Brian Hoyer slated to start Monday at Washington


Veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer will reportedly get his second straight preseason start at the helm of the Browns’ offense.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Browns intend to start Hoyer Monday night at Washington.

A sixth-year pro, Hoyer completed 6-of-14 passes for 92 yards in the exhibition opener at Detroit on Saturday night.

First-round pick Johnny Manziel, who relieved Hoyer Saturday night, was 7-of-11 passing for 63 yards while playing with the backups. Manziel, a celebrated collegiate player at Texas A&M, is also expected to get some first-team work vs. Washington, coach Mike Pettine said earlier this week.

Pettine has indicated the Browns want to have a full-time starter in place before the August 23 preseason game vs. St. Louis.

29 responses to “Brian Hoyer slated to start Monday at Washington

  1. It seems like the browns have already handed this job to him, pretty sad wish Johnny never went to Cleveland, wonder if the support for Hoyer would have been there if Johnny was never drafted.

  2. Top Rookie Quarterbacks :

    1. Teddy Bridgewater – Offensive Rookie of the year.
    2. Blake Bortles – Will be a solid starter in the future.
    3. Johnny Manziel – Will get injured and have a career ruined by injuries because of his playing style.
    4. Derek Carr – Bust.
    5. Rest of rookie QB’s – Bust.

  3. As a Browns fan, I agree with you, drakescounsellor: I wish John Pigskin had never come to Cleveland, either. Would have preferred to draft someone with a real future in the NFL.

  4. I hope Manziel is in against Trent Murphy so he can treat him like a old hot water heater….beat him up and throw him 10 yards

  5. I can’t wait until JM gets some real playing time so we can see how one-dimensional his game is. One read and run might beat a few marginal teams, but it’ll never fly in the playoffs.

  6. I’ll be looking for Hoyer to show he can read a defense and go to his second and third options, regardless of whether the player on the receiving end makes the play and bolsters Hoyer’s stat line. Just show you know how to read through progressions in 3-4 seconds. I’ll be comparing this to Manziel’s tendency to take off running if his #1 option is covered. That kind of offense will get people hurt in the NFL.

  7. Johnny is throwing Hoyer a bone…

    Johnny says it’s gonna be his last start for a long time…

    Hey ya’ll, don’t get mad at me… I didn’t say this, Johnny did.

    I’m just the messenger.

  8. I’m excited, as a Browns fan.

    I’m 29 years old and I was 5 years old the last time the Browns were very good. Even though all our games are sell-outs every single year nobody hardly ever talked about Cleveland and there was never much reason to be optimistic.

    Hoyer got put in a rough spot and I feel bad for him because I think he could be a solid starter, but having Johnny Football is bringing more excitement to the team than I can remember.


  9. So many bubbles bursting all over JF-land, lol. Guess it was all merely hype, trying to create a bit of competition that wasn’t really there after all.

  10. Sensible move by the Browns. If Hoyer does well, the job is his, if he sucks it up, the job is still his IMO. The Browns don’t want to start Manziel, not that he isn’t talented, but three weeks of practice isn’t enough to get him ready.

  11. YES, I know it a preseason game! None the less, the Brownies have absolutely no chance of winning this game. Even though they will probably be playing their starters much longer because of repping two quarterbacks.

  12. “…but having Johnny Football is bringing more excitement to the team than I can remember.”

    I think you’re confusing media hype and unwanted attention with excitement.

  13. I have a time machine and I just came back from the year 2018. Had a nice chat with a guy named Johnny InsuranceSaleman while I was there.

  14. Does it matter?

    Hoyer had a drive ending beautiful deep out dropped at the 9 by Austin, and had anther drive ending pass dropped inside the 5 by Gray

    As long as the Browns lead the league in drops no QB will excel.

  15. So, let me see if i understand the math of a fair and open QB competition.

    Hoyer 6yr vet with ONLY 4 starts under his belt.

    Means Hoyer is the better and more experienced QB.

    JF Highly touted Rookie with more upside

    JF clearly better in 1st game even against 2nd.

    Yep thats fair

    If you wont play the Rookie why draft him in the first place.

  16. Bridgewater Rookie of the Year, com’on man he’s not even mentioned in the Vikings QB battle. You have to start and play well to be anything in the NFL. What a HOMER!!

  17. I’m confused are they playing the Seahawks from the state of Washington or the Redskins from Washington, DC?

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