Report: Patriots trade CB Justin Green for Cowboys DT Ben Bass

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The Cowboys have reportedly added some depth in the defensive backfield.

According to Nick Eatman of, the Patriots dealt cornerback Justin Green to the Cowboys for defensive tackle Ben Bass on Tuesday.

A first-year pro from Illinois, the 23-year-old Green appeared in two regular season games in 2013 for New England. Green (5-11, 195) is listed as the Patriots’ third-string left cornerback on the club’s latest depth chart.

Bass (6-5, 294) was a reserve defensive tackle for Dallas. The 24-year-old Texas A&M product has appeared in two NFL regular season games, both in 2012.

The Cowboys will be without key cornerback Orlando Scandrick for the first four games of the regular season due to an NFL suspension. Green adds to their options at the position, and he also could be called upon to help on special teams.

29 responses to “Report: Patriots trade CB Justin Green for Cowboys DT Ben Bass

  1. The Pats are also without Browner for a few weeks. But this probably means that Malcolm Butler has played his way on to the team.

  2. Chafie Fields via Christopher Price just reported that they traded for Jerel Worthy from the Packers also.

  3. That’s great we trade Green instead of cutting him.
    That way the Jets don’t go through our trash.

  4. Q) When is the last time a player left New England and succeeded elsewhere?
    A) Some time before Belichick entered Foxboro.

    BB has success with other team’s rejects but no ex-Patriot ever succeeds elsewhere. Never.
    Justin Green should thank Bill for the privilege of receiving the best coaching and his honest assessment. Not all players are good enough to make it as a Patriot.

  5. bingobrown12 says: That’s great we trade Green instead of cutting him. That way the Jets don’t go through our trash


    That wouldn’t surprise me at all. Belichick has a good crop of young DBs but knows with the needs of the Jets or other rivals at CB they’d get snatched up when put on waivers.

    Better to direct where they go and gain some value than just cut them

  6. .
    The big winner in this deal is Green. He leaves a crowded New England secondary for Dallas who can use all the help they can get. He’ll have a great opportunity to succeed.

  7. uglydingo:

    Remember Adam Vinatieri? He’s had amazing success since he left the Patriots. He’s even been to two Super Bowls and won one of them. How many have the Patriots won since he left? …Oh.

    And former Patriot Darius Butler is excelling as the Colts nickel CB, so there’s another example. Plus Wes Welker had a great year last year with Peyton in Denver. You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about.

  8. Solid move by new england to shore up their iffy dline. Can’t count on a 350+ Wilfork to come back from an Achilles and Kelly has been declining for a couple seasons now. They need Easley to have a big year but who knows with his suspect injury history.

  9. Bass must have not been having a good camp cause that Dallas Dline is as thin as paper…

    And that says a lot about Clairborne and Carr

  10. As a Pats fan I can say we let go of players and they succeed elsewhere. Maybe not have the same type of impact but they don’t turn to garbage. The same can’t really be said about players New England cuts. They have traded and not re-signed players who have done well elsewhere (Cassel, Vrabel, Welker) other than Butler, most of BB cuts are spot on.

  11. By the way, Zach Sudfeld is having a great camp in NY. he’s better than any other NE TE after Gronk. Bet BB wishes he had the “trash” back.

  12. Anyone mentioning Darius Butler just negates any point that is trying to be made. *

    * except when mentioning Vinatieri. He is the MAN though – love that guy)

    There was a defnsive guy the Pats let go a number of years ago that the Bucs picked up…who had a nice little career there. Can’t remember the name.

    The Bucs recently signed Dane Fletcher who should be a solid depth addition.

  13. Green is a good athlete but trading for him makes no sense. The Pats just unloaded their most expendable guy at one of their deepest positions for a player they might actually use.

  14. BB must be doing something right, highest winning percentage in over a decade, actually they probably have more wins in 10 years than some teams have since they started. Knock them all you want, but I would rather pull for a team that is successful year in and year out than the teams that have never came in smelling distance of the SB, or the one that wins the SB one year then they suck for the next 10 with barely 500 records

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