Somebody call Nelly, it’s not hot enough in here for Panthers


One of the benefits of going away for training camp was missing for the this year.

That put Panthers coach Ron Rivera in the unusual position of complaining that it wasn’t quite hot enough for his tastes.

There’s a toughness that gets built out of practicing in the heat, and we didn’t have enough of it, in my opinion,” Rivera said, via Black and Blue Review. “So hopefully we can get a real good shot of heat in the next week or so.”

Local weather guru Brad Panovich of WCNC had the numbers to back it up, saying this was the coolest Panthers camp ever, in their 20 years of business.
Coupled with the CBA-mandated days off and no two-a-days, it had a leisurely feel to it, to say the least.
The good news for Rivera and my tomato plants is that it’s supposed to clear up and warm up in Charlotte, so he might get his guys to break a sweat.

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  1. I’m a Southerner, so I like the sentiment of “heat means toughness,” but let’s be real … What kind of weather do the 49ers and Seahawks have during camp? They haven’t needed Southern heat and humidity to become the toughest kids on the block.

  2. What sticks out most is that they aren’t allowed to do two-a-days. High Schoolers do three-a-day practices… High School kids! People complain about the NFL making the sport worse, and I agree, but look at the what the CBA has done. They don’t want to work hard in the offseason because they are afraid of injuries and perhaps a little laziness. But as a result there will be much more injuries throughout the season because they aren’t prepared. The quality of football will decline as well. Very unfortunate. It used to be a sport of big mean guys that didn’t care about getting bloody and knocking the crap out of people. Now it’s a bunch of divas that just care about their next paycheck. Ok… rant over.

  3. Completely agree. It seems like there are more serious injuries happening to players than ever during training camps, and I completely believe a lot of those have to do with the ever more-relaxed approach toward offseason training and the prohibitions against contact in OTAs.

    So much of the responsibility for pre-training camp conditioning now lies solely with the players and frankly, a lot of today’s players come from a generation that has been raised with no concept of personal responsibility whatsoever.

  4. It has been a cool, wet summer for sure here in NC. My grape vines look like a mildew factory. But it looks like a good 8-10 days of hot, sunny weather on the way.

    Go Panthers

  5. I get the impression the Panthers are considering relocating their camp to a site other than Spartanburg which I hope doesn’t happen. The Panthers are in the final year of a 5 year contract with Wofford.

    The locals can’t control the weather so that’s an easy thing to complain about and give them a reason to do what they will likely do anyway. Rivera’s hot weather logic makes no sense. I’m calling BS on it.

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