O’Brien says Texans don’t have time to fight


Some NFL coaches prefer that the media not talk about training-camp fights.  Which makes some in the media (e.g., me) want to talk about training-camp fights even more.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans had their first training-camp scuffle under coach Bill O’Brien.  And Bill O’Brien didn’t like it.

We don’t have time for fighting,” O’Brien said.  “We have time for competing.”

The competing isn’t going so well, based on the preseason opener.  Maybe they should try fighting instead.

Actually, fighting remains a bad idea, no matter how bad the team.  Players can get injured smacking hands against helmets, and an inability to restrain oneself during practice can lead to a similar outburst during games.

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  1. Teams that fight in camp usually have coaches that can’t control their players … average coaches who probably should be coordinators instead of head coaches ….

  2. Try fighting? How about we try firing Rick Smith, he of the thin skinned variety? What’s that you say? The Texans are the 2013 Chiefs, loaded with talent across the board, and merely a QB and head coach holding them back? So much for that.

  3. They apparently don’t have time to score as well.. It’s pretty sad when your going in to your season with Fitzpatrick as your starter. When the Bills are more comfortable cutting Him then drafting EJ Manuel last year you might get a clue…#PoorTexansFans it’s gonna be a long painful year.

  4. Every camp has a few fights. When you hit the same people every day, eventually someone is gonna hit a little too hard, or hold their block a little too long.

  5. That’s funny because every NFL coach you’re insulting would snap your neck in half, if they were ever able to do so.

  6. What a terrible move McNair made in hiring this clown, really think about it, you have a number one draft choice, your defense was acceptable last year and you make a conscious decision to pass on a NFL franchise quarterback. On top of that you fire one of the best defensive minds in the game today.

    Two Texas NFL flops Dallas & Houston, thank goodness for the “Spurs”

  7. Will any Texans fan remind why this guy is supposed to be an NFL coach? I don’t get it. Looks like another high draft pick next year. Mariota will be just what the Texans need.

  8. @jacoburris

    Given OBrien a chance, what is more telling is that he did not find an acceptable QB talent in the first 33 picks. OBrien is a good QB coach, so I would say that he knows QB talent. He is not a magician like Andy Reid, but he is good. It is his opinion that none of this years QBs are surefire to stick. I tend to agree. He is probably planning on tanking this year to get [to be named later, top tier QB] in the next draft. It is ethically questionable, but it should work. Fitz will get you 3 wins which should be enough for a top 3 pick

  9. What’s the big deal about what O’brien said? He’s right, they need to compete and he understands that their will be skirmishes here and there but doesn’t want the “full-blown” variety. He is trying to instill discipline – do you think Bill B. of the Pats would put up with it? I don’t think so. Any successful coach will tell you that. As far as the Texans drafting Clowney, it was the right move – yeah, they could’ve drafted a qb but they feel confident in Fitzy. The Texans still have 2 very good running backs and Andre Johnson is still a top 5 wr(when healthy). I think things are looking up for the Texans. Fitz isn’t the long-term answer for this team, but he can be the caretaker for the year and still have a very good chance of making the playoffs. Why so much negativity regarding this team? Gary Kubiak was a nice guy and guess what? Nice guys finish last. I’m not even a Texan fan but they have a good nucleus of talent and don’t see O’brien short, the guy can coach.

  10. No team should have ever passed on Clowney at #1 overall. If the Texans suck again they will be picking top 5 overall in 2015 and can pick a QB then.

  11. O’Brien needs to shut his big mouth. This guy is a blowhard. I think he loves to hear himself talk. What’s Belichicks line when you win say little, when you get blown out say even less.

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