Jaguars holding firm on holding the reins back on Blake Bortles


Chad Henne knows as well as anyone that Blake Bortles “is the future, I understand that.”

But that hasn’t put the Jaguars in any hurry to push him out there in the near future.

Jaguars coach reiterated to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports and Bill Polian on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Henne is still their starter looking to the regular season opener, a position which hasn’t wavered despite a strong first showing from the first-round pick.

“Chad has done a nice job,” Bradley said. “I know that Chad has a body of work that he can really rely on. We’ve seen really good progress as far as his mentality and mindset from OTAs. We think that coupled with his experience and the way he’s performed to this point really puts him in that position.

“Blake has done some good things, but he’s missing kind of that body of work. We’re in the process of building that.”

General Manager Dave Caldwell took over a team which burned a first-rounder on a quarterback who wasn’t ready and never developed (Blaine Gabbert), so he’s in no hurry to rush Bortles out there.

“He was a junior and he didn’t come out in the most conventional pro-style offense [at Central Florida],” Caldwell said. “There are a lot of nuances with the quarterback position that it’s going to take him a little while before we can really hone in those skills to where they’re second nature for him.”

If Bortles continues to light it up in the preseason and Henne continues to be Henne, it will get harder and harder for the Jaguars to resist the pressure to play the kid.

But to their credit, they’ve held firm so far, willing to take the long road to stability at the position.

20 responses to “Jaguars holding firm on holding the reins back on Blake Bortles

  1. I hope that the Jags stick to their plan. I can think of a couple of QB’s that sat on the bench for a while before playing and it did not seem to hurt them. Do the names Brady and Rodgers ring a bell to anyone?

  2. If Henne doesn’t show that he is better than Bortles, then he shouldn’t be starting. You put in the guy that gives you the best chance to win, even if they are rookie.

  3. Yeah… it’s ALLLLLLL Chad Henne’s fault.

    SEE: WR Justin Blackmon (SUSPENDED)
    SEE: WR Cecil Shorts (5’11”)
    SEE: WR Ace Sanders (5’6″)
    SEE: WR Mike Brown (5’9″)

  4. Buyers beware. Coach is doing the right thing unless he’s Russell Wilson and have the O line to protect him. Just look at Brandon Weeden’s preseason stats last year. He looked very good but what happen in the regular season? Fail!!!!!

  5. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Henne. I thought there were times he played well consiering what he had a weapons at HB/WR and shakey o-line.

    Watching pre-season with Bortles you could see the guy has the arm, pocket presenses and accuracy to be a legit starter this year. I was watching and I thought this guy is the anti-Gabbert.

  6. Bortles will be out there week 5 the latest. This isn’t 1986 anymore, and the guy ahead of him isn’t named Bledsoe or Farve. Henne is a train-wreck.

  7. “I hope that the Jags stick to their plan. I can think of a couple of QB’s that sat on the bench for a while before playing and it did not seem to hurt them. Do the names Brady and Rodgers ring a bell to anyone?”

    Don’t forget Brees.

  8. Its amazing how so call fans that have no season tickets like to sit back and call the shots. Coach is doing the right thing by not putting Bortles out there to get killed. This is the preseason he is playing against the second and third team defense. Coach stick to your plan so you can build the team that can win in the coming years.

  9. Please stop using the fact that Brady and Rodgers sat for a few years as logic for this situation. Brady was a 6th round pick sitting behind Drew Bledsoe. Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre. Chad Henne isn’t even a poor mans Bledsoe. Aikman learned with trial by fire. So did Peyton Manning and Luck and RGIII and Wilson.

    If Gus feels that Henne gives them the best chances to win then go that route. If Bortles is the guy then history isn’t totally against him starting now.

  10. thegreatgabbert says, Holding the reins” is an appropriate metaphor for that donkey. He makes Roethlisberger look elegant and refined by comparison.
    That is hilarious, considering the author of the post..GO BORTLES!

  11. The only thing great about Gabbert is that the Jags were able to swindle the 49ers for a 6th round pick for him.

  12. There’s no reason throw a rookie QB to the wolves. The vast majority are still learning the pro game and the game speed. Why ruin them ala David Carr by letting them get killed out there? If the coaches are holding back Manziel, Bortles, Bridewater, then there’s a reason. They can watch for a bit until the training wheels are ready to come off.

  13. Bortles may be good, but giving him time to watch and adjust will help him

    Jag fans are a little too enthused by how he looked in a pre-season game against backups.

    There’s a long list of other backup QBs in the NFL who looked as good, if not better, than Bortles did against the 2nd and 3rd stringers. Not that he looked bad – just give him time.

  14. Henne stunk in Miami. He stinks here. Only Gabbert was worse because he couldn’t beat out Henne. And by the way, Gabbert stinks in San Francisco as well

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