Jeremy Maclin cuts practice short after hamstring tweak


The Eagles and Patriots are practicing with each other this week, a setting that offers wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to try out his knee against cornerback Darrelle Revis.

That test seemed to go well for Maclin. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Maclin drew three holding penalties on Revis during Tuesday’s practice and added that Maclin continued “to toast” Revis during Wednesday’s session. Even with the caveat that Revis is not be giving every ounce of himself during the workouts, that’s a positive sign for a player coming off a serious injury.

Less positive is the fact that Maclin pulled himself out of practice early on Wednesday. He said after the session was over that it was a left hamstring tweak that caused him to sit out the remainder of practice, but that he still hopes to play in Friday’s preseason game. McLane also reports that Maclin was icing his right knee, the same one with the torn ACL, although that appears to be a precautionary measure.

If he does play this week, he’ll likely get a chance to face a more spirited Revis and another measurement of how far he’s come in his recovery.