Chip Kelly on LeSean McCoy: Hopefully he thinks last year was scratching the surface


Eagles running back LeSean McCoy said recently that he’s set a goal of rushing for 2,000 yards this season, which would make him the eighth runner in league history to reach that milestone.

Coach Chip Kelly said Wednesday that he doesn’t care about McCoy’s individual goals because his interest is in winning football games over personal accomplishments. Kelly said he thought McCoy feels the same way, but none of that means Kelly isn’t interested in what McCoy does personally this season. The opposite is probably more accurate as Kelly said he’s pushing for McCoy to be even better in 2014 than he was last season.

“He can do everything better.  I know we get that question about all the guys and I get the same question all the time but until someone plays a perfect game, I think that’s what we are all striving for,” Kelly said during his press conference. “But he can do a better job in pass protection, he can do a better job in short yardage situations, he can do a better job in eliminating negative plays where maybe the hole is not exactly there but second and nine is better than second and 14 where all of a sudden every play he’s trying to run has to be a home run. I think we are seeing that.  … I don’t think he’s complacent or happy in terms of where he is.  Hopefully he thinks that last year was just him scratching the surface in terms of what his potential can be.”

If Kelly’s right about McCoy having room for improvement, a 2,000-yard season might not be that crazy an idea. The Eagles have an offense that will get him plenty of touches and a good offensive line, both of which should keep McCoy as one of the more prolific offensive players in the league. The good news is for the Eagles is that McCoy’s contributions should give them a lot to work with even if he fails to reach such a gaudy level.