Rex Ryan: My defense is outstanding without a great cornerback


The Jets are in bad shape at cornerback, but coach Rex Ryan says that’s OK.

With projected starters Dee Milliner and Dimitri Patterson dealing with injuries and third-round rookie Dexter McDougle out for the season with a torn ACL, it would seem to be trouble for Ryan’s defense. But Ryan says his defense can work just fine without a great cornerback.

“I never said I had to have the best corner in football,” Ryan said, via “That’s not it. My defenses work, period. I don’t care what it is. We take what we have, and then we work around it. So we work to the strength of our players, and it’s always players over system. We’ve been around enough that it’ll work out. That’s why, to me, it’s not a panic situation, it’s an opportunity.”

Even if Ryan can’t say right now what his cornerback depth chart will look like when the regular season starts, he can say that he’ll field a good defense.

“This is going to work,” Ryan said. “We just don’t necessarily know how yet. But this defense—one thing we know for a fact, that this defense will be an outstanding defense.”

Ryan’s job depends on being right about that.

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  1. The improved D-line will help compensate for questionable corner play. That said, Rex would sleep better if he had a for sure corner he could rely on.

  2. You know, sometimes I wonder if Rex starts his day with the “Daily Affirmation” by Stuart Smalley, the old SNL character:

    “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me!”

  3. I simply like Rex– It’s always amusing with this guy in the media with is blunt speaking approach, he’s a one of a kind. I don’t know how many jets fans question his defense, but his career could use some good play at the QB position..

  4. If you have to explain how great your defense is, even without x, y, and z… you probably don’t have a great defense.

  5. Rex Ryan. One of the great defensive coordinators in the game.

    Hopefully the Jets realise that. Then Chicago can fire lousy Mel Tucker and Rex can come be a great defensive coordinator where he should be!

  6. Shut up. Your secondary sucks and you will say anything to get fans in the seats. Rex sold Tebow left,right,and up and down. Only person that was happy was the planes owner because planes fans believed every lie Rex said and paid to go see Tebow fail. Here’s to hoping the planes stay grounded in last place.

  7. As a Patriots fan, I can tell you with utter certainty that not having talented corners kills a defense.

    I don’t care how good you can scheme things up front, someone has to be back there to cover.

    With the plethora of talented options currently on our roster I hope we’re able to keep or stash them all so none end up in New Jersey!

  8. Which is exactly like saying “The Yets are outstanding without a great coach.” Wishing don’t make it so. But thanks for the morning laugh.

  9. With the Jets upgrading the D-line, LB’s and safetys, the corners don’t need to be relied on as much as in the past of Rex’s tenure with the team. I’m sure Rex would have loved to still have a top CB like Cro back there, but realizes that as long as you get to the QB, and not give him time to throw the ball, it doesn’t matter who’s back there.

  10. Come on, haters. I know it’s easy to pile on Rex because he doesn’t just say the same old nothing like every other coach, and I know that you’re lazy and probably not very smart. But if the guy knows one thing it’s defense and anyone would be foolish to underestimate him.

  11. Bears fan here, just wanna check on the Jets D the last few yrs.

    2013 11th in yards allowed per game.
    2013 19th in pts allowed per game.

    2012 8th in yards allowed per game.
    2012 20th in pts allowed per game.

    2011 5th in yards allowed per game.
    2011 20th in pts allowed per game.

    2010 3rd in yards allowed per game.
    2010 6th in pts allowed per game.

    Hey Rex, facts say your defense was great back in 2010.

    And what’s with giving up so many pts while giving up so few yards?

    Ah, butt fumbles in your opponents territory leave them with short fields… got it.

  12. In addition to his other issues, it now looks like Rex has added delusional to his repertoire.

  13. We’ll see come the start of the Season…GB, Chicago, Detroit, SD, Denver….you’re going to need someone back there as you’ve got a few good QB’s on the schedule.

  14. This guy never disappoints when talking to the media. I used to think he was a moron, but his smack about Belichick, him turning his back on the media stunt was hilarious, to him switching places with one of the reporters is classic, o and how could I forget when he wore the wig imitating his brother Rob when the Jets played the Browns.

    Him and Spurrier have the best sound bites and acts ever. Keep up the good work Rexy.

  15. Not a huge Rex fan, Pats fan here. But I like his banter with the media, playful attitude, etc… I don’t like the blowhard super confident approach ALL the time, but it’s a nice change of pace from most coaches.

    One thing you cannot argue is that the guy can coach up a Def. In some weird world, I wished for Rex’s firing and that the Pats would sign him as a Def coordinator.

  16. When the Jets front seven was comparitively weaker than their defensive backfield, the backfield carried them. Now the roles are reversed. They have the coaches, the talent, and the role players on defense to finish top 10 in yards allowed again.

    Points Allowed will always be a problem until they can limit our turnovers – and force a few of their own, 15 is an embarrassing number for the 8th ranked defense in the NFL – and maybe have a few less return touchdowns against us. 6 defensive touchdowns scored against the Jets is INSANE for a single season. The defense actually allowed only 21 points per game when they were on the field. That’s with a turnover differential of -13, 2nd to last in the NFL. More short fields than I can count. An efficient offense would help the Jets defense more than any corner(s) they can pull off the scrap heap or convert from safety at this point.

  17. I’m a patriots fan & have always said that a Rex Ryan defense will give any offensive coordinator problems… but come on now Rex with no secondary & the QB’S your gonna see no matter how good your front seven is your in BIG TROUBLE. …

  18. I love his moxie. That confidence can and often does seep into his players. If he doesn’t sweat, they won’t, at least that’s what he believes. The GM has given him subpar teams that under a Pat Shurmur would be 3-13, but somehow under Rex they are 8-8. He’s the President in Independence Day. He is on the front line taking shots for his players and they all know it.

    I love the guy.

  19. Rex Ryan was an outstanding defensive coordinator with the Ravens and knows what he is talking about regarding the defensive unit on this Jets team.

    Rex knows defense.

  20. I like Rex Ryan jokes as much as anyone, but his defenses do work. He’s an excellent defensive coach any way you want to cut it.

    His offenses are usually a very expensive joke, and this year should prove to be no different.

  21. No worries, Roc Carmichael should be cut soon and is equally as good as Dimitri Patterson. I know that still means 3rd or 4th string talent, but that seems to be the plan for some reason.

  22. The Jets were 4th in red zone defense last year with a gimpy Cro and a overwhelmed rookie @ CB. If they stay in top 10 they should be fine. Its the same defense starters as last year sans Cro and he was pretty bad anyway, even tho the media are acting like its the end of the season already cuz they lost a 3rd round rookie. They turn everything into a life or death situation like a bunch of teenage drama queens.

  23. Rex Ryan: “My Defense Doesn’t Require a Great CB”

    which is why the Jets will NEVER win the AFC East until Rexy is gone! (only the Patriots can make that claim!…and now they have a great CB–Revis!)

  24. How dare any of you knowledgable NFL and Jets fans come on here and spout off the truth to all the trolls. Rex is a D mastermind and will mask any deficiencies. Funniest thing I saw today, the other 3 teams in the AFC East are ranked in the top 10 for Defense by PFF. Based on schedule, you can count out all 3 of them, but if the Jets are in the top 10 at the end of the year it’s all because of REX

  25. Revis gets hurt.
    Revis will destroy locker room.
    Revis = Mevis
    Revis is an old 29 and his best years clearly behind him.

    But hey, if you really want to sign Jets leftovers…

  26. Rex is a clown. You have to start winning first before you can brag. The team is going to do worse then last year. I cant see this guy as a coach. The Jets lost out on Lovie Smith. That was the Coach that could have changed this organization around. With Rex all they ever will be is a punching bag.

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