Blake Bortles to play quarter with starters against Lions

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All offseason, we have heard that the plan in Jacksonville is for Blake Bortles to spend his rookie season as a backup quarterback behind Chad Henne.

Until Henne is on the field in the regular season opener, there will be people wondering if Bortles can force a course correction with his strong play in the preseason. That group will only grow if Bortles were to turn in the same kind of strong performance while playing with the starters, something he hasn’t had a chance to do yet.

That will change next week. Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that Bradley announced on Friday that Bortles will play a quarter with the starters when the Jags face the Lions next Friday night in Detroit. Bortles will also work with the first team at practice leading up to the game.

Giving Bortles time with the starters will, at the very least, give the Jaguars an idea of how he’d handle the job if he’s thrust into the lineup during the regular season. If Bortles plays well, though, Bradley and company will have to reassess their decision since there’s no reason to leave Bortles as the quarterback of the future if he’s the best choice in the here and now.

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  1. Gus was on the Seahawks staff when they went with an experimental third round qb named Russell Wilson. How did that turn out for them?

    Good luck Gus, you’re still well respected in Seattle.

  2. Watching this guy call the offense and change plays at the LOS in only his 2nd game was magical. I see Bortles having a similar or better career than Big Ben.

  3. It is such a nice problem to have. Bortles is the anti-Gabbert. Gabbert was good in practice, and then he shrank in the games. Bortles is a gamer. He’s okay in practice, but when the lights go on, he becomes elite.

    Shad Khan needs to give Dave Caldwell a million dollar bonus.

  4. If hes ready, then hes ready. That would be a huge deal for a Franchise who has been bad for so long. Can you imagine if the Jags were a real threat? All it really takes is a qb and a defense.

  5. I think they’re close to handing him the keys. The vets on the sidelines were watching him last night. They know he belongs. He might as well be in on this turn around from the start of his career.

  6. Bortles is looking good.

    It was a gutsy pick for the Jags to make, but I really hope he’s their franchise QB for a long time.

  7. HC Gus Bradley said before the preseason started that Bortles would get some time playing with the “ones” in the preseason. Relax! Just sticking with, “The Plan”.

  8. The only question Chad Henne is capable of answering is “Oh no, our QB went down. Do we have another?”

    You don’t draft a QB at #3 overall unless you believe he can help you win now.

    The Jaguars have everything, and then some, to gain by letting Bortles prove himself on the field. They have more or less nothing to lose, except a few more games.

    The risk-reward is too high by playing Bortles, and let’s be realistic, almost nonexistent by playing Henne.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bortles named the starter. I would be surprised if, come Week 1, Chad Henne is the starter.

    Play Bortles! Swing for the fences!

  9. Bortles has looked fantastic but teams don’t blitz in the pre-season. How he handles the blitz is going to tell us a lot about whether he is ready to start Day 1.

  10. Blake deserves this opportunity based on how he’s played so far. Henne really hasn’t done anything to distance himself and his up/down lack of consistency has been on display through 2 games. This just got interesting.

  11. 20 year Jags fan here, but definitely not a homer- I call ’em out like I see em. Bortles isn’t ready yet, but he’s darn close. Still some suspect footwork and questionable throws, could easily have had one picked last night. Threw a ball in the dirt. The only plays Henne threw incomplete were drops. Henne makes reads well and QUICKLY, and throws a nice ball. Bortles is leaps and bounds from where he was, and he’ll start sometime this season. But honestly, that’s not the exciting thing about Jacksonville.

    The defensive line and safety make it blasted FUN to watch the defense. Red Bryant and Chris Clemmons may not get many sacks, but they literally push two blockers into a hole and close off a play. The young bucks Branch and Marks are licking their chops and getting some sick hits. They shut down the run, force the pass, and then the fun begins. They rarely even blitz because they don’t have to. Ziggy Hood is clogging up the middle, and Alualu will make a nice compliment. Cyprien reads run well, and put a hat on a lot of people last night.

    The glaring hole was across the middle of the defense, Pozlusny being out really hurt. The backup linebacker bit on coverage every time, and Clausen/Cutler made him pay.

    Only 2 of the top 6 receivers in Jax are even healthy or able to play, and they still looked good. Remember, with the 1’s and 2’s, the Jags were up on the Bears on the road 19-6.

    I feel good!

  12. Bortles looked great against the Bears twos. He needs a shot vs. some ones just to get a feel for it. He could come out and go 15-15 with 2 TDs and Henne would still start Week One.

  13. The Lions garbage team will get embarrassed and destroyed by Bortles and this new Jags team!

    2 season above .500 in the past 15 years, Lions are a horrid, pitiful franchise!

  14. charliebatch1 says:
    Aug 15, 2014 1:23 PM

    To be fair, if he shreds the lions secondary…. well you know the rest. Matt Flynn Jan 1st, 2012 anyone?? Hasn’t done anything since.


    To be realistic, shredding the Lions secondary is so easy High school offense could do it.

  15. Out of Bortles, Manzel and Bilgewater Bortles is the only one that will still be in the league in five years.

  16. I was not that high on Bortles around Draft Day but it looks like I’m going to be wrong and that’s fine.

    I’m happy for Blake and Jags fans, looks like a bright future ahead if they can put a decent team around him.

  17. poorcalvinisstuckonthecrappylions says:
    Aug 15, 2014 2:18 PM
    charliebatch1 says:
    Aug 15, 2014 1:23 PM

    To be fair, if he shreds the lions secondary…. well you know the rest. Matt Flynn Jan 1st, 2012 anyone?? Hasn’t done anything since.


    To be realistic, shredding the Lions secondary is so easy High school offense could do it.

    Complete brain-dead Lemming comments. Lions were 16th in Total Defense and 23rd against the pass. Not great, but, there were 9 teams worse. Best I can figure, that’s like two Divisions.

  18. 2013
    Most Defensive Passing Yards – Eagles
    Best Completion % Against – Rams/Raiders
    Best Passing Rating Against – Raiders
    Most Passing TDs Against – Vikings
    Lions? Middle of the pack in all those categories.

    So, why does everyone think the Lions pass D is the worst?

  19. Matt Flynn hasn’t done anything since? Did you see him carve up Dallas in the second half last year?Brought the team back. He was clutch in that game. Great execution and great scheme.

  20. If I’m the Lion’s coach, I wouldn’t allow the Jags to determine who I play. I would have my starters in for a set number of plays, or even a quarter, but after that, I would put my 2nd team or even third team defense in against whoever the Jags put in as second QB. For this reason, Jags should start Bortles.

  21. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Aug 15, 2014 1:42 PM
    Bradley should be fired on the spot if Bortles is on the bench week one.

    Wheres your head at?

  22. Lol, how many QBs look like Joe Montana in preseason then go on to stink! Silly little minds some of you!
    Hands down, Bridgewater will be the premier QB in this draft class! He is learning Norv Turners complex offense. It is nothing like studying Bill Musgraves 4 play gameplan

  23. Lions secondary isnt the best, thats for sure, but they should be improved with Delmas gone. I know that hurts some bandwagon fans because they all thought he was the greatest player ever, but in reality other than his 09 rookie season, he has been average at best EVEN WHEN HEALTHY. Our safeties are much better with Quin and Ihedigbo.

  24. He’s looked good two weeks in a row against other teams’ backups. The only way to see if he can run with the big dogs is to let him run with the big dogs. Not a Jax fan per se, but not agnostic either as I will root for the Florida team when needed. I will say few around the league are talking about the Jax D line….which has looked pretty good as well. Jax may have a surprisingly good year.

  25. First the Jags stole the Bucs best Member Relations rep (Nikki Bowie), leaving the Bucs with an absolute moron as the manager reamaining….and now the Jags threaten to have a good team this year. Good on ’em.

  26. This guy Bortles looks like the real deal.

    Great pick Jacksonville Jaguars!

    Your team is headed in the right direction.

    This GIANTS fan wishes you luck.

  27. I gotta say it’s been a long time since I’ve seen some solid jags articles and have read some positive comments. We appreciate the well wishes, the fans have waited a long time for the turnaround, here’s hoping it works out!

  28. London,Tarps,Los Angeles,Blackouts and just plain bad. This is what we in Jacksonville are used to!

    Now I guess this article with comments is complete

    We are on the rise!

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