Jon Beason’s recovery from toe injury “coming along”

Getty Images

Giants linebacker Jon Beason wants to play in the team’s season opener, but the foot injury that has kept him out of action since the spring has not recovered enough for him to start practicing with the team.

Beason says that things are “coming along” in his recovery and he spends part of each day running in place of the practice sessions that occupy the time for his teammates. Beason hopes that the slow process leads to the strength he needs to join the team for the game against the Lions on September 8.

“You try to get out there and tax it a little bit, see how it feels, and then everything is based on gauging it the next day,” Beason said, via “Is it really sore? Is it just a little bit sore? And then if you can have consistent days, then you know you’re kind of building up a tolerance. So that’s usually the process in any rehab. Toes are a little iffy, because it doesn’t take much pain to have irritated feet, makes it hard to change direction, especially as a defensive player where you have to do a lot of reacting.”

Beason pointed out that the Giants play on Monday night in their opening game, which may be a reference to having a little more time to get healthy. The difference of 30 or so hours probably won’t sway the outcome nearly as much as what Beason is able to do in the intervening weeks to prove to the Giants that he’s sound enough to reclaim the middle of the defense.