Percy Harvin: I’ve found gears I didn’t know I had


At the top of the very short list of things that went wrong for the Seahawks last year was the hip injury that kept wide receiver Percy Harvin out of all but one regular season game and two postseason contests.

The Seahawks traded for Harvin and gave him a new contract in hopes that he would be a major player in their passing attack, but things didn’t turn out that way because of his hip. Listening to Harvin discuss his condition heading into this season should give the team some optimism that the desired impact has just been delayed by a year.

Harvin, who the team’s website calls the most impressive player at training camp, says he’s feeling great, practicing every day when the plan was for him to be on a more limited schedule and finding new parts of his game.

“You have no idea,” Harvin said. “My body is feeling tremendously good. I’ve actually reached some gears that I didn’t know I had. I’m feeling very, very fast right now.”

Harvin showed what his speed brings to the table in the Super Bowl with a kickoff return touchdown and a pair of big gains as a runner, a group of plays that has to whet appetites in Seattle about what an increased Harvin presence can provide them in 2014 at any gear.

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  1. So let’s see…

    Won the SB without a healthy Harvin, who was considered league MVP before the Hawks put him out when he was playing for the lowly Vikings (obligatory SKOL), now is the healthiest and fastest he’s been since college.


    Wonder how Beast will do when defenses can no longer stack the box?

  2. So let’s see…

    Won the SB without a healthy Harvin, who was considered league MVP before the Hawks put him out when he was playing for the lowly Vikings (obligatory SKOL), now is the healthiest and fastest he’s been since college.


    Wonder how Beast will do when defenses can no longer stack the box?

    Ain’t PED’S grand. Skol

  3. when you use the gears you didn’t know you had, they usually fragment, especially in Harvin’s case. I bet he hits IR by the second regular season game.


  4. Gotta love the Viking fans talking about PED’s. Wasn’t it just a little while ago that a certain Viking DT was suspended for PED use?

    Go Hawks!

  5. I bought Harvin’s jersey the year the Vikings drafted him, in 2009. Then he became a pretentious selfish diva, and let down his loyal fans. He’s a great player, and I’m still happy he’s not on our team anymore. We prefer players with good character in Minnesota. Thank goodness we finally got rid of Chris Cook too.

  6. The guy is still young and improving as a football player mentally, he had one major freak injury in his career and people are losing their perspective on how dangerous and explosive he is, stop trying to label him and just enjoying watching one of the most gifted and freakishly talented dudes of this generation. We eat your fear and jealousy like ravenous lions. Go hawks!

  7. If you don’t believe him, he’ll assault you then sit out the rest of training camp with a “migraine”.

  8. Percy is young and a phenomenal athlete. He was in the running for MVP in 2012 before he tweaked his ankle(ironically, vs Seattle). I had him on my fantasy team and watched him play a lot since I live in NFC North territory. Just the few plays he had last season with the Hawks should show what a freak he is. It will be scary to see him get better this season. I wasn’t thinking about drafting Lynch this year but this news is changing my mind. With Percy in the line up with Lynch, who are they going to defend? Just try to stack the box….
    Love it!!!

  9. C’mon, we all know this guy will get himself hurt and be on the sidelines by Week 2. I love the talent he has, and I wish he could stay healthy, but this dude is officially made of glass.

  10. I watched the rookie Richardson get four catches last week. The surprising thing on each grab was how much separation he was able to get…that kid is both fast and quick.

    Pairing him up across from Harvin with Beast in the back field is going to give defenses migraines.

  11. Huge Hawks fan here, but I got to admit when it seemed like we were going to make a big move at receiver I was kind of hoping for us to get Boldin instead of Harvin. Don’t get me wrong, my kids got a framed picture of Harvin returning the kick in the super bowl in his room and I hope he comes in this year with a vengeance and I know how explosive he can be and how valuable he will be if healthy but it really does seem like he is just too good to be true, this year against Minnesota it just seemed like every time he got hit it looked a lot more painful than when anyone else got hit. I am hoping for the best but I find it so hard to imagine him playing 12+ games, but for the record fellow Hawk fans I am definitely hoping for the best because if he stays healthy I believe our offense becomes as much of a strength as our defense currently is.

  12. Viking Fan, Seattle is lucky to have a great talent like Harvin, This year he will show why the Sea Hags traded for him, They just had a taste of what Harvin can do in the Super Bowl. Harvin when healthy can do so much as a wr/rb/kick off returner/ Other teams have to focus their defense and special teams on Harvin, Gives 100% on the field, If not for our coaches taking Ponder as their future instead of listening to Harvin as he called out his coach about the OB’s ability or lack of ability. Spielman also said he would redo Percy’s rookie contract as it was a cheap contract for a NO.1 pick if he out played the contract in the first two years. Spielman did not live up to his word. Percy responded by missing 1 day of training camp. Having a MVP season, Even with a Lousy QB, Sea Hags injured Percy on a high floating Bubble screen pass, But Percy wouldn’t come out of the game. Playing injured Percy hurt himself more after pulling up lame after a big run. Percy went on the IR and Spielman and Percy communication broke down, thus the famous line from Spielman……. We are not looking to trade Percy. Which means give me a call and will talk about it.

  13. Percy on one side
    Richardson on the other
    Lynch in the backfield
    Wilson at the helm…

    won’t just give defenses migranes
    it will lead Seattle to their second SB victory

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