NFL makes Scandrick’s suspension official

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones committed a minor breach of protocol (and possibly a major breach of the confidentiality provision contained in the PED policy) by reporting cornerback Orlando Scandrick’s suspension before the league did.

Twelve hours or so later, the league has confirmed the report of Jerry Jones, part-time doctor and part-time journalist.  Scandrick has been suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2014 regular season for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances.

He remains eligible to participate in training camp and all preseason games and practices.  After the final preseason game, he’ll be suspended until Monday, September 29, the day after a Week Four date with the Saints.

20 responses to “NFL makes Scandrick’s suspension official

  1. I cant figure out how the HGH testing comes into play. Is he saying he wouldnt have been dropping Molly in Mexico if the league tested for HGH???

  2. They would recategorize molly as a substance, not a PED. The protocols would have put him in Stage 1 instead of an instant 4-game suspension.

    It’s called negotiations.

  3. After the lower than low (and therefore irrelevant) testing the NFL uses on marijuana indications in urine, I now question all positive test claims made by the league. Sure, this guy admits to it being in his system, but I’d still love to know the levels.

    If I were a player, and the testing parameters are anywhere near what was disclosed for the parameters used for marijuana, I’d simply say the testing is wrong and go to court over it.

    Seriously, if the NFL didn’t realize they have a major issue on their hands, Gordon would have been suspended indefinitely 2 weeks ago already. This Gordon case could, and should, open up a huge can of worms for the league, which is exactly why they’re treading so lightly.

    Give him few enough games where he doesn’t feel the need to take the NFL to court, yet enough games that the league can still claim they were right. I’m guessing that’s the major discussion. That being said, until I see the levels tested for every drug spoken about, I’ll never trust the positive tests again.

  4. Dropping Molly has nothing to do with HGH. The guy was partying and got caught. Do the time, keep your mouth shut and use your head next time. Does EVERY positive test have to be disputed and appealed?

  5. Low quality MDMA often has amphetamine in its makeup. That would explain the PED violation. If you wanna buy drugs, don’t get them from Mexico.

  6. I’d like to see the list that the NFL has for items you cannot take (hell, maybe I’d rather see the shorter list of items you can take!!).

    It seems like if a player takes anything but bread and water they are subject to suspension!!

  7. If he punches his gf in the face and knocks her out cold–is he eligible for a 2 game reduction??? Goodell???

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