“A Football Life” looks at Sean Taylor this year

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Last year, when NFL Network’s excellent “A Football Life” series tabbed Matt Millen for the full-hour treatment, I wondered whether the powers-that-be had run out of ideas.

Fortunately, they haven’t.  Via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, this year’s edition of the program will include an in-depth look at the late Sean Taylor.

It’s long overdue.  Taylor, who entered the league in 2004 as a top-10 draft pick, quickly became one of the best young defensive players in the NFL.  He overcame some off-field issues as he matured as a player and as a man, but then he was killed in his home during a burglary gone bad in November 2007.

Nearly seven years after his death, Taylor remains beloved in Washington and remembered throughout the NFL.  Especially by Brian Moorman.

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  1. Sean was able to transition into a ballhawk in his final season thanks to the arrival of Landry. I believe he had 4-5 picks over his first half of the season before suffering a knee injury. He had the potential to revolutionize the position and he was such a specimen. I believe that he would be well on his way to the Hall if he had not passed. I hope that they give an in-depth look into the man and not just focus on the negative headlines.

  2. Anybody watch the Michael strahan football life on nfln? Yknow, the one right after the hall of fame ceremony, where halfway through they cut out to “latest news” to talk about basketball and then never resumed it? Yeah…

  3. Way overdue. Had his career stayed on the path it was heading not only would he be the best safety in the game, but he just might have been the first and maybe only $100 million dollar safety, and having Dan Snyder would’ve made that even more possible. He was already one of the best after just 4 years he would’ve been one of the greatest after 4 more, and maybe Top 2-3 by the time his career was over …. The RIGHT way.

  4. Taylor jerseys are still one of the top 5 you see at Fedex on any game day. Football aside, he finally grew up during the last year of his life. He is very much missed in Washington and will always be in the Redskins ring of honor.

  5. I’d like to see less Football Life’s about current players and more about the old players, historic games, etc.


    Sterling Sharp

    Ronnie Lott

    Anthony Muñoz

  6. miss Sean very much

    kid had become a man and talent was always extraordinary

    he would probably be the dominant safety in the league right now.. a better in prime Palamalu

    just imagine what he would have meant and mean to the Redskins; imagine that safety crew of him and Laron Landry

    wish those punks were extinct..hear they are getting free room and board down in Florida

    RIP Sean, you are missed!

  7. Still have my #21 towel they gave out to fans at Fed Ex for the first game after he passed away — hangs on my bulletin board in my office.

    The most bizarre game ever — began with Gregg Williams deliberately sending only 10 guys out to play defense before inserting Reed Doughty as the new free safety on the 2nd play. Touching video tribute to Sean at half time. Ended with the Bills winning on a last-second field goal, which was made much shorter because Joe Gibbs called back-to-back timeouts to “ice” the kicker, resulting in a 15-yard penalty.

    But good grief, what a player he was. 230 pounds, ran like the wind, hit like a missile, soft hands snagging picks. Could play single high safety and cover the entire deep field with his range. Could move up and play man on TE’s and even WR’s in the slot. Could blitz. Blew people up in run support. Just awesome.

    RIP Sean, you were phenomenal.

  8. One of the greatest Redskins to ever play…a total beast. Sean will forever live in the hearts of Redskins Nation.
    RIP Sean

  9. I still cry over his passing. what incredible football player, never seen anybody play that well at that position. Sean Taylor will live in our memory forever. The Redskins I believe should retire Sean Taylor’s number 21

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