Bills G.M. says no one’s called him about C.J. Spiller

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The NFL is not like your fantasy league.

So no, the Bills are not trading C.J. Spiller to Bob from Accounting, no matter how many times he e-mails them.

Bills General Manager Doug Whaley said no one has contacted him about the possibility of trading for running back C.J. Spiller, via Mike Rodak of

“Definitively, we have not been contacted by any team about C.J. Spiller,” Whaley said. “These rumors are news to me.

“It’s exciting for you [reporters] because I guess it gives you something to fill the newspaper with. But I’ll tell you guys, and you know I’m a straight shooter, we have not been contacted by any teams.”

Much like those who wanted to send Brian Hoyer to Houston (which isn’t happening), this seems like more of a case of putting two and two together.

Spiller’s entering the final year of his contract. The Bills just extended running back Fred Jackson’s deal another year.

“I can probably see where people see our depth at running back and try to connect the dots with teams that don’t have depth,” Whaley said. “But again, no one has talked to us.”

So, if you see Bob by the water cooler, tell him to quit pestering poor Doug in the Buffalo office.

13 responses to “Bills G.M. says no one’s called him about C.J. Spiller

  1. The time to trade Spiller was at the draft, but they should still try. Spiller has a player option for next season that he is most definitely going to decline to test the market.

    The Spiller pick was a mistake from the beginning. The RB position is a terrible investment. They have the shortest shelf life and are the most replaceable. Outside of a special few it is plug and play.

    With Bryce Brown in the fold and Jackson extended there is no reason to invest heavily into Spiller. Invest it in other areas of need (not like Buffalo can’t use help in other areas)

    Basically let the guy walk if you can’t trade him.

    Spiller has talent, I’m not going to say he doesn’t, but so do a lot of guys at that position and a lot of them play for cheap.

    Don’t double down on the original bad decision by extending him for big money.

  2. It’s the same as the Byrd situation.

    But if Trent Richardson was worth a 1st, Spiller is worth a 2nd, with no doubt. He’s an elite playmaker with the right coach.

    Unfortunately Nathaniel Hackett has no clue how to get his playmakers the ball.

    But they are making a run at the playoffs (make your jokes)…and they need Spiller…it helps more to have him, than to get rid of him, even if he walks away.

    I absolutely see the Bills going after Gurley, Gordon or Yeldon in the 2015 draft…all are big backs that fit the mold for Marrone. (Remember they tried to get Carlos Hyde.)

  3. He didn’t say he wouldn’t trade him either, so I wouldn’t call it a ringing endorsement (phone references, LOL).

  4. I’d trade Spiller if I’m Buffalo. They’re definitely not franchising him and they’d risk losing him for nothing if they don’t make a move. I can see a team offering them a nice package for him. He can be very good in the right system; I just don’t think Buffalo is the right place for him. Get what you can for him and lean on Jackson this season. They could bring in someone like Andre Brown to back him up

  5. Why would Buffalo want to deal Spiller? He had nagging injuries all last season, but the guy is special, and we saw that back in 2012. He’ll be back on the scene in a big way this season if you ask me. Jackson is great too, but he’s 33.

  6. Well that would mean in one off season the Bills would have lost Stevie Johnson, Jarius Byrd, and C.J. Spiller for literally nothing and all where under contract for at least this year cause of the franchise tag they could have used on Byrd again…..if I’m Doug Whaley and I am managing for my job with a new owner coming in I have an odd way of showing him I wanted to keep it by losing three of my best players for literally nothing

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