Cable says Seahawks had hoped to keep Michael Bowie


After the Seahawks waived right tackle Michael Bowie with the “injured” designation and the Browns claimed him, coach Pete Carroll suggested that the team didn’t really want to keep Bowie anyway, pointing out that he’d shown up for training camp 20 pounds overweight.

Offensive line coach Tom Cable painted a far different picture in a recent appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle, suggesting that the Seahawks still believed in Bowie and that the Seahawks expected the Browns to stay away from him.

“Typically when you waive someone injured, they kind of get through [waivers] and you’re going to get them back, fix them and move on.  Cleveland chose to take him, and whether you agree with it or not, I guess that’s business,” Cable said.  “It’s kind of an unwritten rule — you just leave each other’s injured players alone and they didn’t.”

If the Browns indeed violated an unwritten rule, they weren’t alone.  The Saints, Cowboys, and Patriots made waivers claims for Bowie, too.

Unwritten rule or not, the Seahawks were on notice that at least one of those four teams — the Patriots — had no qualms about making a claim for a player who had been waived with the “injured” designation.  The Patriots did it two years ago with tight end Jake Ballard, and again only days before Bowie was waived with running back Tyler Gaffney.

It an unwritten rule indeed exists, it’s not being respected.  And it can’t be enforced.  The Seahawks could have avoided the issue by continueing to carry Bowie on the 90-man roster until the first roster cuts and then slid him to injured reserve.  Instead of making a move with one of the other 89 players, the Seahawks took a calculated risk on Bowie, and it backfired.

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  1. Dear Tom Cable, unwritten rules are for the birds.

    If you wanted the player you keep him and throw him on PUP.

  2. It’s still a very low rent thing to say about a player. He’s waived and gone … no need to trash him.

  3. .
    A General Manager has a fiduciary responsibility to the owner and a personal responsibility to the fans. (customers) to field the best 53 he can find. Whether those players come through the draft, free agency, waivers, or from under rocks is immaterial.

    If it’s an unwritten rule, who unwrote it?

  4. Look , the O-line has been a sore spot lets face it. Bottom line here is they need as many healthy right tackles as possible competing now. JR is coming around at RG but needs stronger support at RT. The Hawks obviously did what they did for a reason and of course Tom’s not going to come out and say derogatory comments about Bowie because they do like him and he had some solid moments last year. Its important the O-line gets at least in the top 15 because at some point RW’s gona get hurt and Beast Mode can’t play forever. They brought in some vets this year for that reason along with a ton of FA linemen.

  5. The belief in the “unwritten rule” is ridiculous. Would the Seahawks have tried to slip an injured Russell Wilson through waivers? Of course not. He would have been claimed immediately.

  6. Usually i dont start hating a team until they become a dynasty, but this Seahawks team from top to bottom is just trash. The coaching staff and their incredible arrogance, players like sherman and their cheating, and the fans and their delusions. I mean, of course, your “12th man” is going to be effective. Your beating teams like the Vikings at home. I loathe this franchise.

  7. Bowie kind of sucked anyway…. He has potential but potential doesnt help you win today. With him being hurt he was going to be out the rest of the season anyway and it would likely take him another season after that to improve to anything decent… I do think they should have drafted more O line help than just Britt but now they are going to have to make due again. Thank God Wilson is the best scrambler in the NFL.

  8. Look, if the hawks took a steamy one in a paper bag and left it outside, half the league would be on it in two shakes of a kittens whiskers.

  9. What isn’t in the article from that “Bob and Groz” ESPN 710 radio interview is that Bowie came into camp 20 pounds overweight and needs major reconstructive shoulder surgery, effectively ending his year.

    If the Browns want to pick up the option on a broken player, so be it. They are in the building process and he is a young player with Super Bowl experience. But, Seattle’s timetable is right freaking now!

  10. Tom is OL coach and wants everyone.

    Pete is HC and is looking at the big picture like sending a message that winning the SB doesn’t = a start of vacation.

    Putting him on IR should worry other fans.

    Hawks are not satisfied.

  11. The Cleveland NFL Team picking up the scraps from The Seattle NFL Franchise. Sounds about right. Best of luck to him, hope he fully recovers.

  12. Back in 2009, the Browns waived-injured Don Cary thinking no one would place a claim. Cary was claimed by Jacksonville. I believe he latter played for Detroit as well. So if the “unwritten rule” was broken for a 6th round draft pick who never played a down in the NFL, the Seahawks were really stupid to believe that placing a young player on waivers that had starting experience would be left unclaimed.

  13. I love my Hawks but I say they made a big error waving Bowie instead of carrying him a couple of weeks and placing him on IR. We are carrying 4 QBs and maybe 11 WRs and 10 Dbs right now and at each of those spots there are player with no chance to make the final roster. 4 teams put in claims knowing he would have to even sit a year. Like I said he wasn’t a top tier lineman as a rookie but was solid in 3 different spots so there is some real upside.

  14. Pete no need to criticize a guy who’s already gone. After all, it now appears you were licking wounds. You will never hear sf’s coach talk badly about his players..not even a disgruntled Brandon Jacobs could draw public criticism from Harbaugh.

  15. Wow! If the Pat’s got him, Everyone would be shouting Cheater and hatred from the the far corners of the dusty web!!! The Browns do it and it’s Oh Well? Oh Well!!!

  16. Yet another small nuisance type of issue in Seatle. The problem is, there’s an awful lot of those small nuisance type of issues piling up for the Hawks. It’s hard enough (next to impossible) to repeat in the NFL under the best of circumstances – much less with all these off-season shenanigans.

  17. Pete the Cheat Carroll has been violating the written rule against defensive holding for years. He can’t complain about anyone violating any rules, written or unwritten. Fact is that he made a dumb mistake and tried to cover it up by claiming that he wanted to make an example of Bowie because he showed up overweight.

  18. The Patriot are just too darn competitive! This is cheating!!! Darn those dastardly Patriots! Darn them to …….

    Oh, Cleveland got him? Dallas claimed him too? Oh….never mind.

  19. An unwritten rule is sometimes known as a “Gentleman’s Agreement.” But, since there are no gentlemen among today’s owners, unwritten rules no longer exists.

  20. Well if it’s any consolation…Seattle took Caylyn Hauptmann from the Brown practice squad last year…he figures to play an important role on Seattle’s line this year and in the future

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