Greg Jennings: If we’re unselfish, we can be a really good team


The Vikings’ first drive against the Raiders provided them with the kind of blueprint they’d like to follow all season long.

Cordarrelle Patterson, Greg Jennings and Kyle Rudolph all made catches as the team moved down the field before a short touchdown run by Matt Asiata. Swap Adrian Peterson in for Asiata and it’s a strong group of skill position players for the Vikings to use this season with Patterson, in particular, getting a lot of attention as a breakout candidate. With that variety of options, there are going to be people seeing the ball less often from week to week and Jennings says that the players must accept that happily for the team to thrive.

“If we can get better at that, being unselfish, and allowing other guys to make plays within the play we make, we can be a really good football team,” Jennings said, via the Pioneer Press.

Winning tends to make it much easier for people to buy in even if they aren’t seeing quite as much of the ball as they’d like. The Vikings will need players to be unselfish on offense to be a winner, but they’ll also need to get the kind of quarterback play that makes it possible for them to win. Matt Cassel provided it on that first drive and more of the same will be necessary for unselfishness elsewhere to matter.

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  1. Isn’t this the same guy who said Christian Ponder was going to be really, really good last season? The same WR who thinks he is on the same level as Larry Fitzgerald? And now the same guy privately telling Brett Favre that being a Viking is not the same feeling as being a Packer?

  2. NFL are you ready for the Vikings take over? Vikings will be the model team for the rest of the NFL for the next 2-3 decades. Everyone has a right to be jealous!

  3. Ya, but what does jennings sister say. She is the only jennings whose opinion counts, because as you know, she is soooo special. Wonder if she has a job, or lives off gregies over the top salary?

  4. As a Vikings fan, I’m always optimistic about the new season, but I honestly have a good feeling about this year. Let’s go Vikes.

  5. Have you looked at the Vikings schedule? 0-7 out of the gates is a real possibility! Let’s just call it now, the 2014 Minnesota Vikings have already been mathematically eliminated from this years playoffs!!! SKOLOL!

  6. And this is coming from a player who was complaining about the younger guys getting too many balls in Green Bay?

    Jennings has always put himself above the team. He forgets that he had to great QB’s in Green Bay throwing to him. Now, what does he have?

    Jennings talks a good game- I hope the good fans in Minneapolis don’t fall for his act.

  7. It’s a talented group, but it all depends on the play they get out of the quarterback position.

  8. In before the Packer trolls call Greg Jennings “selfish” for not wanting to resign with their team for less money. Painfully predictable..

    My guess is there will also be comments about how you’ve moved on because Jordy, Cobb, and Adams are clearly superior. Yet, somehow, you can’t resist coming to comment. How Odd.

  9. Nice to see Jennings bringing his leadership skills and team first attitude that he learned in Green Bay to a team that desperately needs leadership. The NFC North rivalries could be rejuvenated if the Vikings can return to relevance (1-1-7 against the Packers since 2010).

  10. It’s really ironic that GJ is talking about selflessness. He was the biggest diva on GBs team from 2009-2012. I guess it took realizing that he is one of the most overpaid WRs in the game In addition to last year’s fiasco at QB and the realization that Patterson will be better than he ever was for him to actually start acting like a good teammate again.

    Vikings really messed up giving this guy 45 mil.

  11. Remember when his sister was ripping Aaron Rodgers for not getting catches? I be she was just reflecting what Greg himself was saying behind closed doors.

    I don’t miss his diva act in Green Bay. Notice how there’s already unselfishness in Green Bay right now?

  12. Of the Viking’s top 50 problems, being selfish is #51. Talent is at the top of that list, specifically Qb talent.

    I wonder just how long it took Jennings to realize he made the biggest mistake of his career when he signed on for the Vikings. The time could probably be measure from the point where the ball leaves the Qb’s hand, wobbly like a wounded duck, until it arrives in the dirt near his feet, that long.

  13. Trolls in little town WI are still bitter about Jennings leaving them. Let it go clowns. You’re just jealous bc he’s now with a better team, better fans and better city. Unlike you clowns in terrible city, terrible fans and terrible team/franchise.

    This is why clowns in WI need to stay in school after they reach 34 years old.

    Bridgewater>Ha ha ha Clinton Dick, Oops Dix
    Bridgewater>the whole Packers roster, any day any time.

  14. Peewee Rodgers+Nelson+Lazzzzy= 0 win=0 Super Bowl. Bet on it, they’ll will never win another Super Bowl without Jennings again. Dream on trolls.

  15. He seems to be sending a clue to not have high expectations for his numbers this year.

  16. Greg Jennings is the EPITOME of a team player. The future is EXTREMELY BRIGHT for this Vikings squad. AWESOME veteran QB, HIGHLY TALENTED ROOKIE QB, HOF LOCK at RB and BEST OWNER IN ALL OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.


  17. So….any Vikings fans have anything to say?

    Or everytime I come here, am I going to be forced to swim through trolls to actually get to the coherent and on-topic comments?

  18. Once you get that Vikings stench in your system, it’s always an uphill battle to stay relevant. The Vikings realized they overpaid for a receiver that benefited from the bed QB in football (ARod) and other great receivers and realized they got scammed.

    How’s it feel to trade in your Porshe (Rodgers) for a rusty Station Wagon (Vikings QB situation)?

  19. The first 5 games of the season are very, very tough — if they can win 2-3 of those (big if), then Greg can start talking about the team being good.

    And I had to chuckle at that unselfishly giving away 4 Lombardi’s comment. . . . . .

  20. “If we’re unselfish, we can be a very good team”.

    Translation: “We won’t be a very good team”.

    Maybe they should set a goal this season of making a Rodgers-led Packer team punt at least once in their two meetings.

  21. I wonder how unselfish he’s really willing to be.

    Considering how much the Vikings paid the Packers’ castoff, how many of those millions is he willing to give up so they can sign some extra talent?

  22. I really want to cheer for the Vikes to do well for once..until I read the delusional posts from some of their fans on here. If they don’t watch it the Rams will lay a beatdown on them in week 1.

  23. Jennings is right. With the addition of Jerrick McKinnon, this offense is loaded with talent (Patterson, AP, Rudolph and Jennings). The open question is whether or not Norv Turner can take advantage of that talent better than Bill Musgrave did last year.

  24. There is a fine line between good and bad teams. The Vikings could very well be a good team. The sconnie kids and other haters will be shut up when the results are shown.

  25. Just a little tidbit for you Packer fans who say he’s washed up: If you pro-rate Jennings stats over a full season in 7 games that Cassel started (an actual NFL quarterback), his line looked like 93 catches 1,122 yards and 9 TD’s. If you pro-rate Jennings career stats as a Packer over 16 games, his average full season was 71 catches 1,089 yards and 9 TD’s.

  26. Well said Greg. Always liked him when he was with us in GB. He may have lost a step but he’s a smart and classy dude. Some of my fellow Pack fans could learn a thing or two from him on how to conduct yourself… You know who you are. GO PACK!


  27. Considering Peterson and Patterson have already came out with their me, me, me comments before the diva Jennings could there is a schism brewing. Shortly his sister will take to twitter to really escalate things, cant wait.

  28. Don’t understand why Packers fans have so much disdain for GJ. The man just wanted to move out of a state that didn’t resemble the film Deliverance.

    Be happy for the man.

  29. SKOLOLOLOLOL! Jennings always talks nonsense in the pre season. Remember when he said last year that the Packers and Aaron Rodgers window was closing and the Vikings and Christian Ponder’s was just opening? Yeah….he said that. SKOLOL

  30. 50 comments so far and 90% are pure trolls. I don’t care what anyone says. The Packer trolls far out number any others. They even hijack articles that have nothing to do with the Vikings. Get a life. Thank god school starts soon, as I’d think most are adolescent trash talkers.

  31. Be selfish when it comes to catching TD’s this year Greg, be very selfish. SKOL! We all know its nicer over here. WI is the Alabama of the midwest.

  32. Last Friday night against the Raiders: QB play: Casell, average, Bridgewater: below average. Translation: BOTH NEED to improve a lot.
    O-line play: Average…pretty much what I’d expect for the first preseason game. This group needs to gel, and get better. No matter though, when the time comes, All Day will STILL GET HIS.

    Yeah, well, it may have j

  33. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Aug 13, 2014 12:39 PM

    WI is the Alabama of the midwest

    If you mean by churning out championships and having dominating football teams well thank you!Look at the complete domination for Wisconsin teams (Packers & Badgers) recently 20-1-1 makes it pretty demoralizing and a bitter time for Minnesota fans doesn’t it?

  34. Good for him, it’s not like he has to play with the most self-centered player in the nfl: aaron rodgers.

  35. Remember when aaron rodgers sat silent next to matt flynn and scott tolzien as the packers were getting hammered by the lions on thanksgiving? I do.

  36. Frazier28/7 says:
    Aug 13, 2014 1:19 PM
    Remember when aaron rodgers sat silent next to matt flynn and scott tolzien as the packers were getting hammered by the lions on thanksgiving? I do.


    Was that the same Packers team that won the division while the Vikings took dead last (again)?

    Or not?

  37. Tlippert…..prorating Jennings stats over a 16 game season is baseless. It’s just like speculating — it gives you something to do without getting you anywhere. If I played two games as a receiver, caught two passes in each game, but didn’t play in the next 14 games, by your logic then I would have caught 32 passes on the season. Goofy thinking on your part Mr. T-Lippert.

  38. So….any Vikings fans have anything to say?

    Or everytime I come here, am I going to be forced to swim through trolls to actually get to the coherent and on-topic comments?

    Touché sir

  39. 50 comments so far and 90% are pure trolls. I don’t care what anyone says. The Packer trolls far out number any others. They even hijack articles that have nothing to do with the Vikings. Get a life. Thank god school starts soon, as I’d think most are adolescent trash talkers.


  40. How long before Patterson or AD get a call up to a big league team?

    Will Minnie be joining with other small ball teams to promote some type of charity drive this year?

  41. “therealbigben says:

    I heard the Vikings were originally planning to play their home games in Loring Park this season to be closer to their fan base”

    I didn’t know you were a Viking’s fan ben. I always thought you were a yellow & puke green toad.

  42. Well this is clearly not the place to talk about football, maybe after the kids go back to school or thier cell phones run out of battery we could have a real football conversation.

    For the record Greg Jennings is right this offense has a chance to be top-five easy.

    If the defense starts to pick up Zimmers concepts the rest of the Central division better watch out.

  43. “jimthebuilder27 says:

    … a receiver that benefited from the bed [sic] QB in football (ARod) and other great receivers…”

    ARod? You mean that guy on the Yankees that was suspended for 211 games over doping? THAT is the person you liken your prim a-dona QB to? I guess we now have to wonder if your Mr Rogers is doping too.

  44. I am more optimistic about my Vikings than I have
    been in years

    We may have found a real coach staff!!!!

  45. Who wrote he was referring to AP? My hunch is that’s close. AP is great and AP is important but I sometimes wonder if AP’s stats are more important than they should be. He says the right things, but…

    I’m not there, but I suspect one of the duties of this new coaching staff is to transform the offense into a more balanced package. Even Peterson can’t challenge a coach with Turner’s cred. Who would complain if the Vikings won 10 games and AP gained 1100 rushing yards? AP might…if one of his goals is to pass Smith for the all time rushing record.

    The Vikings need wins, not records. Teams win championships. Running backs don’t.

  46. @fansince68: While IT IS TRUE that teams win championships, and players don’t, you could still possibly say that they do 99% of the time. Remember 2012, and AP’s 2097 yards, and even though it was one and done, the Vikings DID make the playoffs? EVERYONE…fans, broadcasters, reporters, et al, were ALL saying the same thing. Adrian Peterson has “single-handedly” carried this team on his back all season long, and into the playoffs.

    Remember, we are talking here about a football player that stands alone in a different category than any other football player, period. #28 is a special athlete that, much of the time, appears to be superhuman.

    I would reasonably assume that if the Vikings got 10 wins, and All Day ran for 1100 yards, they’d take that every day, team and coaches alike. I would. That’s the name of the game…make it to the playoffs. Then, everybody’s record is 0-0, and we know it’s a whole new slate.

    I wouldn’t say “complain” would be what you heard from Peterson, it’d be more like dissatisfied…with his own performance. He’s talked recently about perhaps setting a goal for 2500 yards this season. The comment, (I watch

  47. darn computer has a mind of it’s own. I watched the video as he made that remark. Granted, it was sort of “half-hearted”, but you cannot completely rule that number out when it was AP that said it. Every time he touches the ball, if there is a second when a decent hole opens, there is a real possibility, (depending on what the teams’ field position is), that he is going to break off ANOTHER 80 yarder. Yeah, he’s turning 30 on his birthday, but you still MUST say the aforementioned is true.

    Finally, let me say this: Look at all of time, (and money) that he has spent working for all sorts of charities, for kids AND for adults. Take another look at 99.99% of his interviews, and you see a humble man, very thankful for the talent God has given him, thankful for the help he’s received from his teammates and coaches to get to where he is, and, when we hear those comments that have only recently came from his mouth about breaking Emmit Smith’s rushing record, that’s not being selfish. It is ONLY what EVERYONE ELSE has been saying about him since his performance in 2012. He is in a league by himself, and NO ONE can discount record breaking possibilities, (including the all-time rushing record), when it’s being said by #28. SKOL VIKINGS!!

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