Romo’s playing time in preseason debut not determined yet

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo recently said that he’ll play in the team’s next preseason game, on Saturday night against the Ravens.  But how long will Romo play?

Typically, a starting quarterback who isn’t facing a challenge from an upstart rookie remains on the field for as long as the rest of the starting offense does.  So logic and common sense would suggest that Romo will play for as long as the No. 1 offense plays.

As we understand it, however, no decision has been made regarding Romo’s playing time on Saturday night.  It could be a drive, it could be a quarter, it could be the entire duration of the No. 1 offense’s time on the field.

The uncertainty underscores the tenuous state of Romo’s health.  Jerry Jones has declared Romo to be 100 percent, but the facts suggest otherwise.  And even if Romo is, or ever gets back to, 100 percent, Romo may not remain there for long once he starts getting hit.

The entire situation feels ominous, and the Cowboys seem to be ignoring what may be inevitable because, first, there’s not much they can do and, second, admitting to any concerns about Romo will serve only to make the decision not to draft Johnny Manziel more glaring.

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  1. Not sure what the health of Romo has anything to do with not drafting a QB that is very likely going to be out of the league due to a lack of performance.

  2. The Manzell line is already turning into a carbon copy of the Randy Moss story. Every writer will bring up that Jerry Jones passed on Manzell, but never mention that 20 other teams passed on him too, including several that need a QB a lot more than Dallas does. There is a reason that Manzell fell as far as he did. Very big risk with a fair chance of him being a bust.

  3. Wouldn’t attempt to read to much into it.

    Typically the starting QB will play a series or two in a preseason game. If they drive down the field and score, I would say he is done for the night but if they have a short drive with no score, he comes back in.

  4. An NFL worst defense gets you an 8-8 season.

    I’ve watched every Cowboy game since 1998 and I have not once seen Romo line up on defense.

    And I’ll admit if I’m wrong, but has a team with a bottom 5 defense ever done very well overall?

  5. People still crying about the defense. What has a bottom-5 defense ever got you? It got the Patriots a runner-up finish in the Super Bowl. A couple of years ago people were saying it wasn’t Romo, it was the OL. Its always something for the Romo fanboys but its never the fact that he’ll throw a pick in the absolute most inopportune time of the game.

    Cowboys defense has been overall top-1o multiple times in Choko’s career and he has nothing at all to show for it. If it wasn’t for the fantasy football nerds who love his “numbers” he would have been out of the league a long time ago.

  6. kmartin173 says:
    Aug 14, 2014 4:35 PM


    First, I admit I was wrong. The Patriots took a bottom 5 defense to the Super Bowl. It’s rare, but can and does happen. I was wrong.

    Second, really, name calling “Choko” what are 9? Your mommy should have taught you better.

    Third, from what I can see the Cowboys have once had a top 10 defense with Romo as the starter and they made the playoffs that year (2009), I think that makes my point, better than it does yours.

    Last, please don’t tell me you honestly believe Romo remains in the league because of fantasy football. I admit Jerry makes odd personnel decisions but do you really believe he retains Romo because “fantasy fooball nerds” want him to?

  7. Pacificdan, your defense doesn’t turn the ball over at the worst possible times either.. It takes a team to win, but you can’t excuse romo as if he’s not somewhat responsible

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