Rosenfels hints at “crazy” rumor

Getty Images

During his playing career, quarterback Sage Rosenfels became best known for his on-field homage to John Elway, which had a slightly different ending.  As Rosenfels slides into a potential media career, he could be attempting to perform an off-field homage to Jay Glazer.

The ending to this one is still to be determined.

On Wednesday, Rosenfels said on Twitter that he’s “[h]earing a crazy #NFL rumor,” and that “[i]f/when [it’s] confirmed, it [will] hugely affect two franchises.”

Rosenfels later said that he’s trying to confirm the rumor, acknowledging (in jest, it appears) that he could be beaten to the punch by the likes of Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen, or Glazer.

Of course, it may never be confirmed, which means we’ll never know whether Rosenfels’ latest move ends with a fumble, a Super Bowl win, or something in between.