League’s latest leak may be bad news for Gordon

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In the NFL, there are few coincidences, big or otherwise.

And the cynical view in the wake of the leak from the league office to Mark Maske of the Washington Post that the NFL will be beefing up the penalties for future domestic violence cases is that the league hopes to take some of the sting out of the looming decision to suspend Browns receiver Josh Gordon for a full year.

Applied as written, Gordon’s suspension becomes a no-brainer.  He tested positive while in Stage III of the program, which compels a full-year suspension, and nothing less.

Fully aware that the media and plenty of fans will point to the discrepancy between Gordon’s full-year ban and the two-game suspension imposed on Ray Rice for assaulting his then-fiancée, the only way to deflect attention regarding the comparison between the two cases would be to send the message that, in future cases like Rice’s, the punishment will be three times greater.

If Josh Gordon will indeed be suspended for a full year, the NFL owes it to the Browns and to Gordon to implement the decision now, so that Gordon can start the 365-day clock ticking on his return.  Chances are the league plans to wait a couple more days, until roughly 4:59 p.m. ET.

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  1. if they were that concerned they could have just given Rice a stiffer sentence to begin with… it’s not like they didn’t realize people were going to be upset with only a 2 game suspension!

  2. I’m not sure Friday at 4:59 is the best time to release information when games are being played that night.

  3. Why the NFL’s marijuana standards are so much higher than every other league in the world, including the Olympics, baffles me. Goodell is just looking for any way to impose his power, except apparently when it comes to knocking out your wife on camera for the entire world to see.

    Yeah Gordon is an idiot, but combined, his two test samples wouldn’t merit a failure. The entire drug test, labeling A and B, and the ridiculous standards are just absurd.

    Let’s use some common sense and switch the punishments. 2 weeks for marijuana, no matter how many violations, and 1 year for knocking out your wife, no matter how many violations.

    But that seems way to logical…

  4. The league did a horrible job trying to explain the Rice suspension being so light, saying it was based in part on previous punishments, which didn’t really wash. Now the fact that they’re going to suspend the next domestic abuser more harshly makes it stand out even more than that.

    Goodell is ridiculous, we’ve all known that for a while, but because the most recent CBA gave him the power to be judge, jury, and executioner, he’s not the only one to blame.

  5. Or we could all realize that the players agreed to the set drug suspensions in the CBA and also agreed to let the commissioner assign punishments for personal conduct policy violations. If people want to whine and complain? Direct it at the NFLPA, or the very least the players for agreeing to it.

  6. Why is everyone ignoring the DUI as well which is also breaking the rules of the Substance abuse program. Either way this kid is gone for a year or maybe more. Either way he needs help.

  7. Alienating an individual who abuses drugs is not the answer. Josh needs help and support from his employer and his team. The nfl had best learn about drug abuse before they become the judge and jury.

  8. I know its old news now but I’m still stuck on the 2 game suspension. Kung Fu chops his girl and gets 2 games! Gordon rolls a joint and gets a year suspension. System is screwed smh.

  9. I’ve read the backlash from the Ray Rice suspension but I am not understanding why people are questioning the NFL’s punishment when the State of NJ gave him a slap on the wrist. Josh Gordon broke rules on multiple occasions,rules that are in place,that being said should the NFL stiffen the penalties for domestic violence,of course they should,but Ray Rice is not the first player to have issues with domestic violence either. People should be directing their anger at NJ,the NFL is not the justice system.

  10. hurry up goodell, i have a draft on saturday!!!!!!!!! whats takin so long, cut and dry, when it takes this long , someone has to think the league is up to shenanigans to keep a star player on the field for ratings!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The NFL is a joke. Everything they do is scripted. They are becoming a soap opera. From Gordons hearing being in New York, while Goodell is in Canton. To the numerous examples of players and coaches going from 1 team to the next, and a ton of examples of the new team playing the players/coches previous team the next season.

    Now the announcement of Gordons suspension “being delayed” until they make a lame attempt to make stiffer DV penalties.

  12. Good god how did the most popular league in the USA. So thoroughly screw the pooch like this? PR nightmare, anyone? Smh.

  13. Both should have gotten a full year. I’m as pro-legalization as you can get, but i find it hard to feel sympathy for a guy who keeps breaking the same rule over and over and over and over again. Risking the loss of millions of dollars. The dude is either stupid, ignorant, or possibly both.

  14. What a dirtbag league its turned into. Pot is getting legal in states…i dont see knocking your wife out getting legalized.

  15. This is absurd. The NFL has known about Gordon’s positive tests for some time. To take their time delaying the announcement of Gordon’s suspension is a huge disservice to Gordon, the Browns, their fans, and the taxpayers who funded that stadium.

  16. Any suspension for the levels reported is unfair.

    Actually, if you punish for marijuana use you should also punish for using alcohol.

    Alcohol is a much more dangerous drug than pot.

  17. They owe it to him for a decision? Really? He knows he broke the rules for the 4th time and that he will be suspended for a year per the CBA. Leave it to an ex lawyer to try and muddy the waters of a clear rule infraction and consequence for said infraction. The guy earns absolutely no benefit of the doubt.

  18. If it was a one year suspension it would have already been done and over with. With the long drawn out delay I’m beginning to believe the NFL is looking for a way to drop the charges and let him play.

  19. The reality is 8 games, 16 games, whatever. The proportionality is not in line with use of a drug that is tacitly allowed in all other sports and is legal in half the states of the union.

    Knocking your wife out is always going to be assault, the penalty for that I’ll let the league handle, but taking a kids right to play away because he smoked some weed? The league is completely out of touch on this issue.

  20. They need to say this because they are about to suspend a guy a whole year for pot while a division rival brutally beat his now wife and got 2 games. No disrespect to the ravens because unlike a lot of folks I truly believe they are one of the better organizations in the NFL. It isn’t so much Baltimore as it is the comish.

  21. Gordon hired the same high powered law firm like the Star Caps debacle. There is a good chance they will sue in court, then get the Judge to alleviate the suspension until trial ends – at least a year.

  22. If you are correct, and I believe there is a strong chance you will be, I will be more disgusted by the NFL then I ever have been before.

  23. If people’s opinions meant that much, the Ravens could have added a suspension on top which could even have been agreed tacitly with the league and the union.

    Fact is that because he is a “star” the rules are interpreted in his favor.

    Sucks all round but the message is clear – do dope and lose a year, hit your girl and we’ll save your career.

  24. The NFL doesn’t owe anything. Josh Gordon knows he was guilty and could have accepted the punishment months ago. He chose to appeal, which caused this delay. That is not the fault of the League, nor is it incumbent upon them to help Gordon or the Brown by starting the suspension ASAP.

  25. Or, the league is changing its policy simply because it is the honorable, right thing to do, not for any ulterior motives like positive publicity.

    Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry. I kept a straight face as long as I possibly could after saying that.

  26. Clearly Roger finds it more offensive that players use the shield to break up weed than they use it to carry their knocked unconscious domestic partners on. Way to keep it family friendly Rog!

  27. Ray Rice- first offense of any kind in 6 years. And we still don’t know exactly what happened in that elevator. 2 games.
    People up in arms.
    Forgetting Carolina’s Greg Hardy’s conviction of pummeling his girlfriend, of course. And no outcry over Denver’s TJ Ward tossing a glass beer mug at a woman. No punishment whatso ever. And what about Burfict beating up a woman last year?

    Gordon- 5 incidents of pot 3 failed drug tests and a DUI after getting notice of a possible 1 year suspension.. Awwww poor guy???

  28. Stage III means 3 strikes. This guy has had more chances than most, including Rice. He fully deserves a year suspension, and then once he proves he can act like a professional, I fully support his reinstatement to play in the NFL, because he has earned that privilege. He has shown by his actions over the past 2 years he doesn’t deserve it.

    Stop comparing Gordon to Rice, the two situations have zero similarities on various levels.

  29. I have posted this FACTUAL information numerous times in an effort to educate people that think Ray Rice got “off easy.” I am not here to argue the point, but just to educate.

    Do you know that from 2011 to the current day there have been a total of 19 charges against NFL players accused of violence against women? These include domestic violence, assault, prostitution, and groping women.

    Of those players only 1 player received a 4 game suspension, and he went to prison. 2 players (including Ray Rice) received 2 game suspensions. 1 Player received a 1 game suspension and was able to serve it while on IR, and the rest walked away with no penalties at all.

    So only 4 out of 19 players received suspensions. By my math that means almost 80% of the most recent players ARRESTED for these infractions were able to walk away with no suspensions. These players come from some very surprising teams (such as the Patriots and Green Bay Packers) and I don’t recall this level of reaction to any of these cases. A Dallas Cowboy player choked his own mother. Another player headbutted his wife. Another player completely beat the tar out of his girlfriend while a slew of drugs were found in the residence. In all of those cases, the player got no suspension.

    There is your problem. The NFL has set a precedent and they followed it in regard to Ray Rice. The problem started a long time ago and if you really have an issue, don’t blame it all on Ray Rice. Petition the NFL, the NFLPA, and the Commissioner’s office and enact change for the greater good.

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