Morris Claiborne out a few days with shoulder injury


Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne said Wednesday that he’s seen “nothing” improve about his game during training camp, which appears to include his ability to avoid injuries that keep him off the field.

Claiborne went down hard on his right shoulder during Wednesday’s practice and Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Thursday that Claiborne will miss a few days while recovering. That’s not the same shoulder that Claiborne had surgery on this offseason, but that’s probably of little relief to a Cowboys team that just got Claiborne back on the field after a bout of tendinitis in the knee.

With Orlando Scandrick suspended for four games to open the year, Claiborne is in position to play an important role on defense in the early part of the season. That can only happen if he’s on the field, though, and Claiborne hasn’t been able to do that during camp. Given the way he’s played in his first two seasons, that’s not a good sign because he needs all the work he can get.

Brandon Carr, Sterling Moore, B.W. Webb, Terrance Mitchell and the recently acquired via trade with the Patriots Justin Green are other corner options for the defensively challenged Cowboys.

24 responses to “Morris Claiborne out a few days with shoulder injury

  1. This just in from the defense that just can’t catch a break….

    Ow my heart….

  2. I swear Jerry must have denied a ticket holder and his goat entry to a 96 game!!!!

  3. Remember a few years ago when the Saints defense set a record for most yards allowed in a single season? That will be a distant memory once this season ends.

  4. Claiborne is a total bust…can’t stay healthy and even when he plays he’s mediocre at best. Constantly bites on the double moves.

  5. Mo needs to go, dude was the 1st defensive player drafted in that draft and he sucks. My cowboys are going to have to score a lot this year again.. I counted 8-8 again this season though looking at the calander. They will have a top 4 offense and the worst defense.

  6. Mo needs to get away from that abysmal excuse of a franchise. Nobody on that team can stay healthy from the top down. Add in the fact that Jerry has been hiring crap for D coordinators the past two season and its really a miracle they can even get to 8-8.

  7. So glad the Bills got Stephon Gilmore (whom Peter King predicts will be in the probowl this year) instead of Claiborne. Thanks Juuuraah.

  8. If this was soccer, the Cowboys would be in danger of falling out of the NFL this Season… Thank God for Fantasy Football, because this year is going to SUCK for Cowboys fan. I still think they’ll upset the 49ers in Week 1 though. It’s just going to be one of those Week 1 flukes that happens every year.

  9. I think it has to do with individual conditioning before mini camp. There needs to be a level of condition you should be in when you report to mini camp. When you show-up over weight, out of shape. It should a penalty and a fine. You pay these guys to much money for them to be coming to camp fat. But I also think that the other are having their injuries also. So, it is what it is. Next man up. The league doesn’t wait for you.

  10. 88x the exact system that you propose is how they do it. Guys fail their conditioning test upon arrival to camp and they don’t practice until they can pass it. Included in that system guys are given a target weight and when they’re over it they get fined every day til they drop the weight.

    Most guys are pros and come in ready. Heck DAL suspended their conditioning test this season bc they thought it may have contributed to the hamstring issues. The players still elected to run it btw.

    Now with Clairborne I need to know if he has the world’s worst luck or doesn’t realize that you play thru some pain as a pro. He’s been nothing, not even a bust. Just nothing, the only player who is worse is Matt Johnson. He must have dirt on jerry bc he’s never played a down. Going on 4 yrs. It’s crazy.

  11. I actually feel bad for the Dallas and their entire fan base. Prepare to feel the way we Giants fans felt for the first half of last season, except with no rebound to look forward to in the latter half of the season.


  12. I couldn’t even pick Matt Johnson out of a lineup, but yet EVERY year we read about what a stud this guy might someday be- lol, I think he’s an urban legend.

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