Steelers sign RB Stephen Houston

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The Steelers have filled one of their open roster spots, signing rookie tailback Stephen Houston, according to Bob Labriola of the club’s website.

Houston (6-0, 225) was waived by the Patriots on Monday. He played four snaps on offense in New England’s preseason opener on Thursday, losing a fumble early in the fourth quarter.

The 22-year-old Houston played three seasons for Indiana, racking up 2,304 yards and 25 touchdowns on the ground and adding 658 yards receiving and four TDs for the Hoosiers.

The Steelers now have eight tailbacks, including Dri Archer, who is also listed as a wide receiver. They have one open roster spot.

42 responses to “Steelers sign RB Stephen Houston

  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Obviously they are so impressed with archer and the other backs they went and signed someone let go by a way better team. No winning seasons or playoff appearances since tebow knocked them out of the playoffs years ago.

  2. Steelers had 2 open roster spots and are opening up competition for the 3rd and 4th RBs on the roster. Nothing to do with being desperate. Give me a break. Funny how the first three posts are by repeated trolls.

  3. A lot of noise from the one and dones. Have you geniuses ever heard of a preseason body…not post season which you can get to but never stay beyond the first dance. Troll much Bungal boys?

  4. After Bell, Blount, Archer and fullback Will Johnson there might not be another running back spot on the 53 man roster. For the rest of the preseason they’ll be auditioning guys for the one spot for a running back on the practice squad, and maybe for guys who might hang around town in case of an injury epidemic.

    Glad to see he scares the rest of the AFCN’s fans though.

  5. Why? Is it his life-long dream to go 8-8 in the NFL?

    His real lifelong dream is to lose at home in the first round of the playoffs again and extend the streak to 24 seasons without a playoff win.

  6. I love to read the steeler haters comments. lol.

    You guys are just jealous because your team isn’t the greatest NFL franchise in history.

    I think 6 Lombardi Trophies prove that. Plus the many HoF players and loads of most memorable moments in NFL history that this great franchise has provided.


  7. I love the fans of the Bungle’s that wanna try and talk smack. 23 Years of not winning a playoff game. 23 Years!!!! Could you imagine doing your job for 23 years and never being successful at it? WOW!! Celebrating a few years of making it to the playoffs, is one thing but to smack talk? That is pure denial of class and dominance, that is the Pittsburgh Steelers!! Keep being happy that you made it to the race and never actually started racing.

  8. rnegron35 says:
    Aug 13, 2014 1:01 PM
    Damn, the steelers are loaded with haters…we love it, so keep it coming.


    I’m sorry, I had no idea we had to like the Steelers.

  9. I just love how the trolls continually show they have no clue what they are talking about. Really they aren’t happy with the RBs they have? Yeah Bell didn’t break the Steelers rookie record for yardage or anything while missing a bunch of time. I mean who would be happy with a 250 pound hammer looking for a nail in Blount who threw the Pats on his back down the stretch. Archer I mean he just took his first catch on a bubble screen 46 yards. I think all three should just be cut now. Yeah the Steelers are so old I mean 25.8 on defense and 26.1 on offense wow how are they not using walkers right now?

  10. genoatkins wins the award for the most creative steeler-basher. Most all the other posts are uncreative tebow and old jokes. Hopefully you ladies can step it up a bit.

  11. KNOCKED OUT of the playoff contention AGAIN by Andy Dalton.


    Funny Andy has knocked the Bungals out three years in a row. Consistency is admirable if you like failure……and you do for the last twenty three years. That’s longer than most of the Bungal posters on here have been out of diapers.

  12. No. Andy Dalton KNOCKED the steelers out of playoff contention the past two steelers seasons.

    REMEMBER: Tim Tebow DESTROYING the steelers in the playoffs

    Good Times!!!

  13. doctorrustbelt says:
    Aug 13, 2014 2:03 PM
    No. Andy Dalton KNOCKED the steelers out of playoff contention the past two steelers seasons.

    REMEMBER: Tim Tebow DESTROYING the steelers in the playoffs

    Good Times!!!

    How do you figure? Last game I remember was a Bungal team fighting for a bye and a Steeler team coming in and Embarrassing them. THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES HAVE MORE PLAYOFFS WINS IN THE LAST 20 YEARS THEN THE BUNGALS!

  14. It’s probably better to not respond to the trolls. There’s nothing you can say that will make them look more ignorant than how they make themselves look.

  15. Well at least Tebow did win a playoff game. Can’t say that for your Ginger QB Dalton the last 3 yrs. Actually can’t say that for any Cinch team for the past 23 yrs. Maybe you should have signed Tebow instead of the Ginger!!!

  16. With the steelers trying to produce a better run game this season, it makes sense for them to add another back. Although he was waived by another team doesn’t mean he can’t produce for the steelers. Many players have problems with one team, and thrive in another. Cam Thomas is a perfect example of that.after watching houston highlights, I believe he would definitely be good with steelers offensive setup. Especially with 2 tightend set we like to run, which would be more weapons coming out of the back field & he has great hands.

  17. Unlike some of you, I watched the first series with the Steelers starters last week. The running game looked pretty good. Some of you are in for a rude awakening when the season starts. Steelers are back!

  18. Bungle fans are so funny.We will see how they respond to both coordinators leaving for head coaching jobs. And that Tebow guy are you a Denver fan or Tebow fan? Ok where is tebow? And what happen to Denver case close

  19. Coming from the most clever and committed of Bengals-bashers, I take that as quite the compliment.

  20. Don’t get your panties in a bunch fella’s!!!! The article was about the Steelers signing a running back. It wasn’t about “my bikes bigger than yours and we’ve got all thease trophys and so on……….This kid might just be ok. Belichek probably cut the kid to prove a point! (DON’T FUMBLE!”…A change of scenery might do him some good and ya know he’ll be holding onto the rock for now on! Stay on the topic people!!!!

  21. Think about it ladies and gentlemen…..the Steelers signed a RB who was in Belicheats system. He wont make the team, but whats wrong with keeping a RB on the practice squad who has been taught the Patriots system!??? The Pats will be a team the Steelers will have to contend with come playoff time. So why not gain an advantage by having someone around the organization who has learned the Pats plays.

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