Ryan Shazier could miss another game


The Steelers’ offseason workouts led to a lot of buzz about the role that first-round pick Ryan Shazier is going to play on defense during his rookie season, but the linebacker hasn’t been able to back it up in a game yet.

It may be at least another week before that happens. Shazier missed the team’s preseason opener with a knee bruise and he has yet to return to a full practice schedule this week. That leaves him questionable for Saturday’s game against the Bills, a designation he shares with linebacker Jarvis Jones. Jones had a sack against the Giants, but a groin injury has left his status for this week’s game in doubt. With Vince Williams recovering from a concussion, it could leave coach Mike Tomlin’s team short at linebacker.

“We’re going to play everybody healthy and capable of playing,” Tomlin said, via ESPN.com. “We’re going to hold out until the 11th hour in terms of making a decision whether they are available or not and try and give everybody an opportunity to play in the football game.”

One guy who won’t be answering the call is long snapper Greg Warren. Warren tore the meniscus in his knee and is likely out for several weeks, including the start of the regular season, while he recovers.

26 responses to “Ryan Shazier could miss another game

  1. Bust.

    Anthony Barr will be the best linebacker from this draft class and it won’t even be close.

    Future Hall of Famer Anthony Barr*

    Ryan Shazier is a 5th round type prospect that got drafted too early.

  2. Let’s remember that Dallas, who picked behind us, was ready to take Shazier. In fact, they had made the call to either him or his agent as they did not think Pitt would take him.

  3. I’m gonna wait ’til the 11th hour
    Before I write 53-man roster down
    I’m gonna wait ’til the 11th hour
    When there’s no one else around

    I’m gonna dress some, bench some, cut some
    and do all those things and them some in the 11th hour

  4. “Bust.”

    I’m all for giving the Steelers a hard time, but I like reality too much to join you there

  5. As a Ravens fan, I respect the hell out of their front office and coaching staff, its the reason our two franchises have been able to enjoy such a great rivalry.

    That said, I really scratched my head when they picked Shazier over C.J. Mosley. Hopefully Shazier can get healthy and be a big contributor for them, but the extremely early round 1 results would have to go to Mosley so far. He was all over the field in his first preseason game and by all accounts has been nothing short of amazing for a rookie in practice. Hopefully Shazier can get going soon and make it into a hell of a battle for defensive rookie of the year between two great rivals.

  6. Knowing that the defensively-inept Cowboys allegedly were about to draft Ryan Shazier if the Steelers hadn’t really makes me feel a lot better. I mean, no one defensive talent like the Cowboys.

  7. Better to sit another game. Its only the preseason against the Buffalo Bills. I hope he’s back by next week so he can get a couple preseason games in before the real hitting starts.

  8. Ah the season is almost here judging from all the Steeler sages spewing their usual drivel.

    The Steelers need to err on the side of caution as they will need him this season. Also I have faith in LeBeau much more than I do in a self anointed Steeler Expert. Makes sense One has been on the field for fifty years the other on the couch so it’s not a difficult choice.

  9. I am shocked that neither bobz nor citizens blamed Ben for the Steelers drafting Ryan!

    In all seriousness, if the guy is hurt, you should not play him now. No need to do something stupid to delay his ability to play when the games count. By accounts I have read, he has done pretty well in training camp. Time will tell if Ryan pans out. Let’s see what he does on the field when the games count. But to label him a bust now just shows a complete lack of credibility in football knowledge.

  10. You bust predicters are clearly displaying wishful thinking. By week 3 you’ll see he’s the fastest lb in the league. And it won’t be comparable. This kid is crazy fast. He covers wr ‘s in camp and we have some seriously fast cats on our squad.

  11. ahostile, I think I’ll trust the assessment of Colbert, LeBeau & Co when deciding who to take into their linebacker factory.

  12. While you mock and jeer, Sean Spence is having a very good camp. Keeping sleeping on Sean Spence while you focus on Shaizier. Let Shazier rest and get healthy while Spence opens eyes and shuts mouths.

    He’s the one I want to “ear hole” Ray Rice.

  13. Look at the Ravens last 6 drafts. I laugh until my stomach hurts at how you can say anything about draft busts. There’s at least 3 out of the last 6 entire Raven drafts that are bust.

  14. So uh, any of you Shazier doubters still want to comment after Saturday Night’s game?

    Anyone? Anyone?

    Barr? Ha ha! Mosley? Ha ha! They can’t carry Shazier’s 4.38 40-running jock.

  15. Keep talking haters about Shazier! Meanwhile he just had an excellent and i mean excellent first game against the Bills. He is everything as advertised. I love this pick. We also have Spence back. This defense is already showing some fire Shazier will be very good.I cannot believe calling him a bust before he ever plays his first game. shakes my head

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