Report: Raiders ramp up efforts to relocate

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Whether it’s San Antonio or somewhere else, the Raiders seem to be serious about moving the franchise to a place other than Oakland.

Via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, owner Mark Davis “is stepping up his efforts” to find a new stadium in a new city, as talks to keep the team in its current town languish.

Tafur also reports that Davis apparently has the NFL’s support.  Of course, the destination ultimately selected by Davis will determine whether 23 other owners approve a move.

Davis and the Raiders have a one-year lease at O.Co Coliseum.  Per Tafur, Davis hasn’t requested an extension, and he doesn’t plan to do so.

Despite opposition from the Spurs and expected resistance from the Cowboys and Texans, San Antonio remains a viable option.

“It was a serious conversation,” Davis told Tafur regarding last month’s meetings in Texas.  “I don’t waste my time just having meetings.  But we continue to try to get something done in Oakland.”

Tafur raises an intriguing possibility regarding a potential return by the Raiders to Los Angeles.  With influential Cowboys owner Jerry Jones surely hoping to keep the Raiders out of San Antonio, Jones could be helping Davis get the appropriate blessings to take the team back to Los Angeles.

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  1. Jerry Jones can give Davis all of the blessings he wants to move to LA. There is no new stadium here, and nobody is going to bend over to give him one. The only realistic shot, (and it’s still a long one), is the St. Louis owner who has the land and the money to build his own stadium.

  2. Oakland should add a tax to their legal retail marijuana to pay the interest on bonds they could sell to raise revenue for the construction at the current location. It’s a great spot & with the right architect will have great views. Oakland already lost the Raiders once. They need to keep them.

  3. I was so pumped up for this season, but all this relocation talk is deflating.

    Thankfully I have A’s Baseball and Warriors Basketball to fall back on for my sports fix. Might even go watch the Stanford Cardinal play that old Raider Jon Gruden/David Shaw/Harbaugh type of football this season.

    Feels good to live in the EastBay!

    Raider Nation

  4. The AlamoDome has more seating than the Coliseum does when configured for football. Could use that, get more fans, and figure out a new stadium afterwards…

  5. Now that it is obvious that the Bills aren’t moving to Toronto, I’m sure the usual suspects will come out to tell us what a great football market Toronto is and that the Raiders should move there. You know, fourth biggest economy, huge population blah, blah, blah. How about this idea Toronto, consider showing that you actually like football by attending games instead of just talking about it.

  6. L.A will sell out for 4 weeks, then their fans will complain about the lack of talent and won’t go. Then their games will be blacked out. What a trend

  7. HA, Ha, HA, Ha….like they need Jerry Jones influence to get “Blessings” for something they own the rights.

    Lets get to the real fact….if any other team wants to move to LA , they need to get the Raiders blessing by writing them a big fat check….

    when it’s all done and said….if need be- cya in court (again)

  8. The idea that the NFL can’t keep a team in LA doesn’t make sense. I think they should build a smaller stadium that could be expanded later. Better to start out playing in a sold out 65,000 house than looking at 35,000 empty seats with the same crowd. If they can keep a hockey team in LA, the NFL can succeed there too.

  9. If they move do they get to take along proud Raiders traditions like the streak of continuous seasons without a winning record, squandering high draft pick after high draft pick, and parking lot stabbings and beatings? Or does that get left behind for a possible expansion franchise?

  10. Don’t make hollow threats, let them leave and never come back. The Bay still has the 49ers. Does CA even need a football team? I’d rather be on the beach or skiing than watching football.

  11. It’s all just a ploy until it happens for LA. Los Angeles is one of the biggest markets in the world. There’s already plenty of Raiders fans here, and you absolutely know all the homies will be rocking the black LA gear for the raiders. San Antonio was just a feeler/primer to get fans warmed up for a move. Los Angeles has something like 10 million people in the county and no NFL franchise. It’s really a no brainer.

  12. If The Raiders leave Oakland, expect riots in the streets.

    It happens a lot anyway, but if they leave…

  13. Oh no, Oakland will have to pocket that 7 mil a year they pay the Raiders for the privilege of playing in town. What ever will they do?

  14. San Antonio would be an excellent location. Football is big in Texas and could easily support three pro teams.

  15. I hate the Raiders, but I have to admit that based on watching their home games they have an awesome fan base which is impressive considering how bad they’ve been the last20 years. It would be terrible to move them from their fans

  16. Of course, the destination ultimately selected by Davis will determine whether 23 other owners approve a move.

    I don’t think that will include any Packers owners which should show it once and for all that they are not real owners in the true sense of the word in a football team.

  17. As a proud citizen of Oakland who is not a Raider fan, I fully support the team’s departure out-of-state. Finally, I may get to see some decent AFC games Sundays on CBS.

  18. Just go to LA…they want a team and Oakland is in the same vacinity…prob solved but thats been that way before…maybe Oakland will have them back in a couple years JS…good suggestion

  19. As a Raider fan and San Francisco resident I am feeling that LA is an option. Big fan base down there and Oakland is just a city that cannot get its act together. Sigh!

  20. really I think they should be called the raiders…play 4 reg games in Oakland, and 4 reg games in LA.. rotate 2 AFC west games, with the other afc west game and season opener each year…also play one preseason game at UNR in Reno, and the other preseason game at UNLV in Las Vegas.

    If not other option should be hook up with Mayor KJ in Sac, (who probably has a good chance as being the next Gov in CA., and build a new stadium in downtown sac, near the Amtrak stadium. Close by to where the kings are building their brand new arena, and across the river from the A’s AAA team.

  21. It’s very possible both San Diego and Oakland move to L.A. together in a private/public venture to build a new stadium like New York did.

    If you can build a $1 billion stadium in New York (i.e. New Jersey), you can build one in L.A.

    We could re-align the divisions and stick one in the NFC (move Rams or Cardinals to AFC).

    It’s not totally far-fetched with how bad the stadium situations are in Oakland and San Diego and how god-awful it is trying to get public money in California.

  22. I favor moving teams more than expansion.. just not enough talent, particularly at QB, for more teams.

    I’d move SD further north to Orange County to try and serve all of southern california as first option….. would consider moving Raiders to the valley

    Think Mexico City is the first place I’d go though…. over San Antonio

    I would not even consider London; makes no sense at all

  23. It’s the same old ploy by the NFL. Extorting the home city to cough up the money for a new stadium or the team will leave. Different city same tactics.

  24. LA doesn’t want the Raiders, nobody does, except for Oakland. It is there one true and only home, keep em there. LA Raiders fans are all on parole anyways, nobody would invest money on that franchise in SoCal unless Davis sells the team and the league changes the name, colors, image, everything. Fly to Oakland, take the BART extension straight to the Coliseum. LAX to the Coliseum in an hour and a half. And you will be in the presence of true Raider fans in Oakland!

  25. Oakland has apparently decided that they can only afford to keep one team. And are going with the one that has 81 home games as opposed to 10.
    That’s always tricky, if you ask me. How do you draw events for the other 355 days when a football team doesn’t use the facility? You can only book so many monster truck shows, and stadium music events are fading away.
    You’ve got to service $500 mil or so of debt somehow.

  26. This franchise has Las Vegas written all over them, plus they can invite the L.A. Market to be part of Southern Nevada.

  27. Texas can easily support three NFL teams. The economy in Texas, and particularly South Texas, is booming. No matter what they say, the Spurs organization can do nothing to prevent the Raiders from moving.

    It would also be a great opportunity to re-brand the team and loose all the negativity and losing tradition of the Raiders franchise. Maybe they could revive the Gunslingers’ name and ultra cool green and blue uniforms!

  28. My personal opinion, if i was a team owner, LA would be the last city I’d move my team. They have no support to the rams ot the raiders so why move to a city you have to try to generate interest. I’d like to see the a Raiders move to a modern facility instead if that sewer they play in now. If it could be accomplished in Oakland, as an NFL fan, that would be my preference but with that being unlikely I’d like to throw out a fact that was true several years ago & I’m sure still holds true. Next to LA, the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area is the largest population base in the states without an NFL team. If the a Raiders were to move there, geographically speaking it would make sense with them being in the AFC west. I’ll admit, i live in the northwest & am a diehard Hawk fan so I’m probably a little biased about wanting another team in the area. As it is now the Seahawks dominate all of Washington, northern Idaho, western Montana, & a good portion of Oregon. Another team in the area would greatly diversify the NFL gear worn around here. I walk around my small town with a Seahawk t-shirt on & it looks like I’ve been assimilated by the Borg. My personal feelings aside, as population base goes Portland makes the most sense to me aside from LA & the major difference being no matter how bad the team was it would take years of non-competitive teams before interest waned. They love their Blazers & I’m sure they would embrace any NFL team they could get. Btw, if Davis got a good GM & front office & then stayed the hell out of the way they’d be competitive inside 3 seasons if not sooner.

  29. This sucks, I really hope the Raiders don’t move. What else can Oakland do? The city of Oakland found a developer and investor (Cause Davis can’t afford it on his own) for a new football only stadium in Oakland which is a hell of lot more than the rich city across the bay did for their football team or whatever the city of San Diego has done. If Davis is so tired of the pace of politicians and investors, maybe he should he pay for his own stadium and not rely on these people to make decisions for him. Or atleast take a page from Jed York and propose his own plan. And hate on it all you want, the current Oakland Coliseum location is the best place logistically to have a Pro football stadium in the Bay Area.

  30. Those of you making fun of Mark Davis for his bowl cut probably think Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna are cool. They all have creatures living on their heads. The bowl cut is ten times better looking than most of the d-bags in “entertainment” now-a-days.

  31. No team will ever survive in L.A. – especially a team like the Raiders – who consistently need to beg, borrow & steal to survive. Be it NorCal or down here. Davis is a simply a trust fund baby who inherited a second rate asset. He’ll get offers from others to buy in & they’ll be the West coast version of the Miami Dolphins – selling off shares to celebrities who think rehab is something their friends do cleanse.

    Stay up north Mark! Maybe Mark Zuckerburg is bored & has some money laying around? You can get your own Facebook page & show off your haircut!

  32. I just want them to stay in california…love the raiders for years and decades..i hkept alot of old LA Raiders hats and shirts that are small now but just dont want them to leave the state…but one thing truly in my heart RAIDERS4EVER

  33. If they move, they should move to Fresno, CA. Fresno is in the center of California. Fans from NorCal and SoCal could come to the games on Sundays. They could call themselves the California Raiders.

  34. Raiders need the leverage because the best way to bluff is not to be bluffing.

    Love when asked what NFL player he’d like to be, Tiger Woods said on a recent PGA broadcast,
    “I’d like to be the quarterback of the Oakland Raiders.”

    Hope it works out for Buff and Oakland because of their legacy. Not sure of Jax…they surprisingly won the beauty contest when the NFL fielded offers for expansion. Me thinks it was the seed that landed on rocky soil..came up quickly and died.

  35. at this point I think the USA would be better off without all 3 west coast states; libs are out of control and overall I think these states have more negative impact on country

    in fact, screw the entire pst; tired of having to compromise to accommodate west coast

  36. If not Oakland then London in 3 years could really happen. Don’t see LA or San Antonio as real options but pressured bait. California’s economic problems are so bad that without heavy private funding staying in Oakland seems nearly impossible. The NFL is going to push the London effort because its what they want. In addition its well known the LA model is a tug a war going no place and as time has passed and the NFL has exploded its more logical to drop the rope and focus on Europe.

  37. I honestly feel sorry for the city and the people of San Antonio, L.A. or any other city linked to a move by the Raiders. They are simply used as pawns by yet another Davis in order to get a bigger, better deal from the city of Oakland.

    I feel even more sorry for San Antonio football fans because if the Raiders do move there, the fanbase will be stuck with a crappy team.

    San Antonio is a beautiful city and its residents are fantastic. They deserve better than just NFL leftovers; they deserve better than a team that has more miles on it than a mobil home. They deserve their own team.

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