Michael Vick urges Ray Rice to “make amends”


Michael Vick was treated much more harshly — both by the legal system and by the NFL — for his involvement in dog fighting than Ray Rice was for assaulting his wife. But Vick and Rice are both football stars whose off-field actions have landed them in trouble, and so Vick feels that he may be able to provide some advice to Rice.

That advice, Vick said, is to show with actions, not with words, that you’re sincerely remorseful.

“I think the most important thing that you can do is to try to make amends for what you’ve done,” Vick told NJ.com. “I think you have to show people that you’re trying to help yourself and bring awareness to that situation to help others, to prevent it. You’ve got to become an advocate.”

Specifically, Vick thinks Rice should use whatever platform he has to speak out against domestic violence.

“You’ve got to continue to make amends,” Vick said. “Once you start something, you can never go back. I feel like I’ve become an advocate of animal welfare, and I think I have to continue that. It’s all about keeping kids 15 years from now from doing the same. We’ve saved a lot of kids, and we’ve saved a lot of animals. That’s how I feel. Ray will make it right.”

82 responses to “Michael Vick urges Ray Rice to “make amends”

  1. 1 terrible influence advising another terrible influence.

    Ray Rice will never be able to over come beating a woman, people still haven’t forgave Vick, what a joke.

    Both of these guys are the lowest form of scum, Rice is the lowest, period! Way to use Rice to your advantage Vick, nice try!

  2. freepretzels says:
    Some people will never forgive Vick. That’s their loss, he really did learn from it.


    And you know this how? He’s acting like a man who would like to keep his multimillion dollar job. We’ll see when he’s retired how much he’s sorry and made amends.

  3. What Vick really means is save face, not make amends. 10 will get you a hundred that Vick squanders away his undeserved salary within 5 years of retirement and is involved in any number of illegal activities.

  4. Remember when Vick caught a bunch of flak for having a dog after serving time + community service?

    How come Rice was allowed to have a wife days after the incident?

  5. Some people will never forgive Vick. That’s their loss, he really did learn from it.


    And you know this how? You can read minds?

  6. Great advice…now help Ray find the white suit and little Ray find and release the video. Vick is the only one of the three that paid the price over dogs. The other two “humans” got off easy and are Ravens…the team that supports criminals.

  7. What Vick did seemed absolutely unforgivable, and it was appalling cruelty.

    BUT, Vick did learn from it — and has really really gone the extra mile on behalf of dogs everywhere. That really earned him a lot of respect in my book, and I give him a lot of credit. Vick has gone so far beyond what he was legally required to do.

    Most who are responsible for egregious misconduct point fingers, make excuses, flat out hide behind lies as transparent as a freshly washed plate glass window, etc. Vick owned it, and how can you not at least respect that element? I sure do.

  8. Oh, people still think that Chad Johnson is lovable and adorable. And nobody talks anymore about the REAL reason he’s playing ball in Canada. Or, have they forgotten?

  9. Ray Rice brutally beat a woman and basically walked away. Vick was responsible for the deaths of dogs. Vick served years in prison. Is that justice?

  10. bucsorbust says:
    Aug 12, 2014 6:22 PM
    Mike Vick, for you did, God may forgive you. I will not. Please go play in traffic.

    Ruff Houser


    I bet you not forgiving Mike Vick(while GOD has) keeps MV7 up at night!!!!!(Sarcasm Font ON)

  11. Lol. Vick is right but it doesn’t mean the situation will just disappear. You guys should google search “Michael Vick robot chicken”. Frickin hilarious.

  12. Incognito’s offense of “bullying” a 310-lb man was minor compared to Rice or Vick’s misdeeds. He’s a pariah, they’re in training camp. Welcome to today’s bizarre NFL.

  13. I assume based on the comments that is never ok to forgive someone for committing a crime regardless of how they repent. Vick couldn’t have done anything more then he has done except not commit the crime in the first place. That can’t be the only acceptable answer.

  14. Maybe a better approach would be for Ray to model himself and learn from someone who never had to learn their own lesson. A new car that gets damaged is never the same.

  15. bucsorbust says: Aug 12, 2014 6:22 PM

    Mike Vick, for you did, God may forgive you. I will not. Please go play in traffic.

    Ruff Houser


    So the way to deal with former criminals is to hope they die?

  16. Maybe a better approach would be for Ray to model himself and learn from someone who never had to learn their own lesson. A new car that gets damaged is never the same.

  17. One guy, in one moment, crossed a horrible line and has to pay for it forever.

    Vick crossed a horrible line day after day for YEARS. He will always be a perp.

    I would judge Rice a lost cause if he were to cross the line again. Vick is a lost cause.

  18. Great advice…now help Ray find the white suit and little Ray find and release the video..
    Let’s not forget about ole Ben in the bar bathroom there skippy.

  19. pskotte says: Aug 12, 2014 6:06 PM

    The NFL punishes harsher for abusing dogs than for abusing women. Disgraceful.


    If Vick had simply punched a dog in the face he wouldn’t have spent 21 months in federal prison.

  20. Stiller43 says:
    Aug 12, 2014 6:16 PM
    Some people will never forgive Vick. That’s their loss, he really did learn from it.


    And you know this how? You can read minds?


    You know this by Mike Vick’s WORDS & ACTIONS!

    How else do you judge a Man?

    Oh I know, by your own personal “Feelings” and emotions huh?


  21. Just curious, how mad are you guys gonna be when Ray Rice storms through you team this year? Like “red in the face” mad?

  22. Ray Rice did say several times that he has a sincere focus to be an ambassador against domestic violence, so he seems to be a quick study on the type of advice that Vick is helping to resound for good measure.

    And put me down for Rousey if it happens, there’s no way I’m betting against her; she has already shown how to be a champion for her cause. Now it’s Ray’s turn.

  23. 2 years in Leavenworth will change a man. What’s been done to change Ray Rice. He DRAGGED the woman he loves out of an elevator. I’m but a civil servant n had I done that, freedom would be lost. Let’s see an even playin field. These guys play a game, they ain’t curin cancer!

  24. When Vick acted with humility last year when Foles kept the starting job, I felt like he earned something. Hopefully, he can continue to be a mature voice when his playing days are over.

  25. Let’s not forget about ole Ben in the bar bathroom there skippy

    I see you one bathroom and raise you two adderalls. Iam sure you understand the association…skippy.

  26. briang123 says:
    Aug 12, 2014 7:13 PM
    When Vick acted with humility last year when Foles kept the starting job, I felt like he earned something. Hopefully, he can continue to be a mature voice when his playing days are over.


    Or when the Riley Cooper RACIST RANT went viral and MV7 was the Voice OF Reason that provided veteran leadership in that locker room and didn’t allow the “CANCER” to spread!

    But lets focus on the dogs, not HUMANS!


  27. Hey nofool, did you support James Harrison after he nearly took his gf’s head off her shoulders while he was a steeler? The steelers stood by silverback and I would be willing to bet you cheered for him every time he stepped on the field. Take a look in that steeler closet, it won’t take long to find the skeletons you choose to ignore.

  28. Hope Ray Lewis makes amends? Give me a list of genuinely good things you have done for others in your life time and ill respond back with some of the things Ray Lewis has done for our city. Seriously though? look in the mirror for a few minutes.

  29. Kill, hurt a dog= 2 years, Kill,hurt a Human= 2 days off of work! Go figure? Vick paid his debt to society! Move on, take a look at all the children being killed! Vick is a good man!! Good for him!

  30. Also to the guy saying ray rice brutally beat a women. Did you see him brutally beat her? Did she have any broken bones or black eyes? The anwser is NO and that’s why they went home together and no pictures were taken after the incident. There was nothing to see. So to say he brutally beat a women just is irresponsible because let’s be honest that’s not what happened. You want to see what a brutal beating looks like? Go check out Christy Mack’s face after her on and off again MMA boyfriend “War Machine” got done with her. That’s “Brutal” not what happened with Ray and Janay.

  31. Lets see…a louse of a human being systematically torturing and murdering dogs over a number of years for profit & pleasure v. An otherwise upstanding member of the community who got drunk and lost his mind & committed an unforgivable act in a matter of 30 seconds…

    Yeah, those of you who equate these two, or even compare the league imposed punishment as if these were similar situations are out of your freaking minds. Get a clue people…tough to do with the PFT morons leading the charge!

  32. whatjusthapped: not true, they are not all dead! Besides, just incase you are unaware? They were dogs not humans! Not sure you new that? Also before you post something get your facts correct!! #GoVick

  33. As an avid dog lover I hated everything about Vick and thought he should’ve been thrown in jail for a long time. However, I’ve never seen anyone, athlete or not, more genuinely contrite than him. We constantly want to concentrate on everything negative regarding athletes but Vick deserves a lot of credit for understanding what he did and making it as right as he possibly could. The fact that he’s still an active advocate is awesome. Props Mike.

  34. you need to stop comparing what they both did as if what vick did was nothing he should have been prosecuted for. he was and to his credit did his time and has turned his life around. it is not his fault the system does not take beating a woman more seriously, and only ravens fans are OK with what was decided as his punishment. the guy is lower than pond scum and should be sitting in jail but thanks to the system and his woman he is not. I have a feeling his fat NFL paycheck played a big role in her remaining with him and not wanting him to do time or miss more games. if he gets hurt and can’t play anymore you will see him in court again fighting her alimony request when she divorces him.

  35. The story misquotes Vick. He didn’t say he was an advocate of “animal welfare”, he said he was an advocate of animal WARfare. Big difference!

  36. I get how people love dogs but seriously u cant forgive him for what hes done I think beating your wife is much worse than dog fighting I get their both bad but people come on its another human being the amount of punishment vick got was far to much while rice barely got anything that says something how the human race is we should care about our race first and than the others cuz if we dont care about us first how can we take of another one????

  37. We’re all just products of our upbringing, of society as we know it. Michael Vick was just doing what he had been taught to do. Ray Rice? Open question. Obviously it seemed like the right thing at the right time. Football culture isn’t here to make them saints. Hateful posters? Just another product of an ugly truth.

  38. Maybe if Vick had beaten a woman in addition, his ban could have been shortened to two games. But all jokes aside, Vick has matured. It’s time for Rice to do the same.

  39. It wasn’t the dog fighting. It was that he was running an interstate gambling ring and the “sport” happened to be dog fighting. Pro athletes and sports gambling do not mix. Ask Pete Rose. Vick is lucky he was ever allowed to play again and he was lucky the prosecutor was a stooge who didn’t push too hard.

  40. As a woman, I do not believe a man can EVER make amends for hitting a woman. (I’m not including hitting a woman in self-defense–that is always legit). As much as I despise Vick, I cannot put what he did into the same category as what Rice did—-the fact that the woman still married him blows my mind, but that was her decision. I never cared for the Ravens (Ray Lewis is why.) Now that I thankfully never have to watch his ridiculous chicken dance again, I can use Rice as a reason to hate the Ravens.

  41. I’ll never understand the mindset that overseeing the brutalization and killing of dogs for one’s enjoyment and financial profit is somehow not as bad as hitting a woman because the victim was “just a dog.” With that said, I’m over Vick. He did his time and I sincerely hope from now on that he continues to use his celebrity for good.

  42. I get it, Michael Vick is a changed man and has lived an exemplary life since then. However, just so we are all aware, most of us go through these right vs wrong life changing processes when we’re kids, not when we’re 30.
    And who’s to say Vick would have stopped abusing dogs had he not be caught?

  43. I understand people deserve a second chance; I have certainly made mistakes. That said, I just don’t get how someone can brutally kill dogs and then one day just be like “Oh, thats not cool? Sorry!” I want to believe people can change…But I am sorry I am still not buying it. I think he is sorry he got caught and not much else.

  44. My observation is Vick is saying the right things for someone with his transgressions. I will except his actions for now, of his repentance. while this is a tame group of commentators on this story, I am concerned about the negative comments out there (internet) about Vick. I question those commenter s character and moral convictions. I do not like to judge anyone, but some of you going by your comments, are dangerous and scary people. I would feel safer in Vick’s company then with many of them. I would trust my dog with Vick, then with many of them. I question if these people truly have compassion for those poor dogs, or if they are just ….. . Everyone can fill in the blank for themselves. examine your response, Its a reflection of yourself.

  45. A guy gets the book thrown at him for a herb, another gets crucified for dog fighting, and another gets a slap on the wrist for KO’ing his wife. Then, an owner gets a pass for DWI.
    The wife beater should be in jail, the DWIer the same. The dog fighter should have given up half his salary to SPCA, banished for a year (which he was) and be banned for life from owning a pet. The herb master should be playing. Messed up NFL priorities…

  46. Advice from a filthy animal killer? Thats one of like 3 prerequisites for a serial killer. But that’s cute though; a guy with the educational equivalency of a 3rd grader passing sage wisdom onto another fellow genius and fountain of maturity in Rice…

  47. I will take Vicks word I believe he is sincere and feels bad about the dog abuse..just thinking of those dogs makes me feel sad and angry at Vick cause i do love all dogs I have 2 of my own…but i belive Vick but 1 he did his time and he hasnt forgotten what he did wrong and I enjoy watching him on the field once again with no ill feelings towards him..but Ray Lewis ?? thats another story that never got no complete answers…all his pre game speeches and antics showed disrespect to the ones who lost there loved one that night..and yet he was all pro sure thing hall of famer to great football player yes but man a phony who i wouldnt trust for anything…

  48. Because someone did worse than Vick, we should forgive him? I don’t know about you, but I can be against both cruelty to humans and cruelty to animals, even at the same time.

    If your neighbor did what Vick did, would you be so quick to forgive and forget? Be honest, at least with yourself.

  49. Some things are a mistake in judgement, some are a flaw in character. Flaws in character rarely change; hiding the flaws is what changes.

    I am hoping that Ray made a one-time terrible, horrid mistake in judgement, and that we are not seeing a flaw in his character. At this point, a one-time incident, it could be either. Doesn’t make it less reprehensible, just different.

    Vick committed his acts repeatedly, and not in a lapse of judgement due to a highly emotional event. His is absolutely a flaw in character. No Good Person would ever commit these acts, EVER.

  50. I’m still waiting to find out what Ray Lewis did that was so horrible. He lied to cops to protect his friends. Then prosecutors charged him with murder, so he said ‘to hell with that’ and ratted his friends out. Even with his testimony, his friends were acquitted by a ruling of self-defense. There was never any statement or evidence directly linking him to the stabbing other than as a witness. Nor has he been involved with any criminal issues since then.

    Guess it’s more sensational to think of him as a murderous gang member running through the streets stabbing people left and right than to give him credit as one of the great players and leaders we’ve ever seen in any sport.

  51. @packerbaernj

    Some people will never forgive Vick. That’s their loss, he really did learn from it.


    I said it because I’ve met him a few times, I run into a lot of NFL guys, so I’m rarely speculating.

  52. Me too, I’ve run into a bunch of NFL guys, and they all tell me that they don’t know freepretzels

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