Report: Texans won’t be trading for Brian Hoyer


The Texans went through the offseason without adding a starting quarterback.

The Browns had one, and drafted another.

But those dots apparently do not connect.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans “won’t be trading for” Browns starter-for-now Brian Hoyer.

It makes sense at a certain level, given Hoyer’s New England ties with Texans coach Bill O’Brien, and the utter lack of anything else at the position on the Texans roster at the moment.

But the Browns have maintained that Johnny Manziel’s going to have to earn the starting job away from Hoyer, and after one preseason game, it’s hard to declare that mission accomplished.

Hoyer was a temp from the moment the Browns chose Manziel, but there’s no reason for them to punt him now.

37 responses to “Report: Texans won’t be trading for Brian Hoyer

  1. That would be the dumbest trade ever.

    Sure… Cleveland hometown homers love Hoyer but he is not the answer.

    The Texans are so bad… they just need to raise the white flag and begin digging graves.

  2. Brian Hoyer not the answer. He had a nice 2 & 1/2 game showcase but thats it. The Texans future QB will come via NFL in 2015 . Mariota , Hundley or Winston…

  3. If the Browns have any sense at all, they won’t deal Hoyer. Even if Manziel was named starter, I’d much rather have Hoyer as #2 than Rex freakin’ Grossman.

    But… We are talking about the Browns here- so I will not be shocked at all if they trade Hoyer for a bag of chips and throw the noob rookie to the wolves… ’cause, you know, that worked out so well with Tim Couch, Charlie Frye (started 5 games as rookie), Brady Quinn, and Brandon Weeden.

  4. Good planning texans, trade your starting qb, and fail to add a competent replacement. That’s a winning strategy. My chiefs used mediocre qbs for years without a real plan. Now they have 4 good qbs on their roster. Its amazing what a good gm. And coach. can do.

  5. Why would the Texans go from 3 third-rate QBs and ‘trade up’ to a second-rate one? The only way it would make sense is if they only gave up a fifth or sixth rounder for Hoyer.

  6. Part of the holdup is that the Browns are insisting that anyone who trades for Hoyer has to take Manziel as well.

  7. “We like the guys we’ve got.”

    – said dozens and dozens of NFL GMs and HCs before they got fired

  8. Since when is Brian Hoyer even a “good” QB? Everyone in CLE is talking like this dude is a veteran. Yeah he’s a veteran in that he has been in the league for a long time, but playing wise he’s still a rookie. The sentence “Hoyer for Andre Johnson” is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard.

    Hoyer played well last year by BROWNS QB standards, not by NFL standards. First of all I don’t understand why people give him the 3-0 label when he left the third game in the second series. And second of all he has THREE interceptions against the last ranked Vikings D and beat a Bengals team who was held to 6 points!

    Oh but I forgot he played behind Tom Brady, which automatically makes him good.

    And I’m a Browns fan, not a Browns hater.

  9. Why wouldn’t they look in Washington’s direction? Offer a 3… if that doesn’t work, up the ante if its who u want.

  10. Yeah td40 because Brady Quinn played sooooo much as a rookie obviously you know so much about the Browns I mean considering Quinn threw a whopping 8 passes his rookie year, it worked so well grooming him a year and a half though didn’t it? Not. It doesn’t matter if you start a quarterback right away or not. They either have it or they don’t. You could groom them Aaron Rodgers or you could start them right away. Andrew Luck

  11. That would be great for everyone except Manziel. He’d be left in Cleveland with that stupid look on his face and nothing else.

    He’d have to play and the media couldn’t spin anymore. It would be perfect to expose him and the media crusade.

    Then Hoyer could concentrate on football.

  12. Brian Hoyer = Kevin Kolb
    Andy Reid was just better at selling his backup QB’s at a premium and fleecing other teams in the process….!

  13. Hoyer’s expendable now…they have a veteran QB in Rex Grossman…Rex can tutor Manziel how the game is played.

    Browns Superbowl bound…..NOT !

  14. What’s hilarious is how quick O’Brien named Fitzpatrick his starting QB. What a moron. If Fitzpatrick who blows is that much better than the QB from Pitt that they drafted why would you even draft Savage.

    Sounds like the blind leading the blind down in Houston. I know the Browns are clueless too.

  15. Hey David Carr isn’t walking through that door folks…well unless they sign him.

    The Texans have problems all over the roster and a QB that doesn’t know the offense isn’t going to do them much good. Better off sticking with the guys that have been in the off season program. However what about trading for Matt McGloin? Not a long term answer but someone that can manage the offense in that system and knows the corch.

    Other possibilities…what about the dude that had a nervous break down in Tampa and then tanked in Minnesota?

  16. Ruins my day…here I was hoping they were setting the bar for the Bills to be able to trade Thad Lewis for Larry Fitzgerald.

  17. Moronic they went thru the draft and free agency without addressing the QB need….owner should have stepped in and fired GM.

    Even the Raiders have 3 decent QB’s!!

  18. I’m surprised the Texans haven’t offered up Andre Johnson and 2 first-rounders for Ryan Mallett yet.

    If his 55-yard performance didn’t convince the Texans, I don’t know what will.

  19. Yeah, Fitzpatrick isn’t Top 10. But I’d still take him over “I won 2 games” Hoyer. The smart thing for Cleveland would be to trade him now while he has the illusion of value. This value will all dissipate when he opens the season 0-2 and has to watch Johnny Football take his rightful place.

  20. Vince Young is still out there. He could pick up the playbook in 5-6 yrs. Afterall, isn’t he a product of that fine Texas education system?

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