’s why T.O was so disgusted by you. Sissy.

    You have no credibility. No one thinks your opinion matters. You’re a joke if you think you have any shot at the Hall of Fame.

    You had athleticism and an opportunity, and you wasted it. You’re a LOSER.

  24. Donovan McNabb vs Aaron Brooks of the New Orleans Saints. Thats an equal battle in terms of talent. Donovan McNabb vs Michael Vick thats an equal battle in terms of career accomplishments. In talent, dat boy Vick takes it over McNabb, no question

  25. Let’s see .. since Vick became the starting QB of the Eagles :

    1. The Eagles went 8-8 in 2011
    2. The Eagles went 4-12 and got the coach who lobbied for Vick to get a $100 million contract before the season got fired.
    3. Vick somehow emerges from the disaster of his 2 years as a starter unscathed and remains the favorite to start 2014 because he can still run and if you can run, they don’t care if you can’t read defenses.
    4. 5 games into the season with a losing record Vick get’s injured and Phily realizes that a QB who can read defenses and make the right throws quickly are actually more important than having a QB who can run for a first down when he isn’t injured.

    5. Vick finishes the season with a 2-4 record, 5 TDs, and 5 Turnovers. Meanwhile the QB who couldn’t get on the field before Vick got injured because he wasn’t considered athletic enough plays at an all-star level. Eagles go 8-2 under Foles.

    6. Jet’s determine that the last 3 years weren’t Vick’s fault and sign him to a lucrative contract. Media, as always, makes Vick into being an all-star QB despite evidence to the contrary because people tune in to hear how great Vick is.

    Vick hasn’t done a damn thing in years except create highlight plays for ESPN, which is all they really care about, and got DeSean Jackson paid. Vick admitted that he never studied a game plan or game field for the first 10 years of his career. The only reason we’re hearing that he’s a better teammate these days is because the days of teams throwing $20 mill/yr down the drain on him have come to an end.

  26. Does the Wildcat even work anymore? I thought the whole point of it back in 2008 was that it hadn’t been used in the pros and teams weren’t prepared for it. After they’d diagnosed the ways to defend it, it became no big deal. At this point, do teams even need to spend more than 15 minutes preparing for it? I just don’t see why anyone cares about it anymore…

  27. You know McNabb, ever since your departure from Philly, with the comments you make, I think more and more, that T.O. was right, and that you were the problem in Philly. In some future statement, I am sure that A. Reid will confirm this.

  28. I remember a discussion that came from this before when McNabb called it a gimmick that eventually ended up with, “If you treat it as a gimmick, it’s going to be a gimmick.”

    The Dolphins were able to use the wildcat as it was part of their offense, it wasn’t a gimmicky thing they’d bring out every now and then. The Eagles, among many other teams, failed with a wildcat as they treated it as a gimmick, in which Marty just happened to be the OC of the team. He isn’t going to commit to the wildcat so yes, in the case of the jets it’s garbage even with Vick as it will disrupt the flow. They’re treating it as a second option rather than treating it as another formation,

    It won’t work!

  29. It doesn’t work. Miami ran it with a RB, which made sense, because the formation could shift without the QB coming off, but teams still figured it out. Switching out for a completely different QB is a dead giveaway. Either go with a running QB or don’t. Mix and match hasn’t worked anywhere.

  30. Keep trying all you 31 NFL teams. Try to recreate what the Dolphins ran to perfection. Alas, you don’t have Ronnie Brown, and you don’t have the element of surprise. Long live the REAL wildcat offense!

  31. Would someone get this clown away from a microphone. He was a whiner and loser at QB that couldn’t come through in his only chance because the out of shape moron couldn’t catch his breath. Why anyone would give this loser a voice Is beyond me.

  32. These Qb’s acting like they should never EVER come out of the game for ANY reason, man… or worse, that they aren’t good enough to continue to play well and do their jobs after being removed from action for A PLAY here and there… Never understood it. It’s an ALL ego, ZERO “flow of the game” problem.

  33. Sticking up for a gimmick that doesn’t work?

    Lol, that’s hilarious.

    Sticking up for Mike Vick, over Donovan McNabb, is even worse.

  34. If we must have ex-jocks talk about a sport can we at least insist that they are above-average when it comes to intelligence and grasp of the English language. If that was the criteria, the garbage McNabb would be cut.

  35. just stop the BS geno is a terrible QB just start vick and it give us best chance to make playoffs start geno or even attempt to use wildcat and everybody gets fired its that simple

  36. of course no one would ask Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to do that, but you are not Manning or Brady or even close to them. That’s why you were asked to do it because you are who Rush Limbaugh said you were. I think alot of people at ESPN owe Rush an apology….

  37. You stay unbiased McNabb…

    McNabbs ego wouldnt allow the wildcat to work. They showed his face as Vick was running onto the field one play, and he rolled his eyes, and said something to the entire huddle before heading to WR.

    He was a bad teammate. He is a terrible analyst. He lets his personal feelings get in the way of any analysis he is supposed to perform. He is completely unable to step back and view things from anyone elses viewpoint.

  38. Smith or Vick, it doesn’t matter. They had a couple of years where all the luck broke their way but now it’s back to the depths. The only positive in the Jets future is the likelihood of a top 10 pick for a third chance at drafting a franchise QB.

  39. Watching McNabb’s play the last two years in the NFL with both the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings-he knows a lot about garbage!

  40. This may be the one time that I don’t mind something Donovan McNabb said. With that being said, he should still go away.

  41. The Jets are always trying that whole garbage.
    He’s a college educated sports personality. And whole garbage like that. I actually saw some whole garbage from McDope during his playing days. Throwing at the feet of his receivers and that whole garbage.

    I hope I used the term in its proper context somewhere in there.

  42. Hey, it’s the Jets. Should we expect anything less than complete dysfunction?

    Cleveland Browns – Factory of Sadness
    Oakland Raiders – Factory of Madness
    New York Jets – Factory of Goofiness

  43. As much as it pains me to admit it, I kind of agree with McNabb here. Even with all the things I’ve seen from him over the past few years I just can’t believe that Rex is stupid enough to try this again. My hope is that it’s just a ploy to get other teams to waste time preparing for it.

  44. Eagles, the Buffalo Bills of the NFC East…4 NFC East Championship appearances under McNabb and your trophy cabinet is still empty.

    Hail to the REDSKINS!!!

  45. i’m not a wildcat fan. however, it was actually very effective back when brad smith was running it. anyway, i don’t think the jets will run it that much anymore. rex has said he likes making other teams waste time game planning for it which is why they might use the wildcat once in a while. now, the jets can just go to vick if geno stinks up the field like sanchez would.

  46. even though don’s folks were teachers, and he has the grammar and such of a person with some brains, it won’t take long for folks to understand that he isn’t very bright at all.

    and the more he includes himself in the listing of hall of fame quarterbacks (as he always does) the more ridiculous he sounds.

  47. I was also opposed to the Eagles using the Wildcat back in 2009 for a few reasons. Firstly, McNabb was largely a momentum based Quarterback. When he looked good, he looked good, when he looked bad, he looked terrible. The worst thing you can do to a Quarterback who is excelling is take him out just to run a play with a faster Quarterback.

    I actually saw a lot of flashes of brilliance with Geno last season despite the fact that I don’t think he is that good. However, it could help if he is struggling, but it is going to piss him off as it probably pissed McNabb off.

  48. McNabb is right about the wildcat being garbage. Football teams have a position called running back for a reason. Why waste a play or break flow? If Vick was such a great runner, put him as the I-back (but he ain’t that good is he?). The only reason to pull the QB is he’s hurt, equipment issue or he sucks. And sure Rex wants a counter to the sucking reality. The wildcat=taking a play off.

  49. jets just trying to ride the coattails of the Dolphins.
    The play wasn’t “garbage” when it destroyed Belicheat’s home team run by Ronnie Brown.
    But, it has overstayed its welcome now.

  50. He’s right the wildcat is garbage. But sometimes when you’re QB is garbage, the wildcat is slightly superior garbage. Much like the situation the Eagles found themselves in about 5 years ago.

  51. If anybody would know what garbage football is it would be McNabb. His last 4 years of football was pure hot garbage. Every 3 passes he threw went into the ground. He single handedly eliminated the worm population in every stadium he played! Sadly his TV career is garbage time too!!

  52. I mean, McNabb has been extremely annoying since he’s gotten his studio gigs (and let’s face it, before that, too), but he’s not wrong here at all, and I imagine people who are taking shots at him about this are doing so just because it is McNabb.

    Today, the wildcat is garbage, and it ran its course shortly after the league started copycating the Fins. It was an awesome thing to watch when it was the Dolphins, but it has since quickly gone the way of the dinosaur. Wanna run some useless plays? Run the wildcat in 2014.

  53. The Jets should alternate QBs every series until one of them gets hot, then let the ‘hot’ guy finish the game. Rinse and repeat every week.

  54. Donovan McNabb scored a 14 on his combine Wonderlic. The man is a moron. Shame on Syracuse… though I doubt he ever graduated. Funny, the guys parents were teachers yet raised a moron!

    Worse he is lazy, bitter, entitlement hound, that stole paychecks and blamed others for his shortcomings and failures.

  55. Wow, so much hate for such a successful guy. He hasn’t hurt anybody or broke the law, yet you guys act as if he is there second coming of OJ. Hopefully, one day he will be appreciated for what he’s done in the NFL, but never on this clueless board.

  56. i’m not a fan of McNabb, but i actually KINDA agree with him and it’s more on Geno Smith and Vick. here’s my issue with having Vick in the wildcat and taking Smith out….in a way, it doesnt make sense. Smith’s a mobile QB who can buy time and also run zone read, so why put in Vick for wildcat when you have Smith?? the only way Vick should play is if an injury happens or if he wins the job.

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