Odell Beckham makes big boast about Giants offense


Maybe there’s hope for the NFL’s lack of diva receivers.

At a time when cornerbacks have become almost insufferable with their bragging and boasting and delusional claims of superiority and receivers have become downright boring, Giants rookie Odell Beckham Jr. has returned a little verbal swagger to the position he plays.

Beckham, who continues to work his way back from a hamstring injury, made an over-the-top claim regarding his new team’s new offense.

“It has potential to be, if not the best, one of the best in the league if you have a receiving corps like we do and a great quarterback along with the backfield and the tight ends and much improvement from the offensive line,” Beckham said, via Jordan Raanan of NJ.com.  “I don’t see anything but being one of the best in the league this year.”

There’s nothing wrong with a little confidence.  But Beckham has displayed a lot of confidence, and it’s probably unrealistic confidence.

But it’s far more interesting than all those receivers who say nothing even remotely interesting.  Maybe some others will follow Beckham’s lead.

31 responses to “Odell Beckham makes big boast about Giants offense

  1. Says a Rookie who hasnt even taking a snap in the NFl, not even pre-season.. and has a bum hammy too, smdh. Enough already with the false bravado.. unless you do it, dont speak it.

  2. With ODB’s vast experience as part of several different NFL offenses and his first full day of training camp participation under his belt how could anyone second guess him?

  3. I cant pick a single position on offense where the Giants have a better player than either Philadelphia or Washington.

    Dallas is a different story.

  4. Why not, when Nicks was playing well this was a top offence. If he fills that roll, all bets are off and this could take off.

  5. The NJ giants are running a obsolete system that the eagles ran in 2010 with andy reid…. but they think they will be the best??? LOL Hows that O-line holding up?

  6. “We’ll be the offense in the league if we have improved play from out O-Line, Wideouts, TEs, Quarterback play and our running back corps….amd special teams.”

    Sure…..I can believe that

  7. The Twitter generation — where big talk gets you noticed.

    In a former generation, big play/big actions were the foundation of acclaim.

  8. Are the Eagles fans here bragging yet? That’s pretty much all they do. Dream Teamers forever.

  9. Actually I would rather have a guy like megatron or AJ green who isnt running his mouth but is actually getting it done on the field. Any way you slice it the talk is pretty boring, the excitement is actually on the field. Unless you are media.

  10. How can you say that with out seeing first hand other elite offenses and without having any success against other teams number 1’s.

    First things first you have to sustain some success against real nfl starters not guys getting reps to fill out the back of the roster . This kid has got some kind of ego for saying anything like this unless of course he is being baited or taken out of context .

  11. Nothing wrong with some confidence EXCEPT when it comes from a rookie who has hardly practiced and hasn’t played a snap in an actual game yet. Someone probably needs to light him up with a “Welcome to the NFL, rookie” hit.

  12. someone said they cant find a single position on offense where the giants have a better player than the Eagles or Redksins.. Do me favor, name the Eagles and Redskins QB who has 2 super bowl wins and 2 super bowl MVP’s.. we’ll start there.. Which receiver on the Eagles is better than Cruz? typical preseason talk from a town thats all about preseason talk..

  13. I could live quite happily with ‘boring’ receivers and ‘boring’ cornerbacks. I’d like to see quality play, not egomaniacs running their mouths. I know this won’t be popular here:

    Down with divas!!!!!!

  14. Well, I guess we can’t ALL have amazingly talented rookies who show up to training camp acting extremely mature and humble despite showing basically everyone up every day…

    You know, like Brandin Cooks. Who else would I be talking about?

    WHO DAT?!

  15. Eli is better than Nick Foles…

    One year of making the playoffs, only to lose in the first round – doesnt make you better than a two time superbowl winning MVP.

    Get your facts straight Eagles fans.

  16. Funny thing is how Eagles fans are “feelin” themselves after last season! Beating the Cowboys with Kyle Orton at QB to win the division sure has me shakin’ in my boots!!!(Sarcasm Font ON)

    I’m wayyyyyy more concerned with the ‘Skins then I am with the Iggles!!! The ‘Skins have a waayyyy more talented Offense and improved D!

    What Philly fans fail to realize is that last season despite all of the turnovers and crappy field postion we still had the 8th ranked Defense. ‘Skins had the 18th ranked D. Iggles??? 29th!!!! Bwahahaha Can’t stop a nose bleed!

    Even with the 8th best Defense in the league we still made considerable upgrades!!!!(DRC,Bowman, Thurmond III, McClain) What did the Iggles do?(CRICKETS)

    Cowboys – 5 SuperBowl Rings
    BIG BLUE- 4 SuperBowl Rings
    ‘Skins – 3 SuperBowl Rings

    EAGLES- Unlimited Supply of RING POPS

  17. Drc…same guy eagles and broncos let go of? What an upgrade!!..Thurmond ..slot corner on best defense league has seen in years thanks to there cbs and safeties…automatic upgrade for sure

    Mcadoo comes in, problem is he left Rodgers in Green Bay..to run a wco you need a very quick and accurate arm… No check marks for eli there.

    So you want to bring in the Yankees winning excuse, 27 thousand rings, half of them when there were three teams to compete. Yes eli has 2 rings, so does elway, maybe he should be asked to come back, he had rings. The past won’t help you today, and eli is and never was accurate as foles. He also doesn’t have shady or sproles in the backfield. You have last years raider back up rb (lol, lol)

    How did Brandon myers work out?

    The giants, very much to my satisfaction, are delaying there rebuild, which is fine. Trying to polish the old trash they have works in Phillys favor.

    And good old odb, has yet to practice much, key alone a preseason game, and he thinks the offense will be good. Well I’ll match that pipe dream, the browns offense will be potent, and the cowboys defense will hold teams to 200 yards of offense, and allow an average of 9 points per game. Just as realistic.

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