Brandon Marshall added to “Inside the NFL” cast


Bears receiver Brandon Marshall won’t wait until retiring to take a broadcasting job.

Marshall has joined the cast of Inside the NFL for the 2014 season. He’ll join fellow newcomer Ed Reed as a commentator on the show, along with holdovers Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms, and new host Greg Gumbel.

The show tapes on Tuesdays, when NFL teams are usually off, so Marshall will be free to join the show for its usual blend of panel discussions on the news of the day in the league, along with interviews and NFL Films highlights.

The longest-running series on cable television, Inside the NFL started on HBO in 1977 and moved to Showtime in 2009. This year the show will premiere on Showtime on Tuesday nights and re-air on NFL Network on Wednesday nights, the latest bit of cooperation between NFL Network and CBS Corporation, which owns Showtime. CBS has taken over production of Thursday Night Football this season and will simulcast Thursday Night Football with NFL Network for the first half of the season.

44 responses to “Brandon Marshall added to “Inside the NFL” cast

  1. Any chance Ed Reed will host a segment titled “How to steal $5M from the Texans and indirectly piss off Andre Johnson in the process?”

  2. How is Esiason considered a holdover and where is Chris Collinsworth?? Seems to me the entire cast has been revamped, except for Simms.

  3. He’s a smart guy… could be a valuable addition to the show.

    As a Bears fan though I kinda wish he wasn’t diverting his attention like this.

  4. As a Bears fan who loves Marshall, everyone must realize the more opportunity you give him to speak, the more likely he is to put his foot down his throat. I hope there isn’t a two game suspension looming from him saying something controversial on a Tuesday.

  5. I’m no fan of Ed Reed the guy but he certainly stole that money fair and square. The Texans were stupid enough to hand that ludicrous signing bonus to an injured, gimped out has-been. It’s on their medical staff, player personnel department, GM, and owner. You can stick a fork in him, and everyone knew it except the Texans.

  6. Ed Reed is out of the league. Troy is still getting Pro Bowl nods. Raven fans insert in your pipe and smoke it.

  7. Troy Polamalu has been named to the Pro Bowl 8 times in his career thus far. Ed Reed made the Pro Bowl 9 times. They were each Defensive Player of the Year once in their respective careers. Polamalu was named All-Pro 5 times in his career (so far), versus 8 times for Ed Reed.

    About the only difference between the two players is that Polamalu has one more Super Bowl ring than Reed does. Other than that, their careers are virtually the same.

  8. Personally, I don’t think active NFL players should ever be hired for gigs like this. WAY too much potential conflict of interest, etc. And as other posters have noted, there is so much opportunity for a guy in Marshall’s position to say something on the air that could come back on him or the team… better to just not present that option.

  9. I’ve always said TV needs more bipolar personalities…

    Good for Brandon to start focusing on another career while trapped under erratic Cutler QB play for the immediate future.

  10. #1) Look at the Steelers fans still bitter over the 40 burger Brandon and the Bears dropped on them last season on National TV.

    #2) Then we have the jealous Lions Trolls because Brandon gets more attention than Calvin.

    Brandon Marshall has 7 consecutive 1000 yard seasons, a top 5 receiver and continues to excel at being an outstanding human being. No legitimate reasons to hate this guy….

  11. This is the rumor Sage Rosenfels was talking about. Affects the Bears franchise and the HBO franchise.


  12. The Real Top 5 WRs in NFC North

    1. Calvin Johnson
    2. Brandon Marshall
    3. Jordy Nelson
    4. Alshon Jeffery
    5. Randall Cobb

  13. Ed Reed didn’t talk to the media very much and when he did he was often unintelligible. The guy had incredible instincts but I wouldn’t exactly call him a fount of football knowledge.

  14. stash918 says:
    Aug 14, 2014 2:00 PM
    I’m no fan of Ed Reed the guy but he certainly stole that money fair and square. The Texans were stupid enough to hand that ludicrous signing bonus to an injured, gimped out has-been. It’s on their medical staff, player personnel department, GM, and owner. You can stick a fork in him, and everyone knew it except the Texans.
    Hahaha, Ed Reed won big time. Thats awesome how you can fool a club just because you are Ed Reed


    By their 2013 Stats:
    1. Calvin Johnson 3rd in the NFL
    2. Alshon Jeffery 6th in the NFL
    3. Jordy Nelson 10th in the NFL
    4. Brandon Marshall 11th in the NFL
    5. James Jones 39th in the NFL

    Opinions don’t matter because the production says it all.

  16. 4grammarpolice says:
    Aug 14, 2014 2:55 PM

    That show ended when they fired Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti.

    I’d give this a hundred thumbs up if I could!

  17. rl7911 says:
    Aug 14, 2014 5:31 PM

    Bring in the unstable guy, it could boost ratings.

    Showtime wouldn’t want you on the show.

    What could you possibly bring to the table?

    You know absolutely NOTHING about the NFL.

  18. It’s only a matter of time before Marshall goes crazy again and is suspended for a year. Dumpster fire in Chi-Town!

  19. Top 5 WR’s in the NFC North.

    1. Calvin Johnson.
    2. Cordarrelle Patterson.
    3. Brandon Marshall.
    4. Greg Jennings.
    5. Jarius Wright.


    1. C.Johnson
    2. Marshall
    3. Jordy Nelson
    4. Alshon Jeffery
    5. Nobody on the Vikings.

  20. That show has been bad since Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti were forced out.

    It was unwatchable with Collinsworth, Simms, and James Brown hosting it. I don’t see it getting any better with Gumble, Reed, Marshall, and Esiason added to Simms.

    The best thing about the show was always the highlights, especially when the late Harry Kalas did the voice-overs.

    I’ll give it a shot, but I’ll probably end up turning it off.

  21. @ghostof34
    That’s only if you measure production in yards, while ignoring receptions and touchdowns…Marshall’s 12 Touchdowns was 2nd in the NFC North, 70 receptions for first downs was 1st in the division.. and 100 receptions was also 1st (in fact based on receptions, there’s nobody in the division within 10 of Marshall.. and the closest one to him was Jeffery)

  22. @askyeshua
    Why? He like most other players have cameras in his face within minutes of games, wins or losses. Why would it matter win or loss a few days later? He’ll talk football, for a hour or so, pick up an extra pay check and enjoy the rest of his day off before getting back into the football grind for the next game

  23. I can’t believe C Collingsworth is gone! Only thing good about that is I will cancel my Showtime. Man! I find Cris entertaining and GENUINE!! What the hell-o is wrong with you people!

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