Ben McAdoo: Giants need to take “leap of faith” with new offense


The Giants’ starting offense didn’t complete a pass during their preseason game against the Steelers and didn’t make any big plays through the air in their preseason opener either, leading to some concerns that the new offense installed by offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo won’t overcome last year’s offensive doldrums.

The team doesn’t see things that way. To McAdoo, coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning, it’s a matter of trusting the offense and having confidence in what you’re doing within it.

“We need to take that leap of faith,” McAdoo said, via the New York Post. “We need to play fast, we need to trust our instincts. It’s a game of anticipation and [you have to] believe in your teammates. If you don’t do that, we’re not going to grow. You can’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

Coughlin and Manning shared similar takes on the need to trust the offense before things can really take off on that side of the ball.

Trust can be tough to find when a team makes as many changes as the Giants made this offseason, especially when they’ve also been playing without players like Odell Beckham, David Wilson and Chris Snee that were expected to have some role this season. That said, the Giants don’t have much choice other than taking that leap of faith because anything less will mean a tentative, ineffective offense that certainly won’t move beyond last season. They’re just going to have to hope that McAdoo’s work this summer leads to an offense that will break their fall.

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  1. Of coarse it will take some time. A new Offensive Coordinator with a new offense to install takes time to adjust to. Everybody always said that the West Coast Offense takes approximately 3 years to perfect, why is everybody screaming for results now?

  2. Top 5 Greatest NY Giants:

    1. Frank Gifford
    2. Phil Simms
    3. Tuffy Leemans
    4. Lawrence Taylor
    5. Jason Sehorn

  3. as an eagle fan, i think the ’14 giants will be better than some folks think.

    on the other hand, having watched eli’s career, if i were coaching him i would never utter the sentence “you can’t be afraid of making mistakes.”

  4. Eli has personally ended the Packers season at least 3 times over the last decade. Please tell me why the hell I would want AROD? When I have a QB who has proven he can get it done in January. Unlike Aaron.

  5. In 2007 they had a new defensive coordinator in Steve Spagnola and gave up 80 points in the first 2 games.People thought Coughlin should be fired and the defensive players traded.What happened the rest of the year ? They led the NFL in sacks and beat Tom Brady down in the Super Bowl.Give the offense time to jell.

  6. Therein lies the problem for the giants. Eli is no Rogers. Change the coaches, the routs, the entire system, makes no difference. Rogers makes the Packer offence go n can do so many things Eli can’t do. It should b a blast when the Eagles put the heat on the human statue trying to excape from the clutches of Cole n Smith n Fletcher n company. No doubt, the most overrated QB in football. Where have the giants been the last 4 of 5 years? I’ll tell u. Watching the playoffs on tv from home. Oh, n their defense has more holes than a package of Swiss cheese, so stop dreaming giant fans.

  7. Matt Flynn looked great in the Packers offense, so lets stop with the Aaron Rodgers stuff. Eli will be fine its been 2 preseason games. The Giants defensive personnel has improved and they may have to win some low scoring games early in the season till the offense finally clicks and that is why they have 16 game seasons.

  8. Calm down there, Eli ended our season once with Aaron at the helm in 2011. But don’t talk like he’s owned him cause in 2010 we pretty much put you guys out with that 45-17 whipping at Lambeau. Yeah, Eli has one more ring but Aaron owns him in everything else when it comes to QB play. Don’t get it twisted.

  9. Well McAdoo has the right QB because Eli has never shied away from throwing the ball into double or triple coverage to avoid those pesky six yard sacks on second down. So mistakes will most assuredly be made.

  10. Aaron Rodgers 1st six years as a starter:
    58-29 record
    23,868 pass yards
    65.8% completion
    187 TD
    51 INT
    104.9 QB Rating

    Eli Manning 1st six years as a starter:
    59-37 record
    21,633 pass yards
    58.5% completion
    150 TD
    104 INT
    81.2 rating
    1 super bowl between both of them, all this while Aaron missed 8 more games. So I’ll give Eli the edge in durability.

  11. Eli is a gunslinger at heart. He is going to throw it when others would not. Hes produced more great wins than bad losses. He can do it again. Go Blue!

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