Magic Johnson sees L.A. getting a team within two years


When it comes to returning a team to Los Angeles, the NFL loves to talk about doing it.  When it comes to actually doing it, the league rarely if ever takes any tangible steps.

Former Lakers star Magic Johnson has joined in on the talk about the NFL coming back to L.A.  Which means either he knows something or he simply believes at face value the chatter that typically leads to no action.

“I think for the first time, I truly believe we’re going to get a team,” Johnson said Tuesday at the joint Raiders-Cowboys practice, via Yahoo! Sports.  “Finally.  Everybody is on board.  The city is on board.  The business community is on board.  The NFL is on board.  Finally we have momentum.  In the next couple years, at least in the next 24 months, I think one team will be coming.  I don’t know what team that will be, but I believe in the next two years we’ll have a team.”

The most obvious candidates for relocation are the Raiders and Rams, especially since both teams currently have year-to-year stadium leases.

“It would be great to have the Raiders back in L.A., I would love for that to happen,” Johnson said.  “But that’s going to be up to Mark [Davis] and the Raiders and the NFL.  But I would love to have the Raiders back in L.A., where they belong.  We just want a team, we want a team in the worst way.”

But how badly does the NFL want to put a team in L.A.?  For years, the league has waited for the right deal, which likely means the deal that will pay the NFL a ridiculous windfall.  More recently, talk of the league building its own stadium has gained momentum.

Meanwhile, the Chargers could be poised to recruit at least eight other teams to block a move, since 24 total owners must approve any relocation effort.  The Chargers understandably don’t want to share the Southern California market, and they’d also like to have the option to move there themselves if/when long-stalled efforts to build a new venue in San Diego finally are abandoned.  With the league perpetually waiting for the right deal, the pitch to the other teams would be simple — “This isn’t the right deal.”

And so it seems that the NFL will continue to be two years away from returning to Los Angeles, indefinitely.

46 responses to “Magic Johnson sees L.A. getting a team within two years

  1. The Jags are NOT tagged, remember persistent ‘well wishers’.


  2. Really Magic?

    “But I would love to have the Raiders back in L.A., where they belong. ”

    To me, that is a stupid statement.

    I’m not a Raiders fan at all (Bears fan) but if you really think the Raiders BELONG in L.A. then you are mistaken Magic.

    They played in L.A. for a bit. It is NOT where they are from or where they BELONG.

  3. I think it’s time to go back to Irvin. ‘Magic’ chimes in just about everywhere and his opinion is about as coveted as the guy sitting next to you on the barstool.

  4. You used the word redskins on tv while making an appearance on CSN Washington. Why is it ok to say the word if you refuse to use it in an article?

  5. “It would be great to have the Raiders back in L.A., I would love for that to happen,” Johnson said. “But that’s going to be up to Mark [Davis] and the Raiders and the NFL. But I would love to have the Raiders back in L.A., where they belong. We just want a team, we want a team in the worst way.”
    Where they belong??? rofl!!.. not a Raiders fan, but they deservedly belong in Oaktown!

  6. Magic is a big businessman in LA and he’s well informed. Mark Davis wants the Raiders to return to Los Angeles and San Antonio is a smokescreen. Goodell, Kraft and Mara are supportive of the move. Things are still to be finalized re stadium, but it’s the Raiders.

  7. The NFL has the LA market “WITHOUT” a team there. They are in no hurry to put a team there. And which city that already has a team wants to lose it.
    Jacksonville is a small market, so?
    St. Louis is a baseball town, so?
    Oakland fans don’t care? so?

  8. Michigan State has a football team, go root for them.. NFL owners egos are bigger than yours Magic. No way your gonna be a minority owner and official spokesperson for any NFL owner.

  9. If a team moves to LA, I hope its the raiders or rams so they keep the name. If the jags or bills move they will rename the team with some generic arena football league sounding name.

  10. Jags aren’t coming to Los Angeles. The fans in that city LOVE their team and they show up for home games.

    And now this, for you people who can’t post without hashtags:


  11. There’s lots of legal precedent allowing sports franchises to move despite the votes of other owners. The Raiders twice and, ironically, Donald Sterling once got legal judgments allowing teams to move against league wishes. All came in various California courts.

    As for Magic, I continue to be amazed that so many reporters think a figurehead minor shareholder in the MLB Dodgers is suddenly the go-to expert for all ownership issues in the NFL and NBA. Just because Magic has an opinion, doesn’t mean it’s informed.

  12. If I recall correctly… LA has had a couple of teams but failed to support them. In the long run this will just be another failed dream……. The city does NOT support football.

  13. Hey Magic, do you really believe this will be the first time we get a team? I think it would be the third time.

    Are we going to have the national guard protect the fans? Or have the 20 year absence allowed the LA fans to mature? Probably not. I think most of us want to watch games on the major networks and not be marginalized by blackouts and being forced to watch 2-10 teams play each other.

  14. LA already had TWO teams and didn’t support them so the teams left. Why give them the opportunity to be three time losers?

    Raiders belong in Oakland..Magic showing a complete lack of NFL history

  15. Actually the NFL doesn’t want a team in LA, because they will lose their leverage over other cities when they want new stadiums built.

  16. Keep this guy out of your town if you have a pro team. This slug is more of a thief then Ali Babba, He made two trips to Orlando and shortly after each trip the Magic lose a center (two) to the Lakers.

  17. The raiders belong in Oakland?Which is why they play in a crappy stadium that’s tarped off to avoid blackouts.The city is more interested in keeping the A’s than the Raiders which I can see why the A’s actually win.Turnnin Bay Area sports talk once in awhile and see how often the Raiders are discussed.Next to never .The Raiders need to leave Oakland and go to LA or San Antonio or Portland.Oakland is San Francisco’s toilet

  18. Let’s see Magic,
    The city of Oakland and county of Alameda built the Raiders a stadium in 1966. Then upgrade it for them (while destroying it for baseball) in 1995 along with giving the team a sweetheart deal for their facility in Alameda. And finally in 2012, started the process of building a brand new facility. They, the city, brought in the developers and found the investors to help out the Raiders since they couldn’t afford it on their own. And that’s just the city and county. The fans, paid PSLs that lasted only 15 years for the renovations to, but ended up by being paid for the taxpayers cause they wouldn’t make them lifetime.

    Now what has Los Angeles has done for the Raiders? Oh besides mayor Garcetti saying that he would like any team in Los Angeles other than the Raiders cause crime has gone down since the team left.

    In closing, the Raiders deserve to be in Oakland.

  19. NFL owners better watch out what they say in the privacy of their own home in the presence of their gold digging mistresses.

  20. If Magic knew his football history, he would say that the Chargers belong in LA, because that is where they started. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know football history.

  21. All this guy does is talk. I am so frick’in happy he didn’t get the Clippers franchise because then we would have listen to him all the time. Just go away.

  22. If the Raiders leave Oakland, again, they should leave the teams heritage, team history and name for the next NFL franchise going to Oakland after a stadium is built. Do what the former Ravens owner did by leaving the colors in Cleveland.

  23. With the Magic man showing up for that scrimmage, you could just see the wheels turning for NFL team ownership.

    But with how Magic handled the whole Donald Sterling issue, I don’t think he needs to be running anything in the NFL. Stay in the NBA Johnson.

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