Report: Browns fine Manziel, other rookies for being late to meeting


Browns rookie Johnny Manziel reportedly got off to a bad start this week when he was late to work.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Manziel and some other rookies on the team were disciplined because they didn’t show up on time to a meeting on Monday morning.

“He and a few other rookies misread the schedule and they were, I think, fined for being a couple minutes late on Monday morning,” Mortensen said on Monday Night Countdown.

Mortensen added, however, that the Browns have generally been pleased with the work Manziel has done, including showing up to the team’s facility voluntarily on Sunday when the players weren’t required to be there following the Saturday night preseason opener. And Mortensen said Manziel’s tardiness was not a factor in the Browns’ decision to start Brian Hoyer for this week’s second preseason game.

Manziel may need to have a big game against Washington on Monday night if he’s going to unseat Hoyer. The Browns are expected to choose their Week One starter by the third game of the preseason.

86 responses to “Report: Browns fine Manziel, other rookies for being late to meeting

  1. Why should he show for work on time? Partying all off season and being lackluster at practice and in the first preseason game has netted him moving up the depth chart. He’s now sharing first team reps for doing NOTHING good. Those Browns really know how to grow those QBs!

  2. “Misread the schedule” really means “was out getting drunk and high and woke up late hungover.”

  3. The Browns may or may not have found a star in Johnny Football BUT the media is doing their best to put him down.
    If Johnny was African American no media would dare say one negative thing about him … they would be too afraid of the backlash.

  4. If the NFL suspends Josh Gordon for the year, the Browns should get revenge by never letting Manziel interview or see the field this year. Bring him along slowly & let him play next year when Josh is back!

  5. LT is the only person who was allowed to miss meetings, they were afraid when he was there.

  6. How do a few of them mis-read the schedule and yet be only a couple of minutes late? “8:00? I’m sorry coach, we all thought it said 8:04.” Sounds like the Browns are already making excuses for him

  7. He was only late because he was out partying…give the kid a break. Besides, it’s not like Cleveland is going to contend for a Super Bowl.

  8. I will take Sammy and the draft pick we gave you guys any day over Johnny Coke Head. Keeping up with your future QB’s antics has been fun on TMZ. Sammy’s been a pro, getting in early, working hard and being more than we ever expected

  9. I wonder if Justin Gilbert, the REAL Browns first round draft pick was late. How many of 1st round picks were late this year? Right now, as I see it, JFF is in the same league as Josh Freeman and Ryan Leaf. He’ll have to improve to be Tebow, and really tear to up to equate to Brandon Weeden. Good show JFF!

  10. vancouversportsbro says: Aug 14, 2014 7:32 PM

    This is all a facade. He will win more rings than Brady and Montana combined.


  11. Coach P: “Dang it JFF, you’re late. You know what that means. Big fine. What were you doing this weekend anyway?”

    JFF: “Coach, I was just working on tightening my spiral and I lost track of time.”

    Coach P: We’ll, show me”.

    JFF P: “I can’t. I don’t have my wallet. Got a 50 I can borrow?”

  12. All you people saying that Manziel is not a leader because he was late one time are pathetic. If the world passed judgement on you and basically called you worthless because you were late to work one day, would you think it true? But I’m sure you’ve never, ever been late to work right? And for the record I hate Manziel. You people bitch about athletes getting treated differently then everyone else, but then do the same thing.

  13. This kid sure gets a lot of ink for not even attempting a regular season pass yet. I can see him getting wall-to-wall coverage in Cleveland. But, quite frankly, until he plays my team I could care less about him.

    I honestly think the media does this on purpose because it’s a no-lose situation for them. If he sucks, they beat the “bust” drum. If he is good, we get the fluff Brady pieces.

    For the Browns fans, I hope he is as good as even half the hype. You guys deserve it.

  14. I will take Sammy and the draft pick we gave you guys any day over Johnny Coke Head. Keeping up with your future QB’s antics has been fun on TMZ. Sammy’s been a pro, getting in early, working hard and being more than we ever expected

    ————————————————————-Too bad the Browns used the Bills pick on Gilbert + your pick next year. Manziel came from the Trent Richardson trade. By the way Gilbert has looked quite impressive!

  15. Just remember Johnny, TFND!

    Never forget the haters that just want to hate, just bring the game.

    When you are starting, they will be the ones eating dirt, god knows they live in it.

    Go Johnny!

  16. All these conservative old men love to hate on Johnny, last time I checked Hoyer played 2 full games for the browns and threw 3 picks in one of them. We haven’t had a good qb in years then one guy looks average and he’s the savior.

  17. Hey Buddy if your mad because your QB keeps getting caught doing things a leader should not do its okay it has nothing to do with his skin color he seeks out the attention and the media gives it to him. You don’t see Breezy, Manning, Rogers or any other QB deal with this. Johnny could be purple and they would cover him the same way. This is a football site man, take it to Breitbart or The daily caller site no one wants that garbage here

  18. Funny how the other rookies names weren’t mentioned. If their top pick Gilbert was one of them? Would the cyber clowns start hating on him as well? Manziel fascinates most of you so called “football fans” go watch some tape of your own teams instead of trolling Manziel. Just because he is a millionaire/gets hotter women than any of us will ever get, is no reason to hate on him. Jealous will get ya nowhere in life

    Not a Browns fan.

  19. He may be working very hard. But relative to how hard the top QB’s work, he’s not.
    I’m sure there are plenty of guys who work very hard and tell themselves they’re doing as much as they can. Then there is Ray Lewis. Then there is Manning.

  20. Browns only leaked this info to justify their idiotic decision. Most dysfunctional franchise in all of professional sports.

    This has 14 loss season written all over it

  21. Mr. Football needs to upgrade his money phone to one with an alarm. Johnny will grow up and be a big boy one day hopefully, then he will have no problem being a Pro Bowl quality QB. Apparently, he’s content being average, half assen his way through his rookie season. Too cool for school.

  22. I am sorry for the fans of the Browns. You guys deserve way more than this guy to be the future of your franchise. This guy will go down on the gag reels of big mistakes. The hubris of youth without the willingness to master the craft will destine him to fail at the NFL level.

  23. Let the Manziel circus begin.
    Bridgewater=desire to learn/get better vs
    Manziel partying/sleeping/late to work. Not a good sign for rookie. Cut him. LOL!!!

  24. As a 40 year Browns fan (gosh, that SUCKS!). I’m officially over all this. At first it was cool to get a little national love but I’m tired of Johnny and Brian talk. Truth be told I don’t think either can win big in the NFL.

  25. Johnny Manziel haters – “Waaaahhhhhh I hate Johnny Manziel because the media covers him all day and he’s all i hear about waaaahhhh…oh look he was a “few minutes late” for a meeting.. let’s bash him!!”

  26. It is a big deal. He is trying to win over his team mates and get the starting job. I would bet good money that the vets on this team notice what he is doing and if he is late and they would say something about it. Being a leader is about showing up on Sunday when he didn’t have to you are right. But being a leader (which a QB is) is also about being on time because it isn’t all about Johnny Fratboy it is about building a TEAM.

  27. Some people on here speak when they have no idea what there talking about. I don’t really like the kid but If you know anything about football unlike majority of the career jv players on here, he played a hell of a game the others night 7-11 and could have easily been 9-11 with 2 badly dropped balls .. And made plays with his feet.. If I was choosing off one game I’d go with the guy who did more with a lot less

  28. Trying to figure out how anybody can misread a schedule and be a “couple minutes” late for a meeting in a team facility where the majority of other players are attending the same meeting. Seems like misreading a schedule would result in you being WAY late.

  29. Brady gets bashed because he’s great, Manning gets bashed because he’s great, and Manziel gets bashed because you know he’s gonna be great!

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