Cowboys won’t discipline B.W. Webb for practice altercation


The routine training camp scuffle took a different turn at the joint practice between the Cowboys and Raiders on Tuesday when an on-field scrap wandered close enough to fans that one of them took a swing at Cowboys cornerback B.W. Webb with a helmet.

Webb took a retaliatory shot toward the fan and others finally intervened to cool things down before anything else happened. On Wednesday, coach Jason Garrett said that the team would not discipline Webb for making an advance toward the fan and that he hasn’t heard anything about the league imposing discipline of their own.

Despite the issue with the helmet swinging, Garrett sounded pleased with the practice. He called it “as electric an atmosphere” as he’s ever seen for a training camp and said that he wasn’t upset by the way the team reacted when the fracas broke out after a tackle by cornerback Morris Claiborne during a drill.

“At some point you have to as a player defend your teammate, get yourself in there and make sure he’s going to be OK,” Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Always have your guy’s back. That’s an important part of building a football team. At the same time poise in that situation is important. I felt we demonstrated both and you kind of move on.”

There would have been no question about discipline for Webb or anyone else if not for the fan’s decision to interject himself into the proceedings and more thought should go into securing the practice area in the future to make sure no such questions need to be asked again.