Scandrick’s agent blames suspension on lack of HGH testing

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The NFL’s PED program, aimed at catching cheaters, continues to catch anyone but cheaters, if we believe the statements coming from the players who have been suspended.

Joint statements issued early Tuesday by cornerback Orlando Scandrick and his agent, Ron Slavin, paint the picture of a player who accidentally ingested during a Mexican vacation a banned substance that would not have resulted in a suspension at all, if the NFL and NFLPA had reached agreement on HGH testing.

“I would like to apologize to my children, my family, the Jones Family, my coaches, my teammates and my fans,” Scandrick said.  “Failing a drug test is far out of my character, and although I never knowingly took a performance enhancing drug/banned stimulant while on vacation in Mexico, I take full responsibility for what goes in my body and more importantly for the embarrassment of a failed drug test.

“It’s my goal by issuing this statement to clear my name and more importantly to be judged by what happens to me in the future.  I hope that my family, my Cowboys football family and all my fans can forgive me for this situation.  I look forward to a successful 2014 season.”

If Scandrick truly hopes to clear his name, he needs to disclose more details about what he took, why he took it, where he got it, and why being in Mexico has any relevance.  Otherwise, his statement reads no differently than the litany of “yeah I tested positive for PEDs, but I’m not a cheater” excuses that have flowed from every player suspended for the first four games of the 2014 season for violating the policy.

Slavin takes a different approach, arguing that Scandrick has been both suspended and stigmatized not because of whatever happened in Mexico, but because of what has failed to happened between the league and the union.

“I do not excuse Orlando having tested positive for a banned stimulant,” Slavin said.  “The current rules are what they are, and a player is responsible for what is in his body.  However, I would like it known that it is my understanding that if the current proposed agreement related to HGH testing would have already been instituted, a very significant percentage of the players receiving ‘PED’ suspensions since the new CBA took effect would not have been suspended.  Instead, these players, under the proposed new policy, would have been subjected to the Substance Abuse Policy and Program.  More than 80 missed games, millions of dollars in fines and bonus repayments have been issued because the NFLPA and NFL cannot come to an agreement.  The only people who are losing in this standoff are the players and fans.”

Slavin has a point.  In May, Commissioner Roger Goodell pointed out that 21 of 104 cases under the PED program since August 2011 would have been referred to the substance-abuse policy in lieu of a suspension, if an agreement on HGH testing had allowed the broader drug-testing policies and programs to be finalized.  Previously, NFL senior vice president of labor policy and government affairs Adolpho Birch said that substances like Adderall could move from the PED policy to the substance-abuse policy under revised programs and policies.

The end result for Scandrick, as for every other player suspended this year under the PED policy, is that although the PED policy covers steroids, the players didn’t take steroids or otherwise intend to cheat.  If every player is telling the truth, a policy aimed at catching cheaters has failed miserably.

75 responses to “Scandrick’s agent blames suspension on lack of HGH testing

  1. I actually think the agent may be right, however, let’s not confuse his statement to equate to less guys getting nailed once HGH testing comes on. There will be plenty of failed tests directly tied to HGH once testing is agreed to.

  2. Gimme a break. You’re either on a family vacation in Mexico prior to training camp, or your down there looking for something you think will give you an edge. Either way, NFL players and their agents have a comprehensive list of what is and isn’t acceptable – plus a 24 hour hotline if they have any questions or doubts. You can debate what should or should not be on the list, but there is no question as to what is on the list – or that are responsible for what is in their system.

  3. Ask Blackmon or Gordon if going the substance abuse route makes a difference. Both are looking at year ban’s and 10 random test a month for the rest of their careers.

  4. uh, if you didn’t “knowingly” take the substance, how can you know you took it in Mexico?

    That’s right, you took something in Mexico, but did not ask what it was. Dumb.

  5. No surprise that the union can’t get out of it’s own way.

    It want’s a payoff from the league to finalize HGH testing even though the revised testing will help many current members.

  6. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. When they change the rules all the drug users can go the substance abuse route and not get suspended what a joke.

  7. “The end result for Scandrick, as for every other player suspended this year under the PED policy, is that although the PED policy covers steroids, the players didn’t take steroids or otherwise intend to cheat. If every player is telling the truth, a policy aimed at catching cheaters has failed miserably.”

    First off I’m not buying they are all telling the truth. Secondly many of the substances on the banned list are there because they are commonly taken to mask the use of steroids.

    I understand that the policy prohibits the NFL from announcing what they tested positive for however if a player tries to claim something different then the NFL should be allowed to refute the player’s statement with proof of what they actually tested positive for.

  8. I guess he thought than when he came back over the border the substance would stay there.

  9. My Dad would have laughed at all the excuses these guys come up with for getting Busted….if they’re dumb enough to not get ‘a note from a Dr’ they deserve to get Suspended.

  10. Yeah, because they commonly lace their margaritas with steroids down in Mexico.

    I’m seeing a Seahawks jersey in scandrick’s future.

  11. It really isn’t that hard to stop digesting pills and powders. I had a grilled chicken breast and salad for dinner. Pretty sure that’s not banned. See? Not hard at all.

  12. Except that the HGH testing probably would have resulted in an equal (if not greater) number of suspensions, so the players and fans would still lose (just different ones).

  13. Ummmm…. I UNKNOWINGLY took something I shouldn’t have, but I KNOW it took place in Mexico. Anyone else have a problem with this logic??? My boy Orlando must be getting his excuse advice from Jerry Jones, aka “Mr Misrepresented”….

  14. How about blaming it on the fact the player took PEDs to get a strategic and competitive advantage, and then failed a drug test and got caught?

  15. Maybe I don’t understand this. Is the agent saying that the league offered to lift some punishments as an inducement for the union to permit HGH testing, and that had the union accepted, the substance that this gentleman ingested, while still illegal, would have resulted in a lesser penalty?

    If so, Wow! Not exactly the moral high ground, now is it? It sounds like pleading guilty in exchange for not asking for the death penalty.

  16. Another bunch of BS from the NFL. Either Adderall is either performance enhancing or it isnt. BIRCH ‘s statement about Adderall moving from a PED to substance abuse is absolutely absurd.

    Does anyone have a brain that works for the NFL?

  17. simple answer to the entire mess: turn testing over to USADA. Takes Goodell out of the picture, raises the marijuana limits 10 fold and is far more draconian than the NFL is

  18. Always blame the Mexicans huh? What could you possibly drink that contains some type of stimulant, without wanting to get stimulated.

  19. If the league institutes hgh testing and a 18 game schedule with an expanded playoffs we can forget about seeing about half the regular starters from each Superbowl survivor.

  20. Add Josh Gordon to this list.

    The NFL agreed to raise the acceptable amount of THC to 100 ng if the NFLPA agreed to HGH testing.

    That right there shows the NFL knows the 10 ng THC test is waaaaay too low.

    Do the right thing, ROGER!

  21. No one ever beleives the “oh I accidentally took it” story. Ever. Not ONCE. In the hsitory of EVER. Even when it might be true.

    As usual…the NFLPA gets a free pass o

  22. It’s likely a BS excuse. However, if you have traveled anywhere outside the US, you would know that there are plenty of OTC meds available in Europe and MEXICO, that you cannot buy OTC here in the US. This would definitely include sinus/allergy meds that contain prescription levels of stimulants, likely on the banned list. Again, his agent probably came up with this one, it puzzles me beyond belief (and angers me as a Cowboys fan) that you could take a freaking Flintstones vitamin pill without checking to see what is in it, knowing what’s at stake. Idiot.

  23. chillindex1 says: Aug 12, 2014 8:55 AM

    NFLPA? What is your response? Because it seems YOU are the holdup to HGH testing.


    Exactly!!! The holdup is b/c the union is well aware that players are cheating by taking HGH. I love to rip the league & Goodell but this is solely on the union & the players.

  24. This agent is digging Scandrick’s hole even further. His first mistake was not dumbing down the statement that Scandrick clearly did not write such that it obviously sounded like a lawyer wrote it. Second, was the ridiculous excuse that “I I never knowingly took”…. Riiiiiight. Now, the scum lawyer is trying to blame the NFL for his client’s transgression.

    All media outlets should put a disclaimer whenever an agent or team releases a statement for the player stating that the player did not actually write or have any input in the statement.

  25. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all take something to play in this league. Tough to get by without enhancers. It’s just that some get caught and some don’t.

  26. He got busted for taking MDMA. How this is labeled as a performance enhancing drug is beyond me.

  27. Obviously, many here don’t understand the situation.

    He tested positive for MDMA (ecstacy). MDMA is not a PED; it is a recreational drug. But the NFL has it classified as a PED now. Evidently, if HGH testing was accepted by the NFLPA, the NFL would reclassify MDMA as a recreation drug, not a PED. First offense for PED violation is a 4 game susp[ension. First offense for the substance abuse puts you in Stage 1, but there is no suspension for being in STage 1.

    If it was classified as a recreational drug and with this being Scandrick’s first offense, he would not have a 4-game suspension.

  28. Here’s the 2nd part of this story…’Scandrick tested positive for MDMA, which is also known as Ecstasy or Molly, league sources told ESPN’s Ed Werder. He became the 21st player of 104 suspended for performance-enhancing drugs to test positive for MDMA.’

    I actually have to agree with his agent here. Ecstasy is a recreational drug that he took on vacation not a PED. I hate the Cowboys but a four game suspension is ridiculous.

  29. There’s a whole lot of stuff you should not be ingesting while in Mexico. Even stuff that’s legal.

    Irregardless, the hits keep coming for the Cowboys D. That season opener against the Niners has the makings of slaughter on an epic scale.

  30. Maestro,

    Agreed. Still trying to comprehend how Ecstasy is classified as a PED??? If anything it would do the complete opposite. What planet is the NFL living on???

  31. Whether Molly is a PED or recreational drug is irrelevant.
    I’m tired of hearing these guys and their agents/lawyers continually lie to the public with the “I didn’t knowingly ingest it” garbage.
    We as fans can’t confront these guys with the next logical question..”please explain to us how you ingested this unknowingly”
    Why is it that the media is either too stupid or afraid to ask this question during a face to face interview? only when the media finally grows a pair and asks these questions will this BS rhetoric finally cease and we either get the truth or the no comment answer. I’ll take either of those over what we get now.

  32. He got busted for Molly. He then blames his ex-girlfriend for talking him into taking it, and then blames the NFL for lack of HGH testing. Be a man, take responsibility for your own actions. This is the type of “man” you get when you hand out consolation prizes for finishing in 5th place. Guys, in general, are much softer than old days. I’m 30, btw.

  33. Recreational drugs should be subject to state laws, not the NFL policies because they’re not performance enhancing. Cut and dry.

  34. I’m not an athlete, but id never take anything supplement or pills in Mexico. Fools

  35. Too bad he did not drink the tap water in Mexico.. Could have flushed the PED right out of his system in a manner of hours…

    BTW, Scandrick is an idiot…

  36. either keep it out of the press completely by not disclosing it was a PED suspension or publish what the player tested positive for.

    It’s a mess right now.

  37. Different sport, but still connected with Mexico; three or four years ago, four or five Mexican national football players were found positive for clambuterol (steroid) and subsequently banned. They appealed to the CAS and won, saying that they had never knowingly ingested any steroids. Why did they win? Comes out that where the team was concentrated, the local buyer bought chicken for their meals at a certain place that used steroids to increase the volume and body mass of their product. In short, the food chain was contaminated with steroids…

  38. beyondclarity says:
    Aug 12, 2014 12:04 PM
    Recreational drugs should be subject to state laws, not the NFL policies because they’re not performance enhancing. Cut and dry.


    a company can have what ever policy they want. They can tell you not to drink on your lunch hour… that isn’t an illegal drug.

    There’s no obligation to allow something because it is legal.

  39. well if it was slipped in his drink by say an Eagles or Redskins fan then job well done. Seriously though. His wife could have slipped him something just b/c she knew he would be uptight about letting loose b/c the NFL is so strict with drugs and such. Just PED’s and Adderall. All that other stuff really doesn’t give you an advantage mentally or competitively.

  40. Molly contains Amphetamine (MDMA), active ingredient in Adderall. Perhaps that’s why it’s classified, albeit confusingly, as a PED. Gonna be a long year…

  41. 21 out of 104 is 20%. And 20% is not a significant percentage of players that can blame a lack of HGH testing to get their status of PED changed to substance abuse.

    It also means that 4 out of every 5 players can’t blame the lack of HGH testing for their PED status.

    And 80% is a significant percentage of players…that are lying.

  42. You busted dog! Did the crime, do the time. But I was surprised to find out about that being the first player since 2006 to be suspended from the team.

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