Saints loved their time in “Almost heaven, West Virginia”


While Panthers coach Ron Rivera was worried his training camp wasn’t quite hot enough, Saints coach Sean Payton loved the cool break he got.

And everything else about staying at The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.

They already planned to come back the next two years, but their experience had Payton ready to make it a permanent home.

“Really, honestly, with the experience that we’ve had … we’d like to be back here for a lot longer than just that,” Payton said, via Mike Triplett of “The setup is outstanding. And the ability to kind of stay in an enclosed environment, I think the people here have been great, I think everything about it.  We start putting down notes as to maybe changes for next year, and it’s less than a page. There isn’t a whole lot.”

The Saints were mostly grateful for the weather, where it stayed in the 60s compared to the oppressive heat and humidity of Louisiana.

“The challenge from 62 to 92 degrees will be significant,” Payton said.

And the challenge of being farther away from Florio greater still.