You read that right: Christian Ponder is open to a trade

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Christian Ponder is open to a trade.

In other news, I am open to being the catcher for the Cincinnati Reds.

Yes, the former Vikings first-rounder looks at the wall, sees the writing upon it, and has offered himself up for the good of the team and himself.

“There are benefits for me being here,” Ponder told Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “I’m learning a lot. It’s less stressful. At the same time, I’ve always got to be ready, because football’s a crazy game. I could play at some point. But it’s an opportunity for me to learn. I do really feel like it’s going to benefit me in the long run.

“If something happens — I get traded, or there’s an opportunity elsewhere to play — I want to play. But this is where I am right now. I can’t control it.”

Ponder’s smart enough to know that getting benched for Matt Cassel and then reduced to third string when they drafted Teddy Bridgewater means his future is not likely with the Vikings.
But with a guaranteed $1.76 million salary, it’s also unlikely anyone’s trading for him.

To his credit, the Vikings say Ponder is being a good soldier.

“For as hard as it’s been for [Ponder], he’s been a true pro’s pro, and I know how difficult that is and the circumstances he’s in right now,” General Manager Rick Spielman said. “But Christian has done everything asked, has really worked his tail off, and I think he should be commended for that, too. Very easily, it could’ve become a distraction, and he’s been nothing but positive with the current circumstance he’s in.”

So in case anyone’s interested, Rick’s phone is probably on.

Just like mine is, waiting for the Reds to call.

89 responses to “You read that right: Christian Ponder is open to a trade

  1. Well, maybe the 49ers want to give another pick for another bust… they sure got suckered for Gabbert; Ponder is flat out better, which isn’t saying much, but hey, who knows?

  2. Glad to see that the best GM in the business, Rick Spielman, is handling with the utmost class. I would expect nothing less. We are so blessed to cheer for this team with the best management, best coaching staff, and best ownership in all of football.

    Skol Vikes!

  3. Look folks there are 31 other teams out there, a season ending or lengthy injury to a starter or backup on another team will surely happen. At that point “Slick Rick” will manage to get a decent draft choice or active player in exchange for Ponder.

    Been saying this for four months now and it will happen. It will happen at some point this year.
    The Vikings only owe him 1.76 mil. and will keep him if “need” be. But the “need” will be much greater for another team in due time.

  4. It’s amazing how short the window is for QBs to succeed. He should keep plugging away and keep learning. Look at what Cassel has done. He’s still competing for a starting job. Got to keep at it. Ponder is decent and if he ends up being a perennial back up, that’s not such a bad career.

  5. How does a GM spend a Top-15 pick on a QB, have said QB crash to 3rd string after 3 seasons, and still have a job?

    Spielman better pray Bridgewater works out. Very few GMs get a second chance at solving the QB position; no one gets a third.

  6. 1.76 mil is about 35 times what someone paid 50k a year makes, for a job that will likely have you as an inactive on every game day. He’s got nothing to complain about.

  7. The best franchise in sports will get a deal done.

    Rick Spielman will work his usual magic and swap Christian Ponder for a 5th round pick to a team like the Texans.

    Every team in the NFL looks up to us for a reason.

    Look at our past 3 drafts.

    Matt Kalil (Pro Bowl his first season)
    Harrison Smith (One of the top Safeties in the NFL)
    Cordarrelle Patterson (Pro Bowl his first season)
    Xavier Rhodes (One of the top rookie cover corners ranked by PFF)
    Sharrif Floyd (Not enough playing time to say)
    Anthony Barr (Elite talent and a steal)
    Teddy Bridgewater (Future all pro and our franchise QB)

    He’s made a Super Bowl winning team in 3 years.

    This is why we are the greatest.

    We Define History.

  8. Normally this is where one would start to connect the dots and say “Player X knows the offense that Team Y now employs under Coach Z.”

    Unfortunately for Ponder, the Bill Musgrave offense & coaching tree is non-existent.

  9. Vikings should have let me or anyone else make that pick for them. Why they took Ponder in the first round is still an absolute mystery to me. The kid wasn’t all that great in college

  10. The Vikings wasted a pick on Troy Smith, oops, I mean Teddy Bridgewater, and have banished Ponder, whom led them to the playoffs two years ago. This franchise will never win a thing. You have one of the best RBs in the NFL, you had one of the best DEs in history in Jared Allen, you had one of the best WRs in history in Randy Moss. Nuff said. Have fun with Teddy Bridgewater, haha. Ponder will find a way back as a clipboard holder at least, Bridgewater will be coaching High School football in four years.

  11. Rich Gannon didn’t have the best long ball either, uh, didn’t he wind up as a triple Pro-bowler.

    Just sayin’

  12. If the Reds were to give you the full-time Catcher job next year, what do you think your stat lines would look like?

    I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself, since the scenario of letting a good potential ball player slip away is a frightening thought that must be avoided if there’s any chance you could be the real deal.

  13. I actually think Ponder was a victim of many bad circumstances. Being drafted too high, working with the Frazier/Musgrave led Vikings. Not saying he ever would of been better,maybe somewhere else? He seems like a good guy though, hope you get another chance kid.

  14. I heard ponders been faking it this whole time. He thought his terrible play would get him traded or cut so he wouldn’t have to live Minnesota anymore. To go from Texas to FL to MN… ouch

  15. Not for nothing but I would give up a 7th rounder for Ponder if I was the Dolphins instead of signing Brady freaking Quinn. Plus if you’re going to be a 3rd string QB better to do it in South Beach as opposed to Minnesota in the fall.

  16. No, really? Ya, think!?
    Let’s see though, be a backup and make 1.75 mil or be cut and sell insurane, hmm….

  17. I’m pretty sure the NFL does not allow trades to the Canadian or Indoor football leagues.

    I realize it was just a year ago that the Viking trolls were predicting a big year for Ponder. Reality is a bitch and so are last place finishes in the NFC North otherwise known as destiny for the Vikings.

  18. .
    Ponder may be salvageable if he goes to another organization. The Cardinals, under Bruce Ariens, might be a good spot.

  19. Rick Spielman is a decent GM but he can’t find QBs. His stint in Miami was mired in not finding a QB and here in Minnesota, it’s the same story, except for the brief period when Favre landed in his lap. Good luck with Teddy, Rick.
    Maybe Ponder can make it as a backup but he was overdrafted and can be considered a bust.

  20. I feel very bad for Ponder. He was drafted far too high (not his fault) in a desperate move by an organization long in search of a franchise QB.

    Ponder is a guy that most scouts believed was a backup caliber NFL prospect who could eventually develop into a starter over time. But he was never seen as a guy who was worth the 12th overall pick in the draft, or as a starter right out of college.

    Furthermore, the coaching he had during prior to this season was less than stellar. The biggest improve on the Viking offense this season will not come from the QB position, but instead from the new OC Norv Turner.

    Ponder does need a change of scenery, and I hope he gets a real shot with good coaching. He has been a class act throughout all of this. And one fact remains: Ponder is the only QB on the Viking roster that has lead this team to the playoffs.

  21. Vikings should have let me or anyone else make that pick for them. Why they took Ponder in the first round is still an absolute mystery to me. The kid wasn’t all that great in college


    Yeah, vikes should have robert quinn coming off the edge right now. i was so happy when he was still available at 12…then we drafted ponder.

  22. Every team needs a third QB. He may well be the best QB3 in the NFL. I’m not complaining. If he’s in the game there is a problem. If your 3rd QB is in the game, there is always a problem.

  23. I’m guessing Christian will bounce around the league for a while. He was also victimized by the coaching staff last season. If Tarvaris Jackson can remain in the league, surely Ponder can find a place.

  24. I realize it was just a year ago that the Viking trolls were predicting a big year for Ponder. Reality is a bitch and so are last place finishes in the NFC North otherwise known as destiny for the Vikings.
    i don’t know of any vikings fans that were expecting a big year from ponder last year. we were hoping he would at least be serviceable but mostly we knew he was not good.

  25. Ponder is way too healthy to draw the attention of the Seattle Sea-Gulls.

    They prefer their ex-Vikings on the gimpy side.

    Ponder’s biggest fault was starting under Frazier and Bill Mustlose.

    He may have been a first round reach but this guy will spend some more years in the NFL and he has taken his team to the playoffs in the past.

  26. An epic bust by Spieladope much like all his other picks who took them straight to the division cellar. Now at first glance “tiny hands” appears to be in a dead heat with Ponder with his poor performances.

  27. Good — because he won’t see a snap in a regular-season NFL game as a Viking this season.

    Go away, already, Christian. The fans have watched your useless play for far too long. Feel sorry for you? You should feel sorry for us..

  28. ragnarthemagnificent said: “If Tarvaris Jackson can remain in the league, surely Ponder can find a place.”

    Yup. You nailed it. To which I’d add: Charlie Whitehurst, Tyler Thigpen, Curtis Painter, Caleb Hanie, the other Carr guy who backed up Eli, Drew Stanton, etc., etc.

    Ponder will be back in the league, but if Gabbert continues to poop his bed in SF, consider the trade value of Ponder to be ZERO.

  29. No question this guy isn’t good, ok he is south of good but he would immediately improve Buffalo or Texas. Jokes aside when you see a team this year pick up a street free agent and give him the 3 day playbook crash course think back on this moment and ask yourself if losing a chance to make the playoffs (playoffs!) is worth a conditional 7th pick.

  30. Would be the best player at any other position on the Vikes.. Horrible team/franchise.. At least now they will be playing a stadium better suited to there level of play

  31. I like the Vikings fans saying he can go to GB and play any number of positions. October 2 is coming quick. That gives them 4 games until all the talk stops. I wonder what excuses these delusional fans will make after that.

  32. You remind me of myself Ponder. I used to hang in a dive bar (Frazier led Vikings) destined to find a wife. Most were big, ugly and hairy but i settled for one. Then the owner sold and it became a trendy club(Zimmer led Vikings) full hot chicks….we can only dream about what could of been Christian….

  33. Ponder’s play has not been good, but let’s be honest. Have the Vikings EVER drafted and developed a quarterback? Maybe it’s the organization. These are fans that boo the home team after going down 7-0 in their first home playoff game in 10 years. Imagine a 22 year old not responding well to that!?

    Add to that, a coaching staff (Frazier) with zero, zero, ZERO experience developing a young quarterback and a GM who brings in McNabb to mentor him. And fills the locker room with talented cast-offs that are not on their former team due to character issues.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Joe Montana would have flamed out if he touched Minnesota soil.

  34. Manhattan Beach has a great co-ed flag football league. I am the current starter. I will not promise Ponder will start, but we will have an open competition.

  35. Enough of that wasting AP’s career bull. He fumbled away the SB and is the first to admit it, nothing has been wasted. Wasted was that quitter Barry Sanders the day before training camp.

  36. I watched him closely against the Raider (at the game). He should have cleaned up against 3rd string corners, but he made the same mistakes he’s made since being in MN. Its clear he has hit his ceiling and isn’t going to get any better. The Vikings can’t get anything for him and have to eat his contract. At this point he’s a scout team arm and thats it. Not sure how good he is at that role either. Bridgewater was better than him the day he showed up at the airport.

  37. I’m no Ponder fan (OK, so maybe I’m a Samantha Ponder fan) but he is better than most any 2nd string QB in the league right now, and even a few starters…..Fitzpatrick, Schaub, I’m talking to you.

  38. As a Giant fan, I’d love to see us trade Nassib for Ponder, or maybe a 6th round pick for Ponder. He obviously won’t start over Eli anytime soon but it would be nice to develop him more and maybe become a starter down the line.

    Nassib sucks.

  39. Christian is a decent QB on paper. But when you start to watch him in the game, what you’ll find is when he does make a mistake, it makes it at the very absolute worst possible times, either a) in the red zone, b) his own end zone, c) right after our D did something positive to change momentum our way.

    He lacks intangibles, except at being bad.

  40. I watched his preseason play last week and he doesn’t really look like he wants to play. Ponder is a nice guy and he’s saying all the right things. He doesn’t want to be a distraction and that is to be commended. However, he does know he is trying to audition and all I saw from him last week were the same behind the WR and off target passes from 3 yards away. Also, I saw a lackluster effort.

    Although I don’t think he ever really progressed like he should have, he’s always looked optimistic while playing. But last week it looked as though he’d rather be sitting on the bench or in a broadcast booth. Just my observation of course but that was my perception.

  41. Ponder suck at FLA.ST. and suck with the Vikings, It like having Homer Simpson as your QB, Keeps making the same mistakes over and over. Cant teach him how to read a defense on the field, but can do it in the class room, Ponder is the greatest practice QB as was Troy Williamson as a WR.

  42. Ponder is not stupid. He will take this opportunity to get off the worst team in all of sports. He knows they will never win a superbowl. Any other team in the league would have a better chance.

  43. The Vikings defense blew last year. Ponder was not sensational, but neither was Freeman or Cassel. He is a big boy, he can take your abuse. But had he played with an average NFL defense, who knows. By the way, Teddy, good kid, he isn’t the answer. He will never understand Turner’s offense.

  44. What is funny is that Ponders 4th quarter in Preseason was his worst looking game he has had in awhile, and it still was better than any of the QB’s had on the 49rs for the entire pre-season, Kaepernick included. Gabbert was a bust, MBT has never proved to be anything but a young scrub with an arm. Ponder has legs, smarts and good deep fades with accuracy. He knows how to keep drives alive, if he can’t do it with his arm he can do it with his legs. He would be a perfect back up for Kaepernick. His 4.5 40 time and elusive running skills will become useful. AFTERALL, he DID scorch the 49rs on Monday night football with a 3TD O INT , game. The only QB or RB to have a Rushing TD on the 49rs up to that game 4 of 2012. He had 5 perfect games (no Interceptions)to start that season with a healthy Percy Harvin. and ended up 10-6, and Beat Arron Rodgers and Green Bay to get into the playoffs. Just saying he isn’t a bust, just stuck in Minnesota. He never was beat out by Cassel or Bridgewater. His last NFL game he had a Passer rating of over 100, and a Win. Not sure how playing for a team who has a bad defense killed his career. They just thought Matt Cassel had a greater upside. I am not so sure. But he would make a great back up in San Francisco.

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