Marshawn Lynch may be ready to go for Seahawks this week


Marshawn Lynch was late to training camp, and then was distracted by an investigation the team called “bogus.”

But he may  get his first shot at actual football this week.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said on KJR-AM (via the Seattle Times), that Lynch might play friday night against the Chargers.

You may see a little bit of Marshawn in this game,” Carroll said. “We”ll see how this week wraps up.”

Lynch didn’t even make the trip to Denver last week after his delayed arrival.

Carroll also said left tackle Russell Okung wasn’t ready to play despite practicing this week, while center Max Unger and left guard James Carpenter would return to action. He also added that “you’ll see a little bit more out of” wide receiver Percy Harvin, after this week’s ankle scare.

31 responses to “Marshawn Lynch may be ready to go for Seahawks this week

  1. Good to see the Hawks are getting healthier. Too many starters missing last week. Although I’m not trying to take away from the City of Denver’s celebration of the Broncos huge Pre-Season win and vindication of the SB loss.

  2. As long as he starts the Seahawks will never win another ring. Please keep him as your starter.

    San Francisco 49er fans love this move.

    Seahawks are the most overrated team to win a ring.

    Shades of 2001 Tampa Bay Buccaneers who won a ring and then were never heard from again.

    San Francisco 49ers win it all at 19-1.

    Good riddance Seattle ……

  3. TB never won the big one a second time because Gruden wasn’t the man who built the SB-team. He inherited it and quickly rode it into the ground.

    SF hasn’t done anything in 20+ years. Their RB situation is also much worse than Seattle’s. They are likely to go 9-7 this year.

  4. Marshawn should be fine. And with the talented Christine Michael on board, RB should be the least of Cheattle’s problems.

  5. After hating all the players from Steelers, Raiders and Cowboys during their good years its nice to see people hate on our Seahawks. We have arrived !! Go Hawks!!

  6. San Francisco lost to Seattle twice during last year’s Super Bowl winning season. If Seattle was overrated, what did that make San Francisco?

    Answer: Jealous, whiney tools.

  7. Are the vikings even in the NFL? Aren’t they a CFL team (that loses 10 games a year)?

  8. Minnie is the best of all the AAA clubs that feed talent to Seattle. Please make sure Patterson has all the fundamentals mastered by when his development contract runs out.

  9. thevikesarebest says:
    Aug 13, 2014 1:52 PM —–
    The shehawks will be the worst SB defending champions.huge decline for an embarrassment of a franchise and their low iq fans.

    Ah the irony

  10. I don’t know how you could figure the 49ers RB situation as much worse… Hyde had more yds than Turbin and Michael combined and he did it on 1/4 the amount of carries. James will be back in a few weeks. Gore is still Gore and they are simply taking their sweet time with Lattimore. BOTH teams have very strong running attacks. To say one is any better or worse than the other is pretty ignorant.

  11. thevikesarebest says:
    Aug 13, 2014 1:52 PM
    The shehawks will be the worst SB defending champions.huge decline for an embarrassment of a franchise and their low iq fans.

    Until your Vikings do something (ie win a Super Bowl) you should keep your trolling remarks to yourself!

    Go Hawks!

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 games wins the NFCW this year, I think all four teams are a tough out for anybody, and have difficult schedules to boot. My bet is hawks take it at 11-5 and roll to a repeat in the playoffs.

  13. Gonna see some Percy Harvin Friday too? That’ll probably be the last time we see him until the playoffs…

  14. Seahawks are the new 02′ bucs? Oh yeah, I forgot….because Brad Johnson started his career with a couple 100+ qb ratings and he threw 52 tds and had the most wins. Morons.

  15. Goldrush36…you do know, we had one starting offensive lineman suited up for that first preseason game of the season. Also, your starting defense was still in with that line, when Russell Wilson marched down the field and scored, followed by 2nd team quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, marching down the field and scoring…We were up 10-3…Then Denver’s subs came in…enforcer for Peyton’s slants, Kam Chacellor was not suited up for this game…hou remember him, he prevented Welker and company from running slants…he laid out your tight ends and took away that short game Peyton thrives on. Super Bowl MVP LB Malcom Smith did not suit up, Starting MLB Bobby Wagner, did not suit up…, you know them, they provided the surge up the middle, for thar relentless assault on Manning, who is a year older, a year slower, as our young bucks are coming into their prime…if you want to brag about a 1st preseason game (we won when your starters were in against our second team,) you have some serious denial issues. But, whatever floats your boat…Me, I’m looking forwRd to another glorious NFL Season…Go Hawks!!! Reign baby, reign!!!

  16. Oh, Tarvaris Jackson had second team receivers as well, as the started vacated the field with Russell. Depth baby, that’s all you saw, with a “vinilla” offense.

  17. I wounder if Denver really thinks they can beat are starters we had are fourth string in almost the whole game agenst there number 2’s they should have stomped seattle with those guys in but the only reason they won was becuse are 5th string running back dropped a 2 yard wide open pass in the end zone so we gave that to denver I have a feeling we wount beat them 43-8 but it will be a seattle win week three mark my words!!!!!

  18. Pete Carroll basically never gives Beast Mode more than 4 snaps all of preseason. So him being ready or not ready for next game is no big deal. Now Russell Okung,Carpenter and Unger getting the start and snaps together is big news because last week the back ups couldn’t have played worse.

  19. it was funny when the broncos started biltzing the seahawks. they totally redeemed themselves from that beat down they took in the superbowl

  20. realitycheckbaby says:Aug 13, 2014 8:23 PM

    Best RB in football.

    I see you’re smoking some of that new legal stuff up there…

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