Michael Oher is tired of getting disrespected


Titans offensive tackle Michael Oher says his critics don’t know what they’re talking about, and he’s sick of it.

Asked about speculation that Oher might end up on the bench behind rookie first-round draft pick Taylor Lewan, Oher said he hasn’t heard it. And then he proceeded to indicate that he has heard it, and he doesn’t appreciate it.

“I don’t know anything about any speculation because I know what type of player I am,” Oher told the Tennessean. “I’m kind of tired of getting disrespected by a lot of people who don’t know anything about the work I put in and how hard I work, and the love and passion I have for this game.”

It was surprising that the Titans drafted Lewan so soon after signing Oher to a four-year, $20 million contract, and the presence of Lewan on the roster has led to plenty of talk that Oher may be gone well before those four years are done. But for now, Lewan is backing up Michael Roos at left tackle, and Oher is manning the right side. And Oher doesn’t want to hear anything different.

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  1. I think there was a movie made about this guy praising him for exactly the things he’s claiming to be so disrespected for. How much praise does 1 person need?

  2. All that may be true about Oher’s work ethic, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was a walking holding or false start penalty for the five years he was in Baltimore.

  3. He’s frankly not very good. His life story is inspiring, but his home game false starts, holding penalties, constant jawing with opposing teams, etc. He wasn’t worth resigning.

  4. Oher = False Start. Cost the Ravens alot of penalties and yards in his time with Baltimore. Was glad to see him traded.

  5. Michael Oher is a hardworker and has plenty of talent, the problems with him at least during his time with the Baltimore Ravens is that he’s just DIRT STUPID

    Any defender can get in his head or get to commit a dumb penalty.

    Thanks for the the Super Bowl but I’m glad he’s gone

  6. Inspiring life story, but he was given a very fair shot on the Ravens and has a SB ring. I would like to be disrespected with $20m!

  7. thepftpoet says: Aug 13, 2014 12:46 PM

    People are so “Blindsided” about their opinion…

    There’s a joke in that sentence somewhere.

    you are pretty lame dude. you made it vorny trying to point out its a joke. Thats not a joke. Thats a lame.

  8. He’s being ‘cyberbullied!!!’ Call Roger’s office immediately!!! Remember poor little Jonathan Martin??? I’m just glad someone gave Martin his favorite stuffed animal back.

  9. Didn’t the Ravens put him on 2nd string because he wasn’t doing his job? Seems like a great way for the Titans to spend 20 million over 4 years

  10. One can work hard, have great love and passion for their profession and still not be that great. He was OK but just not good enough to stay in Bmore. And with a 4yr, $20M contract why you crying? Just saying….

  11. I remember watching Oher’s first preseason game against the Redskins. He manhandled them on the first series and pancaked Brian Orakpo twice. It was like watching a human bulldozer. It must have been adrenaline, because I never saw that from him again. And that’s why he is no longer a Raven.

  12. I remember the last time a high profile Baltimore Raven joined the Titans. There was a lot of talk from Ravens fans warning us about how all the penalties he would get would outweigh his good plays … Um, wrong. Bernard Pollard had a career season last year. I expect the same to happen again with Oher. This is the same guy who was so good his first year, there was talk of him being the first offensive lineman to win Rookie of the Year. He was also a key part of the Ravens’ Super Bowl-winning line two years later.

    Bring. It. On.

  13. The only people that need to respect you are the ones that sign your paycheck. He’s respected a heck of a lot more than most of us will ever be…

  14. As a Titans that looks and reads Titans news every day I haven’t really heard anything about Micheal Oher. Yes it’s been brought up on what to do with 1st rd draft pick Lewan but no one has taken gabs at Oher.. The only thing negative that I have read about him comes from Ravens fans.. But Micheal are you that insure?? I mean you just got paid, shut your mouth and perform on the field!!! If all these things are true that the Ravens fans say about you then maybe you need to work on them!! Because when you sign a big contract like you did and are making costly errors than you and I both know that you will be gone just as fast as you got here. But until then as a fan….I look forward watching you this yr!!!

  15. Someone needs to remind him it’s the NFL and it’s business. Teams create competition at all positions. The way he is handling it is all wrong. Now he sees what Hoyer, Vick, and many other players go through. If anything it shows his selfish side. He has built up in his head that the league owes him something and no one can take his job instead of proving it on the field.

  16. Last year in Baltimore, many of us called him “Michael Door” because Mr. Blindside would just open up his stance and let defenders blow by him.

    Like the dude said above, thanks for the Super Bowl, but my heart is not broken that he’s gone.

  17. The Titans are in a win-win situation. Micheal Roos, and Oher as of right now are starting at tackle. We have Taylor Lewan sitting out a yr backing them up. If Oher starts making stupid mistakes and costly errors than we have Lewan that we could plug in. And next yr cut Oher and keep Lewan at RT, resign Roos. If Oher works out than let Roos walk and move Lewan to LT. So it’s really up to Oher to perform well.

  18. Thanksgiving night against the Steelers.
    Oher was flagged three times for false starts, contributing to three drives coming to an end.

  19. Sorry Michael that we aren’t worshipping you hard enough, maybe you should go make another guilt ridden religious movie.

    It’s called producing, those who play well get the gold, those who don’t get the boot.

  20. Wouldn’t be any speculation if you played better esp for the money you are making. Also disrespect? You have a movie about you dude, live up to that hype it brought on you.

  21. For the seasons from 2009 through the 2013 seasons… check this out…

    “Michael Oher, offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, is the most frequently penalized NFL player since 2009. In these years alone, he has drawn 26 false start penalties and 15 holding penalties. ” (total of 45 penalties in those 5 seasons or 9 penalties per season)

    But, he was only in 7th place for most penalty yards against him.

    327 yards in penalties he caused with those 45 penalties against him for an average of 7.27 yards per penalty.

  22. If you can’t handle critics, don’t be a NFL player, or a celebrity.
    Find a different career that can keep you out of the spot light.
    Every famous person no matter how good or bad they are, they still have critics. That’s the real world bru

  23. you can love the game, you can give 100 percent. you can do everything right, and still you can be a mediocre at best NFL player. as of now it appears that is the truth

    from what I saw, Lewan looked darn good, to the point where its even more hilarious how cursed the chiefs are to end up with fisher(may still progress but still) when lewan looked better than fisher has in over a year of play.

  24. doctorrustbelt says:
    Aug 13, 2014 3:09 PM
    Once a whiny, annoying raven… always a whiny, annoying raven.
    Grow up Rusty.

    Don’t worry, one day your Bunguls will win an actual playoff game and not just a tee shirt once every 10 years and then you can come play with the big boys.

    Until then? Shhhh…. the adults are talking.

  25. Movie of life story with Sandra Bullock playing your stepmom: check
    Super Bowl ring: check
    20 mill salary to change teams: check

    I certainl wish they would disrespect me in that manner. Anyone else?

  26. I’ve been feeling sad and inconsequential lately as I can see so many of my fellow PFT commenters feel.

    But don’t despair – I am your Salieri,

    Mediocrities everywhere… I absolve you… I absolve you… I absolve you… I absolve you… I absolve you all.

  27. If only in the Blind Side II Sandra Bullock shows the NFL coaches how to do it right as a sassy southern woman and he immediately plays well like in that ridiculous movie.

  28. Eutaw’s Finest says:
    Aug 13, 2014 3:35 PM
    doctorrustbelt says:
    Aug 13, 2014 3:09 PM
    Once a whiny, annoying raven… always a whiny, annoying raven.
    Grow up Rusty.

    Don’t worry, one day your Bunguls will win an actual playoff game and not just a tee shirt once every 10 years and then you can come play with the big boys.
    Exactly bengals fan, shhhhh. The “adult” ravens fans are discussing about how to cheer for for guy that not only beatup his wife but also dragged her while she was unconcious. Very classy ravens fans. How about make tshirts that say We Support domestic Violence so the whole world can see how pathetic and simple you guys are.

    Until then? Shhhh…. the adults are talking.

  29. Ray Rice tried to get his wife out of the elevator instead of letting the doors open and close on her face over and over again.

    People act like he was pulling her by the hair, it’s on video.

  30. He’s a great kid who is average or a bit above average at best. He did a good job in Baltimore, a liability at times, but not worth the bucks the Titans are shelling out for his services. Baltimore fans have great respect for him but are aware of his short coming too. Here’s hoping he steps his game up for the Titans this year.

  31. OK….it’s not like pro basketball where salary is guaranteed. Just how much of this 20 million is Guaranteed? Might be little Guaranteed money and no long term reason to keep him beyond this year.

  32. We kept hoping he’d do well, but after years of watching, the only thing we found was that we were Blindsided. He constantly got false start penalties, and other penalties, as soon as we made a good play or were about to start a drive from DEEP in our own end zone.

    There is little doubt our running game was terrible last year, and it was largely because our O-line sux’d.

  33. Start blocking though.

    I still wonder what the Titans are doing by signing a tackle with such poor performances for a huge value then drafting another one in the first round.

    Guess I won’t find any logic in a team that overpays for Clipboard Jesus.

  34. Physically strong but mentally weak. His story is inspiring but they must have really embellished how he is a gentle and quiet type. On the field all he does is cry and run his mouth. It seems that opposing players tend to get in his head and he loses his sh!t. False starts, holds, jawing and excessive jabs after the whistle got him booted from B-more. Never any doubt that he could handle the blind side from a physical standpoint, he just couldn’t handle the mental and especially the psychological part of the position.

  35. Well no matter how bad he is I’m sure he would be a massive upgrade for my Hawks. The O line seems to be the only positions Schneider & Carroll can’t seem to get right. Carpenter had been a joke. Always hurt & isn’t that effective even when he is in there. It still amazes me they were able to win the bowl with a line that bad. Okung is made of glass & like Oher is constantly called for holding when Okung is supposed to be a premier left tackle. That’s not only a joke it’s nothing but hype. I’m a diehard Hawk fan but without a major improvement on the line the defense is gonna have to carry the team. AGAIN!

  36. OK, if I remember correctly last year Oher only got flagged three times all season for penalties. So you wanna be fans need to get a life or at least some knowledge in what you are talking about. He was released by the Ravens not traded, and he was released because he was getting beat pretty badly last year. His pass protection just never lived up to the billing, he was drafted to replace a HOF player at LT and never came close to replacing himto the point he was moved to RT.

  37. Not sure where you get your info

    Oher was penalized (accepted) 6 times last year

    3 of them were in the same game vs Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving,
    IN BALTIMORE – yes he was getting false starts in own stadium. Clearly a genius

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