No decision yet on Josh Gordon


Eight days ago, Josh Gordon’s appeal hearing ended.  Hearing officer Harold Henderson has not yet issued a decision.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the news is there is no news.  No update, no development, no ruling.

The good news is that Gordon remains available to play until Henderson implements the suspension.  The bad news is that, if Henderson eventually upholds the one-year suspension, Gordon will be gone for a full year.  Not 16 games; a full year.  If a decision comes today, Gordon becomes instantly banished until August 13, 2015 at the earliest.

The Browns should be upset.  If the suspension, levied before the draft, had been resolved expeditiously, Gordon would have been back for most of the 2015 offseason program.  Now, he’ll miss the full 2015 offseason, much of training camp, and at least one preseason game before he can even re-enter the building.

Of course, this assumes that Gordon will pass up to 120 drug tests during the 12 months of his suspension.  If he doesn’t, it will be difficult for Gordon to be reinstated in time for the start of the 2015 offseason, if ever.

Henderson is required to issue a ruling within a “reasonable time” after the conclusion of the hearing.  The term “reasonable time” doesn’t have a specific number attached to it; so far, the clock is at nine days and counting.  In this specific case, it would have been far more reasonable and fair to resolve the case months ago.

And it ultimately would be entirely reasonable and fair to not suspend Gordon at all.

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  1. I don’t see how they can suspend him for a whole year at this point. As egregious as his mistakes were, they pale in comparison to Ray Rice.

  2. You used the word redskins on tv while making an appearance on CSN Washington. Why is it ok to say it, if you refuse to use it in an article?

  3. Lol Dan Patrick made the comment this morning that the NBA sold the Clippers faster than the NFL resolved the Josh Gordon situation.

    Imagine that, the NBA was competent enough to do a billion dollar deal in the time the NFL can’t resolve a weed violation.


  4. Let the man play. Here’s hoping the NFL’s days of suspending players for enjoying something so natural and wonderful are over.

  5. And he supposedly has his DUI hearing on the 23rd. Marshawn Lynch had his hearing delayed two years… Include his DUI and give him eight games… A full year is a death sentence.

  6. This is an ‘appeal’, formally he is on one year suspension, only during ‘appeal’ he is allowed to attend nfl team activities.

    so formally results of an appeal would be: sentence stands or over-ruled.

    Could there be arbitation on less than one year, would have to check cba – nfl ‘rules’.

    I think lawyers say, longer the jury is out the better ?

  7. My guess is that it’s taking so long because they’re trying to bargain it down to an 8-game sentence. The Browns — and the NFL office — desperately want Johnny Football to light up the league this year, but without Gordon on the field it’s going to be very hard for that to happen.

  8. Why is the NFL handling the Gordon case like this? This has also made it more difficult for the team to prepare for this year due to the ambiguity of the pending punishment.

  9. Ray Rice has absolutely nothing to do with this. What planet do people who compare the two situations live on?

  10. “And it ultimately would be entirely reasonable and fair to not suspend Gordon at all.”

    What? He broke the rules, as stated in his CBA. He is being punished, also, as outlined in his CBA. If he didnt want to be suspended, his TCH levels would be 0 ng/ml.

    What is not fair about that?

  11. I am a pro weed as they come, but jeez man, if its on the banned list and you keep getting in trouble for taking it or lose millions…. it’s a pretty easy decision in my book. Just quit til you don’t make millions anymore and then go buy a million of dollars worth of pot and smoke the rest of your life away.

  12. The NFL is treading lightly on this one. Like I’ve posted numerous times, the NFL has no grounds to suspend Gordon at all. I know a lot of people will get up in arms over what I just said, but if it was clear cut, he’d already be suspended.

    First, he didn’t fail a drug test people. He was administered a test which tested for a substance at low enough levels that it couldn’t even hold up in court. The sensitivity of the machine used cannot properly quantitate at the levels the NFL and NFLPA agreed to. As a result, that makes the CBA signed irrelevant. It also goes against State law, which the NFL does not get precedence over.

    So, with the bad marijuana test irrelevant, so is the multiple offender rule. Thus, he shouldn’t be suspended. And that is clear in the CBA, seeing as you all want to use that to prove your point the other way…:)


  13. The league ruling on this is absolutly pathetic. No reason to take this long the case needs to be dropped. And very unfair to the browns organization. Where would this resolution be if it was new england, green bay , san fran.????

  14. In all honesty, if the NFL tries for more than 4 games, I would take the NFL to court. He’d win that case, period. All you need is a single scientist that works with an HPLC, which is the instrument used to do the test, and he’d win. Because those of us that work with these instruments know full well that the levels used to determine positive vs negative test results are completely impossible to properly determine. Hence, the inability of the reproducibility.

    The NFL has no grounds here.

  15. If you want to smoke weed… join a reggae band.

    If you want to make millions, suffer a brain injury, and ache every morning… play football.

  16. Again, doesn’t anyone do any research? If you, had done a cursory search. You, would already understand that NFL doesn’t have a foot to stand on and Josh Gordon will play the season. Hell, at this point every Clevelander and Cleveland Brown fan knows that Gordon will not be suspended.








  18. This is starting to remind me of the whole StarCaps fiasco a few years ago up in Minnesota (minus the hometown judge). Did the Williams’ ever serve any kind of suspension for that at all?

  19. If Gordon gets off then what happens to Blackmon and all the other players suspended under the same rules?

    How can it be reasonable or fair to treat Gordon differently than other players who were caught for the same violation?

  20. The delay makes you think the fix is in because they want Johnny Football to have somebody to throw to.

    It should be open and shut. A clear rule is in place and he broke it. It doesn’t matter if the amount would not hold up in court. This was an agreement. Gordon won’t go to jail, he’ll just be suspended from work.

    If Gordon could beat this by saying it’s below the limit set by state law, then that would mean Denver players could smoke weed on the sidelines.

  21. What’s really pathetic is this:

    “Gordon received a letter in early winter from a league physician stating he had failed a test. A second letter, informing Gordon that he faced a 16-game suspension but had the right to appeal, was sent in late April.”

    Early winter? That’s 12/21/2013?

    Hasn’t he had any tests since then?

    It’s taking this long?

  22. Yea, the longer this drags out, the less likely they are to give him the full year suspension. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that if Johnny Lohan wasn’t in the mix, this wouldn’t have been debated and he would already been officially done for the 365 days.

  23. If they let Josh Gordon off the Hook they need to let everyone off the Hook.

    Anything less than a full term suspension you can use as a Divider for any other Infraction of the same type.

    He goes from 16 games down to 8.

    Anyone getting suspended 4 will now go down to 2.

  24. i get a kick out of those that state they can’t test and use that level for mary jane !

    duh… in Ohio, still not legal, unless medical, not recreation use here yet.

    and its a appeal of a suspension, which because of appeal, he’s allowed to play.

    There just getting their ducks in a row to justify his kick out of NFL. He’s got a drunk driving charge yet to deal with too !

  25. Question: Do you think it could happen that the NFL and Browns come up with a tongue in cheek agreement to drop the suspension entirely if Manziel is named the starter? Thumbs up for yes, thumbs down for no.

  26. Dear Roger,

    Make a decision already !!! Our fantasy football draft is this Saturday for crying out loud.

    I mean really… let’s get our priorities straight !!! This is serious stuff here.


    All Fantasy Team Owners

  27. 70 drug test passed, one drug test w/specious results failed. Makes sense to ban him for a year. Josh Gordon shouldn’t smoke weed or be around weed smokers but the NFL screwed the pooch on his test and they have to deal with that.

  28. When terms like “reasonable time” or “reasonable period” are used it is often applied to 10 days. Expect something to be announced by the end of the week.

  29. the league wants as much time to pass since Rice’s suspension as they possibly can before they hand down Gordon’s. the Gordon hearing is over. With each passing day, there’s less headlines about Rice. Why wouldn’t they wait? Whenever they announce it, there will be controversy on TV, radio, web, etc for Gordon receiving more than Rice. But if you do it the day after Rice’s suspension, then on a scale of 1-10, it’s a 10 for outrage and coverage. If you wait 2 or 3 weeks and all it does is bring it down to a 9, it’s still worth it. It’s not like the NFL actually cares about its players, or Gordon, or the Browns (you think the NFL isn’t mad about the bad PR from Haslam?). So from there perspective, is there any downside to waiting?

  30. If Gordon could beat this by saying it’s below the limit set by state law, then that would mean Denver players could smoke weed on the sidelines.

    Not really. Although recreational marijuana can be purchased in Colorado, it’s still illegal to smoke it in public.

  31. I hate the current banned substance policy; it’s awful. They don’t differentiate between performance enhancing substances and other substances, like recuperative/healing substances, which they should.

    I can’t imagine that pot enhances someone’s performance on the field, so I can’t imagine why they would penalize someone that smoked weed the exact same way they would penalize someone that took HGH and gained a competitive advantage from it.

  32. denver players smoke pot in the ‘out’ houses… not in public ? lol

    standing on the sideline, with the munchies…. in a daze…
    with Peyton screaming in their faces and they’re smirking…

    visiting team.. same thing…

    that would great on national tv… top ratings !

  33. Playing in the league is a privlege, not a right. Those defending Gordon have conveniently forgotten that he has had numerous chances and he didn’t learn his lesson one bit. He’s been told to seek help but he gave them the finger. Regardless of your views on weed (it should be legal), it is currently illegal in most states and against league rules. You fans crying for Gordon are just making it worse for those who really need help.

    Suspending him is the only way you’ll get it through their thick skulls that a business that is public image conscious is serious and they need help, not a fancy lawyer trying to get him off on technicalities.

  34. brownsmakemecrazy says:
    Aug 13, 2014 1:44 PM
    Goodell, Henderson have already used up their reasonable time.


    What does Roger Goodell have to do with any of this? He isnt part of this at all…

    Everyone loves to trash the guy, and half the stuff he is blamed for has nothing to do with him.

  35. Also sick of you guys “thumbs-downing” my comment about how I’m mad that you’re “thumbs downing” my original comment. I’m a good spirited guy and you guys are kinda makin me ticked off. Thanks in advance…


  36. Hey Brown’s fans…you must get a hoot out of these raven fans coming to a thread about your guy, and saying he should be suspended for life, while at the same time, they give standing ovations to their wife beater, Rice, the pillar of the Baltimore community.

    Gordon should get a 1 game susp., maybe a pot program for show, and be done with it. He SHOULD NOT get a harsher punishment than a wife beater.

    If you want to go by “rules are rules” bs, than a certain qb choker should have been punished for meeting with his OC this past offseason. That’s “against the rules” as well. Seems the NFL is very abitrary as to whom they suspend, and for how long.

  37. To all you guys saying that he doesn’t deserve to be suspended. You do realize that once you enter the league’s substance abuse program that mean no drinking as well right. He has a pending DUI meaning he was drinking. He knew the rules when he CHOSE to enter the NFL. Nobody made him play football this was his choice so it’s either play by their rules or don’t play it’s that simple.

  38. If Aldon Smith gets 4,6 or even 8, than Gordon better get a full year.

    Otherwise Goodell is going to be looking all kinds of stupid- which is hard to say after his Ray Rice mockery of a suspension

  39. If Gordon beats up his wife or girlfriend, maybe he can get the number of games he’s suspended in half.

  40. Dear Roger,

    Make a decision already !!! Our fantasy football draft is this Saturday for crying out loud.

    I mean really… let’s get our priorities straight !!! This is serious stuff here.


    All Fantasy Team Owners


    Yes, exactly! I have to select a keeper by 12 AM this Friday and I drafted Gordon in the 9th round of my draft last year.

    Fantasy Football implications aside it doesn’t make any sense why this has been dragged out so much…they had a hearing all day Friday/Monday and it’s been a week since then. I don’t even get what they talk about? Like how are you filling an entire day with this, nevermind weeks? Seems like the whole thing should take an hour tops. Make a decision already.

  41. I really don’t like how its a full year suspension and not just 16 games…Its crazy how strict the NFL is with Marijuana…NEWS FLASH ITS NOT THAT BAD

  42. Maybe I’m the only one, but I am beyond tired of people comparing every single disciplinary incident or suspension against the Ray Rice deal. Enough already… let it go.

  43. Can you imagine the stress this kid has been under since May? What about that NFL? Each day you wake up you don’t know if this is the day the hammer falls for some trumped up second hand smoke test.

  44. For all you suggesting this is an open and shut case and ‘what about all of the others that were suspended for pot?…”

    This is the first example in ALL of the NFL prior drugs tests that in the same test the two samples didn’t BOTH test over the agreed upon limits.

    In virtually EVERY other positive test, both sample A and B tested over the limit.

    In Gordon’s samples, sample A tested only 1 ng/ml over the limit and sample B tested -2 ng/ml from the limit.

    THIS is why it is NOT an open and shut case.

  45. For Gordon, the “A” bottle showed a concentration of 16 ng/ml, only one nanogram per milliliter above the limits of 15. The “B” bottle showed a concentration of 13.6 ng/ml — less than the threshold.

    An average of 14.8 ng/ml Below the Limit.
    Set Josh Gordon Free!

  46. I’ve been rather snarky lately too. I apologize to all. C’mon real football get started so I can get back into my cool James Bondish act.

  47. The NFL is waiting for Coach Pettine to name Johnny Football as the starting QB.As soon as that is done, Gordon will be cleared.

  48. Patterson. Hartline. Wallace. Jennings…as top 5 WRs?? What are YOU smoking??

    1) Calvin Johnson
    2) Josh Gordon
    3) AJ Green
    4) Demaryius Thomas
    5) Julio Jones

    The kid is a rockstar. Hope he gets through this hearing and can play the full season.

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